SFSU Student Email Log: How to Use SFSU Student Email

If you are a San Francisco State University student, you probably have many questions about your student email login. Here are some things you should know about your SFSU student email login.

First, your SFSU student email login is used to access your student email account. You will use this account to communicate with your professors and classmates. It is essential to keep this login information confidential and never share it with anyone.

Second, you can use your SFSU student email login to access other university services, such as online library resources and blackboard. Again, it is essential to keep this login information confidential and never share it with anyone.

Aside from that, there are a lot of SFSU student email accounts that can be used, as this article will unfold. The article will also give you a guide on how to create an SFSU student email account. 

What is the SFSU student Email login?

If you are a San Francisco State University student, you probably have many questions about your student email login. Here are some things that you should know about your student email login:

  • Your student email login is the same as your MySFSU login.
  • You can access your student email by going to the MySFSU portal and clicking on the “Email” tab.
  • Once logged in, you can access your inbox, sent items, contacts, and calendar.
  • You can also access your student email login from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.
  • If you forget your password, you can reset it by going to the MySFSU portal and clicking on the “Forgot Password” link.

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What are the benefits of SFSU student email?

A college email account is an excellent way for students to stay connected with their peers and professors.

By having an SFSU student email login, students can take advantage of the many benefits that come along with it. These benefits include: 

  • Staying organized and keeping track of important dates and deadlines; 
  • Quickly accessing course materials, syllabi, and other class resources; 
  • Receiving announcements and updates from the university; 
  • Being able to communicate with professors and other students outside of class; 
  • Having a professional email address to use after graduation. 

Overall, an SFSU student email login is a valuable asset for any college student. It can help them in their academic career and prepare them for life after graduation.

What kind of email does SFSU use?

To receive official university communications and to use any email correspondence necessary to conduct SF State business, all university employees must have a @sfsu.edu email account in the enterprise email system.

What Qualifies a student to have SFSU email address?

Students in the College of Professional & Global Education are eligible for a free SF State email account if they:

  • Enroll in a semester-long academic course of your choice.
  • They are pursuing a degree program with a special session.
  • Accepted into a certificate program for CEUs.

Do SFSU Support Email Forwarding?

It is not supported to automatically forward SF State email accounts to services outside SF State.

This is done to ensure that SF State can adhere to regulations regarding email management, react to public records requests (PRAs), and put controls like a litigation hold on SF State emails. This lessens the dangers of sensitive data leakage.

What is contained in the student email at SF State?

SFSU student email account contains:

  • 100 GB of email storage is available for each student’s SF State email account.
  • Maximum message size is 25MB.
  • Outside of the US and Canada, there is little access to email. Please go to Email for Travelers Outside the United States and Canada for more information.

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How can I change the password on my SFSU email?

Your SF State ID serves as the password for your SF State email account. You can use the SF State Password Reset tool to change your SF State ID password.

If the online reset tool is not working, call Information Technology Services at 415-338-1420 to request a reset code.

How do I use Microsoft Outlook to check the student email at SF State?

When the Exchange/Outlook account type is chosen, and your email address and password are typed into the account dialog box, Microsoft Outlook will automatically establish your account settings. The account dialog box can be reached by:

When using Outlook 2016/2019/O365 on Windows or Mac computer for the first time, the account setup window will immediately open. Choose the Exchange/Outlook account type and, when requested, enter your email address and password.

Windows: Control Panel > Mail > Profiles for Outlook 2016/2019/O365 (you can create a new profile or edit an existing one).

Mac OS X Outlook 2016/2019: Select Exchange as the account type in Outlook by going to Outlook > Preferences > +.

Do students keep their SFSU emails after graduation?

No. Students can’t keep their email after graduation. The student’s email account expires 12 months after graduation.

What is SFSU Scholarship Email Address?

To get information about the scholarships at SFSU and how to get one, visit Financialaid.sfsu.edu.

How do I use iOS to check my SF State student email?

Download and install the Microsoft Outlook app from the Apple App Store. Open the app, then enter your SF State email address and password when requested.

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How can I get in touch with SFSU?

To get in touch with SFSU, send a mail to their official email- [email protected]. You can also contact them at (415) 338-2350 or by Fax: (415) 338-0588.

What is the SFSU Admission Email Address?

To find out information about the school’s admission, email [email protected] or call  415/338-6486.

How can I open a student email account at SF State?

Students are given SF State student mail accounts (students accepted for the Fall semester can expect to receive their SF State student email account in mid-April). Information is available at www.sfsu.edu/email.

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What is SFSU Password?

Your personal, secure SF State Password is used with your SF State ID number to access your student record. You can use the SF State Password Service to get a new one if you don’t already have one.

You must choose six security questions and answers to create your SF State Password. These answers will be used if you reset your SF State Password.

How can I change my name as it appears in the email directory?

Visit www.sfsu.edu/email to change the first and middle names displayed in the email directory. Contact Student Services (students) or Human Resources to change your last name (staff and faculty).

How do I alter the name of my account?

Account names are typically not altered. If there are any exceptions, start a support case and ask to have your account name changed. Please be specific about the exception’s cause.

What is SFSU Employee Email?

Employees at SFSU have an @sfsu.edu email account in the SF State enterprise email system.

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How do I ask to have my account closed?

All current SF State students are required to have an SF State email account by the Registrar’s Office. For everyone else, open a support ticket and submit a service request to ask that your account be closed.

How to send a Professor an email from my SFSU account?

To send a professor an email from your SFSU account, adhere to the steps below:

If they only have a master’s, don’t address them as Dr. John. Before emailing, get to know your professor. If you’re unsure, use the title “Professor.”

Please introduce yourself to them.

It’s crucial to introduce oneself to professors because they have many students, especially if this is your first time communicating with them online. 

Even though they may recognize your face, remembering names can be challenging for anyone, so be sure to introduce yourself and the class you’re taking with them at the beginning of your email.

Clearly state what you require.

Online communication is challenging since you can’t physically be present to show the other person what you mean. By being clear about what you require from your lecturer, you can prevent receiving a chaotic response. 

Keep in mind that teachers are also people.

You should refrain from speaking to your professors as you talk to your friends, but you shouldn’t worry about using perfect language in every sentence. 

To avoid sounding robotic while still being polite, write organically, especially if your campus setting is more laid back. Additionally, avoid including abbreviations like “LOL” and “IDK” in your emails.

Politely end your email.

Don’t just say, “Joe, get back to me as soon as possible.” Close with a nice sentence like “warm regards” or “best wishes,” and politely let them know you look forward to hearing from them as soon as possible. (Diazepam) Once you have finished, add your full name.


You must proofread any correspondence you send to professors and other faculty members. Sometimes you’ll unintentionally repeat yourself or even need to remember what you’re asking about! Before sending your email, review it quickly to avoid any future embarrassment.

Keep these things in mind the next time you need an extension on an assignment or don’t understand the homework so that your emails can help you maintain a good relationship with your college professor.

How To Reset SFSU student Email Password?

Please fill out the areas with your username and email address. The system will send you a temporary link to reset your password if the data matches the records already on file.

You must set up a new password using the password reset link to re-access the system.

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How do I add my sfsu email to my Iphone?

Tap Settings:
Click on Mail, Contacts, Calendars:
Tap Add Account:
Tap Google:
Enter your SFUSD email address then tap Next: …
Enter your SFUSD email account password then tap Next: …
If your account is successfully setup, you’ll be asked to indicate which items you want to access on your device

How do I change my email name on sfsu?

Log in to the SFSU Gateway – gateway.sfsu.edu.
On the left side panel, under the Student section, select Academics.
Select Student Center button.
In the Personal Information section, select the Names link.
If you have a Preferred name option already, select the Edit option to change your name.

In conclusion

The SF State student email login process is simple. All you need is your SF State ID number and password. Once you have logged in, you can access your SF State email account and its features.


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  • conduct.sfsu.edu – San Fransisco State University | Office of Student Conduct



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