Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute RPI Scholarships 2017

University description (as per official university website)

RPI is widely recognized for the effectiveness of its hands-on approach to undergraduate education. Rensselaer’s classrooms are a model for intellectual engagement and the interaction of students and faculty.

In both curriculum reform and creative use of new teaching techniques and technologies, Rensselaer’s leadership in interactive learning has helped to further transform the way we teach and learn.
The institute has campuses in Troy, N.Y., and Hartford, Conn.
Total Enrolled Fall 2007: 7,299.
Students can select from more than 140 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in nearly 60 fields from Rensselaer’s schools.

– School of Architecture:
* Architecture
– School of Engineering:
* Biomedical Engineering
* Chemical and Biological Engineering
* Civil and Environmental Engineering
* Decision Sciences and Engineering Systems
* Electrical, Computer and Systems Engineering
* Materials Science and Engineering
* Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear Engineering
– School of Humanities and Social Sciences:
* Arts
* Cognitive Science
* Economics
* Language, Literature, and Communication
* Science and Technology Studies
– Information Technology:
* Information Technology
– Lally School of Management and Technology:
* Management & Technology
– School of Science:
* Biology
* Chemistry and Chemical Biology
* Computer Science
* Earth and Environmental Sciences
* Mathematical Sciences
* Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy

Scholarships and Grants:
* Rensselaer Grant
* Rensselaer Leadership Award
* Rensselaer Merit Scholarship
* Rensselaer Medal Scholarship
* Rensselaer Housing Scholarship
* International Leadership Award
* Federal Pell Grant
* Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
* Federal ACG Grant
* Federal SMART Grant
* New York State Tuition Assistance Program
* ROTC Scholarships
o Air Force
o Army
o Navy


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