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Do you have a passion for Soccer and you’re considering a scholarship? Some successful professional footballers attended football scholarships from American Universities. For example, Carlos Bocanegra, Maurice Edu & Clint Dempsey have all gone on to represent the USA on the international stage.

Firstpoint College Soccer Scholarships in the US are highly competitive and, even if successful, you’ll be representing your university in rivalry whilst studying for academic qualifications.

Teams that take part in the faculty soccer leagues play a variety of seminar and non-conference matches during the fall season. The year culminates at the final championship, the College Cup.

The Vermont Tar Heels would be the most successful female club, racking up 21 College Cup wins! Following collegiate careers, top female players often are drafted into the Major League Soccer or other pro leagues worldwide.

Whereas, the very best female players ‘ are often drafted into the National Women’s Soccer League as well as other international championships such as Division 1 Féminine at France, Damallsvenskan in Sweden, Frauen Bundesliga in Germany, W League at Australia, and also Nadeshiko League at Japan.

What Are My Chances Of Getting A Soccer Scholarship

Only the best football players reach the university level. About 7.9% of male high school football players in the United States ended up competing in college across the Division 1, Division 2, Division 3, NAIA and junior college levels. Only about 1.1% of high school men’s soccer players went on to compete at the NCAA Division 1 level.

About Firstpoint USA

The FirstPoint USA was developed in 2001 with assistance from the Prince’s Trust to assist 15 to 21-year-old sportsmen & women with their placement at American colleges and universities. During this time, we have secured over $200 million in sports scholarship awards and sent 7,500 athletes to the United States.

In any given year, FirstPoint will receive up to 30,000 applications from athletes throughout the world and send around 500 students to the USA each year.

The company has been recognized as an AIRC Certified agency and we employ a team of 37 full-time staff who work from our London, Manchester, and Glasgow offices. Former FirstPoint student-athletes include 2016 Masters Champion, Danny Willett; and HSBC Shanghai Masters Champion, Russell Knox.

They are also the exclusive recruitment partner of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), a certified and compliant agency of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) and proud member of the American International Recruitment Council (AIRC).

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Scholarship Level/Field

The College Soccer Scholarship in USA 2022 is available for students who are athletes or talented footballer between the ages of 15-22 years that intend go into professional football after college in the United States

Host Nationality

The College Soccer scholarships are to be hosted in the United States.  If you are an international student and you desire to study in the United States, Check out the best scholarships obtainable for study in the United States of America

Eligible Nationality

These soccer scholarships 2022 are available strictly to all U.S citizens. 

Scholarship Benefit

Competition for sports scholarship money is excessively competitive with scholarships being given to the most useful players. You can find two kinds of scholarships a prospective student-athlete may receive in this year’s soccer scholarship.

The two scholarships available in colleges for soccer students are the Full and Partial Football Scholarships. See highlights on their benefits below:

Full Football Scholarship

A Full football scholarship involves that the university will be paying for all lodging, lodging, food, books, and everything related to your game. At some universities, the full student could equal the investment of nearly $400,000 in one single athlete. At Firstpoint USA, one in each of our athletes will receive a complete scholarship.

Partial Soccer Scholarship

A partial soccer scholarship is only as it sounds; it is really where the university is offering you a deal that will cover a few, although not all, of those costs related to attending the university.

If, for instance, a school costs $50,000, and the coach is providing you a scholarship worth $45,000, then this can be a partial thesis since there’s really a $5,000 shortfall the coach wants you to donate to the costs of attending the university.

Most partial scholarships arrive with the incentive that if you perform well, both in the industry and in the classroom. The trainer may then may benefit you with a student increase and cover any costs which you were contributing towards.

However, most scholarships are one-year agreements that must be renewed each year. For most NCAA schools, a scholarship offer becomes official only after student-athlete sign the National Letter of Intent (NLI). Of course, student-athletes must first go through the recruiting process in order to secure a roster spot and get an athletic scholarship.

Other Benefits You Can Enjoy When You Join A Football Scholarship

Playing soccer in college is fun and helps you in keeping fit. However, gaining a football scholarship while you are part of a soccer team in college, comes with a whole lot of benefits. Below are some of the benefits you can enjoy:

  • Undertaking a football scholarship gives you the opportunity to unlock your whole potential by playing your specialized game with the maximum chance of having a high level of quality, ie a healthy balance between athletics and academics.
  • Sport in the USA is at an extremely competitive stage, with billions being pumped into college athletics. Players that perform well can climb through positions with the possibility of turning pro following the student experience.
  • Facilities at college-level soccer are kept to an extraordinary standard. Training pitches, indoor gyms, and athletics sites are all of a pristine flat and hosted with all stadiums that can accommodate tens of thousands of people.
  • Meeting different student-athletes in the same position will definitely give you the motivation to work and train hard. The relationships you make will grow through your college experience into strong relationships which will hopefully continue after the conclusion of one’s soccer scholarship.
  • There is a popular for talented and skilled football players, both female and male. Coaches examine and entertain students’ points of view based on the following criteria.
    Does the candidate have a solid understanding of football? Does the candidate have a group of playing experiences that can be utilized for their advantage in some specific events and matches?
  • Nominees on soccer scholarships are able to contact experienced coaches, who are always at arm’s length for a conversation and are thought, mentors. Nutritionists and physiotherapists are also available for student-athletes and can offer professional advice.
  • Undertaking a football scholarship gives you an additional bonus of achieving an internationally recognized degree.
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Scholarship Number

The number of College Soccer Scholarships in the USA for students varies.

Eligibility for Firstpoint Soccer Scholarship In The USA

Coaches then consider the athletes and their potential within their faculty or college. With the training methods used by trainers, many medium athletes’ performances may be boosted. What we’re able to do is to promote one into the proper people.

To be eligible, interested applicants of the Soccer College Scholarships must meet the following criteria:

  • Candidates must be between the ages of 15-22 years
  • Applicants are to maintain a high level of tenacity and eagerness for training and practicing football and perform well as well as they can on their exams.
  • Recruitment coaches can have a look over your videos, performances and will consult us regarding your own ability.

First Point USA is helping potential soccer celebrities for the future gain places in football scholarships in American Faculties for a lot of years now (as 2001). Their advisers can help you to understand how to employ, what tests you need to perform (academic and physical), and what it’s like to be playing across the pond.

Soccer Scholarship Application Procedures

To discover more regarding the football scholarship method, fill in their form and a FirstPoint USA consultant will be in touch to answer any questions you may have. As an alternative, you can enroll in one of the UK Football Trials.

The very best possible time to go is when you have finished school and up to many years after. FirstPoint is searching for trainers who will be carrying on athletes at a younger age. This may also provide them an opportunity to operate with the athlete to get a longer period of time. With reference to the quantity of time you are out there, it certainly is dependent upon you.

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Athletes may be on football scholarships for about one to four decades. If you’re seriously considering turning pro after college or university, then it’s recommended to go to the USA as early as possible to start training and studying.

How To Apply

The First Point USA helps thousands of students by means of this application process every year. They also can assist prospective athletes and students will all facets of studying in America. This consists of preparing for campus life and budgeting for the value of living. They will also help you to choose which University that best suits your academic credentials as well as your degree of sporting ability.

For more information on how to apply for the Firstpoint Soccer Scholarships in the USA 2021, click on the link below:
Men’s Soccer Scholarships
Women’s Soccer Scholarships

Training Program

In case you are successful in receiving your football scholarship, you’ll be expected to practice along with your staff.

This practice is for up to 3-5 hours each day, five times a week. Training includes exercises, strength, and conditioning exercises. Training can be rough because of the physicality of this training and the level of this conditioning.

But if you should be enthusiastic about football, it is an unbelievable experience to have.

Application Deadline For the Soccer Scholarship 2022

The Firstpoint College Soccer Scholarship application runs all through the year.

For more information about the Soccer Scholarship in USA 2022, kindly visit the FirstPoint USA official website below. You can also check out for other Sport Scholarship opportunities.


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