Quebec Doctoral research scholarships program in Canada 2018/2019

Applications are currently been submitted for the Quebec Doctoral research scholarships program in Canada 2018/2019, Foreign  and international students are welcome to apply for this  program.

The Doctoral Research Scholarships Program for Foreign Students (DE) of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT) aims to stimulate international student’s interest in beginning or pursuing doctoral studies in Québec and provide financial support to leading international Ph.D. candidates in the natural sciences, mathematics and engineering fields.

Level: Doctoral Research


  •   Aerospace
  •   Information and communication technologies
  •   Health technologies
  •   Genomics
  •   Nanotechnologies
Country: Canada

Eligibility criteria

Scholarship program eligibility rules account for all doctoral semesters (funded or not) completed prior to May 1st, 2018.

When calculating the eligibility period, the FRQNT will consider all of the unregistered or part-time semesters for which registrar attestations are provided in the application. The applicant must verify his/her eligibility by consulting the equivalents table for unregistered or part-time semesters in the Toolbox.

Value of the scholarship

The FRQNT board of directors reserves the right to modify the value of scholarships at any time, without notice, notably in accordance with the credits annually allocated by the Assemblée nationale du Québec, its strategic priorities and budgetary process.

The maximum annual value of the doctoral research scholarship for international students is 21 000 $. Within the eligibility period of twelve semesters or 48 months, a scholarship holder may receive a maximum of twelve installments for a total of 84 000 $. Each payment of up to 7 000 $ covers a period of four months or one semester. The 11th and 12th installments are conditional on the initial deposit of the thesis before the end of the 12th financed semester.

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Important : Applications that do not include all required information will be deemed ineligible by the FRQNT.

Application Deadline: September 22nd, 2017, at 4 PM.

For More Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the Quebec Doctoral research scholarships program 2018/2019 

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