15 Free Property Management Training Online in 2023

Property management is all about the administration, repairs, and supervision of land and real estate. You can give yourself an edge by taking some free property management training online.

Such online training and certifications open you up to bigger opportunities in the field of real estate. The property manager is responsible for supervising and organizing building repairs and work orders.

According to one of the world’s leading careers and recruitment sites, the national median salary for real estate managers is very high.

If you want to become a property manager and are looking for online courses to register for in other to boost your skills, then you are in the right place.

This essay will extensively discuss Free Property Management Trainings Online and its details. We have made available a direct link to enroll in any of the courses you choose.

What are Online Property Management Courses?

Online Property Management Courses are online property management courses that teach you everything you need to know to manage property responsibly.

Proper management is important for maintaining the value and income of real estate and properties such as apartments and shopping centers.

These courses cover how to deal with factors such as rent, maintenance, and leasing and what it takes to become an effective property manager.

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Free Online Property Management Training

Now let’s go a step further and explore the free online property management training available that shows the providers and course details for anyone wanting to become a property manager.

1. Fundamentals of Residential Property Management

The Fundamentals of Residential Property Management degree program focuses on the real estate business, Residential property management, and the various aspects of managing a rental property as a property manager who aspires to start his own Residential Property management company at some point in the future.

Upon completing this course, you will be able to deal with residents and maintenance, efficiently handle ongoing property maintenance requests, establish policies and procedures for managing property operations, set goals for the various departments involved in property operations and deliver service excellence to appreciate real estate management.

Provider: Jacqueline Carrington ( Udemy)
Subject: Property Management
Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes

2. Top Property Management Courses (Udemy)

The course covers the basic and complex concepts of property management

Real estate is a sector with a lot of potential for those who want to earn big. In this course, you will learn maintenance guidelines, preventative measures to follow when managing properties, and all the intricacies of finding tenants.

A career as a property manager involves dealing with various properties. If you are the landlord, you can use rental income to increase your income stream.

In this course, you will learn.

  • The rental agreement and other documents related to the rental
  • How to serve tenants by improving property maintenance
  • How to screen people for renting real estate
  • Thoroughly study housing law in order to be able to decide on rental prices and make legal agreements.
  • Concepts of commercial property management:
  • How tenants, maintenance fees, and operations are managed.

Course Provider: Udemy
Duration: self-paced

3. Basics of Property Management

This course aims to make each participant feel fully confident that they have acquired useful work tools that they can use in their daily office environment.

The focus of this course is on the long-term lease or rental of real estate. This course does not include short-term, holiday, second-home, or commercial rentals.

This course will introduce you to the fundamentals of property management and what it takes to be an excellent professional.

Provider: National Association of Residential Property Managers
Subject: Property Management
Duration: NA
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4. Property Management 101

This course will take you through an overview of what it takes to be a landlord, and in simple absolute real estate, you should be familiar with words like “leasehold,” “lessee,” “landlord,” and “tenant.”

This course can be completed in one hour. The presentation is in video format, with audio to illustrate the slides, and the course is designed for both new and experienced landlords.

Most of the material is aimed at beginners, but seasoned professionals will benefit as well.
RYJA Design (Udemy).
Subject: Property Management
Duration: 44 minutes.

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5. Risk Management: Managing Property and Liability Risk

This free online risk management course covers property and liability risk, including classification, coverage, assessment, and global risk exposure.

Property risk is when a property is damaged by fire or natural disasters, and liability risk means that a person is vulnerable to a lawsuit.

In this course, you will learn about the most important elements of property and liability risk. After completing this course, you will know how to effectively identify, assess, and manage property and liability risks.

Course Provider: Saylor Academy
Duration: 1.5-3 hours

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6. Tenancy

Upon completion of this course, students will understand the rental life cycle and how it affects the activities of property management companies.

Students with this experience would be more valuable to their employers and clients in their day-to-day encounters with prospects, applicants, and tenants of the properties they manage.

It is a systematic look at the tenant cycle that all property managers go through.

Provider: National Association of Residential Property Managers
Subject:   Property Management
Duration: NA
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7. NARPM Property Management Training Courses (National Association of Residential Property Managers)

NARPM offers two types of property management training; residential management professional training and the training to become a real estate manager. The online courses offered cover all concepts that fall under the above training.

It covers property management concepts, housing laws that govern rental properties, ethics that form part of this process, how to keep track of all documents by converting paper documents to digital copies, the preventative steps, and best practices for managing property risk.

This course is suitable for first-year students and those who wish to refresh their knowledge of property management.

To qualify as a property manager, you must obtain a certificate of completion by achieving 70% or more.

You will learn and understand;

  • The basic concepts of rental property management
  • the essentials of real estate management, the marketing of real estate, and the mediation of leases.
  • Best ways to take care of property and occupants, from the time of renting to the time of moving out.

Duration: Variable

8. Basics of Property Management

Focused on long-term leasing or renting of property, this course covers the basics of property management and what it takes to be an excellent professional. Short-term, vacation, second home, and commercial leases are not included.

This course is designed to help any project management student feel fully confident by acquiring useful working tools to apply in their daily office environment.

Course Provider: National Association of Residential Property Managers
Subject: Property Management
Duration: NA

9. Property Management Certification (California Association of Realtors)

The Real Estate Management Certification course is one of the best free online project management courses offered by the California Association of Realtors for Individuals to enroll and advance their careers.

There is a whole horizon of real estate agent/agent options when it comes to building a property management business. Courses vary from managing individual homes to managing vacation homes.

To get the certification, one must complete at least four courses. With this award, you can start your business in property management or work independently as a property manager.

Successful completion of four courses earns you a certificate from the California Association of Realtors.

What you will learn and understand;

  1. the concepts of managing commercial or residential real estate
  2. Housing laws and documents required for property management
  3. How to work with investors to develop a real estate business
  4. Understand rental property marketing tactics to maximize rent and minimize expenses

Course Provider: California Association of Realtors
Subject:  Property Management
Duration: NA

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10. Career Diploma – Property Management (Ashworth College)

Ashworth College designed this Property Management course to focus on real-world circumstances and cover practical aspects of property management.

This self-paced online course schedule includes access to a variety of online course materials, books, apps, and resources to explore to learn and improve your skills. You can take the lessons at your preferred time and place.

After completing the course, jobs are already waiting for you. However, you may need a specific license to practice as a property manager.

You will learn and understand;

  • how to develop your property management skills, including practical knowledge of the real estate sector
  • Practice using real scenarios
  • Create opportunities and hone your skills for jobs in the lucrative real estate industry.

Course Provider: Ashworth College
Subject: Property Management
Duration: NA

11. How to Find the Best Tenants | In-depth Guide for Landlords

Learn how to find the ideal tenant for your investment property from start to finish. Do you need help finding the right tenant for your rental property?

Join our Perfect Tenant Academy to gain access to eight in-depth modules created by our in-house expert that illustrate the key steps to finding, screening, and securing the ideal tenants.

Provider: Logan Ransley (Udemy)
Subject: Property Management
Duration: 3 hours 14 minutes
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12. Pathways to Property: Starting Your Career in Real Estate

This course covers a variety of career opportunities in the real estate industry. If you have the interest and creativity for a career in the world of real estate, this real estate course will serve you well, whether you want to become a real estate professional or a project manager.

Taught by industry experts, this course covers the world of international real estate in the International Quarter of London near the Olympic Park.

It is designed to explore the wide range of careers in real estate and is perfect for students who want to find out if they want a career in real estate.

Duration: 3 weeks long, 2 hours a week
Language: English
Study Type: Self-paced

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13. Affordable Property Management Course

Property managers are responsible for a variety of tasks on a daily basis. Negotiating leases, overseeing buildings, arranging repairs, and screening tenants are all tasks that need to be done.

It’s a job that requires a rare combination of interpersonal skills, regulatory awareness, and hands-on experience. Enrolling in our Property Management course online will teach you how to improve on all three.

You can improve your property management opportunities by studying at your rate without having to take time away from your job.

Provider: Ashworth College
Subject:   Property Management
Duration: Self-Paced
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14. Real Estate Courses (Real Estate Express)

These state-approved real estate continuing education courses will teach you how to turn your passion for real estate into a source of income and improve your real estate skills, productivity, and income.

Some of the courses are expert-led and can also help you prepare for project management license exams.

This real estate course includes tutorials, video courses, slides, etc.

You will learn it

  1. Important tips for starting your real estate career.
  2. New workspaces to give you more control over your career.
  3. The relevant real estate trends.

 You can purchase individual courses or bundles, and download, print, and review the course material anytime, anywhere.

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Online Property Management Courses are online property management courses that teach you everything you need to know to manage property responsibly.

These courses cover how to deal with factors such as rent, maintenance, and leasing and what it takes to become an effective property manager.



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