Pullman invested in society through the Pullman scholarship which has aided students who we are in extreme financial need and has prevented many students from dropping out of the tertiary institution.

For student in this category, let’s show you how to apply for this Pullman Scholarship in 2022 successfully.

George Mortimer Pullman (March 3, 1831 – October 19, 1897) was an American engineer and industrialist. He designed and manufactured the Pullman sleeping car and founded a company town, Pullman, for the workers who manufactured it.

His Pullman Company also hired African-American men to staff the Pullman cars, who became known and widely respected as Pullman porters, providing elite service.

About Pullman Education Foundation Scholarship

The George M. Pullman Educational Foundation Scholarship helps ensure that exceptionally promising students with financial need can earn a college degree without the burden of severe financial debt.

Pullman Foundation Scholarship providers have brought to the understanding of people that hard work and passion in pursuit of one’s goals can land him or her a scholarship.

This is a scholarship that is focused on rewarding individuals who has the ability to overcome challenges and become relevant in the society.

Rooted in Chicago since 1950, the George M. Pullman Educational Foundation is a private operating foundation that has invested more than $33 million in Chicago-area students who aspire to earn a college degree.

The Foundation helps change the trajectory of young peoples’ lives each year by providing merit-based, need-based scholarships of up to $10,000 per year, renewable for up to four years.

Along with scholarships, the Foundation also offers scholars educational support and access to a wide network of more than 14,000 Pullman Scholar Alumni ready to help current scholars in their college journey and beyond.

The United state of America prides herself as the nationality of this scholarship, because of the global recognition the scholarship has bagged itself.

The Pullman Foundation has a rich history of supporting the brightest young people from diverse communities in the Chicago area,” says Robin Redmond, executive director of the Foundation.

“We see first-hand how earning a college degree positively affects our scholars, their families, and even their communities. It’s a ripple effect that continues for decades.”

Some applicants unreasonably complain of the rigid process of its application.  But this process is justified by the amount being offered by the providers if this scholarship.

It is close to impossible to pick $10000 from the floor,  this is one of the reasons an applicant should calm down and follow the process so as to be able to be awarded this scholarship.

Approximately 700 young people apply to become Pullman Scholars every year. The highly competitive selection process requires applicants to have a minimum of 3.0 GPA and demonstrate strong leadership skills and community involvement.

Level/Field of Study:

This scholarship opportunity is not secluding any course or field of study.

Host Nationality:

The Pullman Scholarship 2022 is been hosted in the United States of America.

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Eligible Nationality:

Pullman Scholarship Applicants must be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident.

Scholarship Worth:

You’ll receive up to $10,000 per year for four years

You’ll have the support of the Pullman Foundation Staff and the Pullman Scholar Community for your four years of college and beyond.

Scholarship Requirements

To be eligible for a George M. Pullman Educational Foundation Scholarship, applicants must:

  • Be a graduating high school senior
  • Be a Cook County, Illinois resident
  • Be enrolling as a full-time student in the fall, for
  • the first time, to receive a bachelor’s degree
  • Be attending an accredited bachelor’s degree-granting institution in the fall that is eligible to receive Title IV federal aid and is located within the U.S.Demonstrate strong financial need have a
  • cumulative 3.0 unweighted GPA or higher
  • Be eligible to receive state and federal aid and will file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)Be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident
  • Not currently attending a college or community college, or hold any degree (This does not include dual enrollment as a high school senior)

Pullman Scholarship Deadline:

As applicants proceed through the stages, they will receive other deadlines for submitting transcripts, the interview process, submitting the FAFSA Student Aid Report, and submitting college acceptance letters and financial aid award forms.

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How to Apply

In order to apply, applicants must:

Complete and submit an online application which includes three essays and questions related to your cumulative unweighted

GPA, family income, high school activities, classes are taken in high school, etc.

Have two recommendation forms submitted by individuals who can speak to your strengths, achievements, growth, etc. (e.g. a teacher, mentor, guidance counselor, employer, boss, etc.)Please access the online application through the link below.



  • 11 · 2018: Application opens. November 5th
  • 02 · 2019:  Application closes, February 1st, 5:00 pm
  • 03 · 2019: Semi-finalists notified, Beginning of march
  • 04 · 2019: Finalists notified, End of April
  • 05 · 2019: New scholar class notified, End of May
  • 09 · 2019: New scholar class publicly announced, Mid-September

To View 2022 Recommended Form Visit:


Scholarship Committee

55 W. Monroe Street

Suite 3460

Chicago, IL 60603

[email protected]

tel: 312-422-0444

fax: 312-422-0448


Application Deadline: March 1 annually.

Amount: $2,500

The ABA Member scholarships awarded by the American Bus Association are open are full-time employees or the dependent children of full-time employees of ABA member companies.

Eligible employees must have been employed by an ABA member company (in good standing) for at least one year as of January 1 in the year in which the scholarships are awarded.


Application Deadline: Varies

Amount: Varies

The ACHE Police Officers and Firefighters Survivors Educational Assistance Program is a grant covering tuition, fees, books and supplies for dependents and eligible spouses of Alabama police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty.

There is no limit on the amount awarded to recipients. Awards are available for undergraduate study in public institutions in Alabama.


Application Deadline: October 31 annually.

Amount: $10,000

One part of creating the best products is bringing a diverse group of people together. To bring more gender diversity to the technology industry, we are pleased to invite applications for the inaugural Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship.

The Adobe Research Women-in-Technology Scholarship recognizes outstanding undergraduate female students anywhere in the world who are studying tech-related course


Application Deadline: 4/1/2022 Amount: $12,000 Sons or daughters of medically retired, long-term disabled or deceased pilot members of the Air Line Pilots Association are eligible for the Air Line Pilots Association Scholarship Program.

The total monetary value is $12,000, with $3,000 disbursed annually to the recipient for four consecutive years provided that a 3.0 GPA is maintained.

Although the program envisions the selection of a student.


Application Deadline: March 20 annually.

Amount: $2,000

The purpose of the foundation is to never forget September 11, 2001. We fund a College Scholarship program for children of Active First Responders (EMS, FIRE, POLICE) who each day place their lives on the line for all of US.

The foundation assists Emergency Organizations with funds, materials, equipment and/or Volunteers when needed.


The application process is open from the beginning of November to the beginning of February. Click here to sign up to receive a reminder email.

Yes, you may apply for our scholarship if you have not been accepted to a college yet. However, finalists must verify their college acceptance and financial aid package.

Your application and recommendation forms can only be submitted electronically through our online application software.

Consider people who can speak to your strengths, growth, achievements, and/or involvements.
One recommendation must come from a teacher and another must be filled out by an adult who can speak to who you are and your accomplishments (a counselor, advisor, mentor, coach, teacher, manager, boss, etc.).
No recommendation forms from family members or personal friends will be accepted.

Incoming first-year scholars are awarded scholarships up to $10,000, depending on financial need.

As long as you are in good standing with the Foundation, you can renew your scholarship for up to four years (eight semesters) of full-time undergraduate study.

The Foundation awards scholarships based on financial need and merit. To understand your financial situation, the Foundation needs to know how much federal and/or state aid you are receiving, as well as additional grants and scholarships you may be receiving from your college or university and other sources.

New scholars will be notified in mid-May.

The number of scholarships awarded each year varies, but typically we award 30-40 new scholarships. The Foundations hopes to award as many scholarships as our budget allows.

Please contact Anne Stretz, Scholarship Program Manager, [email protected] with specific questions.

Once you submit your application form and three essays, you will receive an immediate confirmation from the software and a confirmation email.
You will not receive a confirmation when your recommenders submit their forms, but they will receive an immediate confirmation from the software and a confirmation email.
To know if everything was submitted, the Foundation recommends asking your recommenders if they submitted their forms correctly and on time.

You will need to read the Pullman Scholar Handbook and sign the Pullman Scholar Agreement which details all expectations.
You’ll also need to attend mandatory events such as the Annual Pullman Scholar Symposium.

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