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Social Media Fest (SMFest) | Definition, Participation

To build a community of creative individuals, you need to ensure they harness a common understanding of their roles and contribution to the success of the community.

According to Quora, it’s difficult to build community because it takes considerable time and effort and companies looking for quick wins won’t have the required stamina or resources. Even though it’s often a very smart, strategic, long-term play.

A lot of failure also comes down to not conducting a proper needs assessment – was your community viable from the start? If there’s no strong need or desire it won’t succeed. People are motivated by extrinsic and intrinsic motivations so you need to understand the value your community can deliver.

A common mistake is spending too much of the budget on the technology (platform) and the ‘launch’. Communities don’t launch! They require ongoing human resources to drive and increase engagement. And your community manager needs a solid understanding of community building principles including the community lifecycle. They’ll also need access to various departments within your organisation and be great at stakeholder management to ensure the community isn’t annexed by sales or marketing.

Social Media Fest as a program has produced such a platform for community interaction and leadership building. And if you’ve longed for an opportunity to connect and interact with innovative minds, then you’re about to read something that will push your growth to the next level.

What is Social Media Fest?

SMFest is an annual conference that brings the best and brightest minds in the world together.

It is an event that provides the ideas, exposure, and insights to help people and businesses understand how to achieve more with digitalization.

Our mission is to build a community of creatives who maximize social media to grow influence and increase visibility.  

Through thousands of events, SMFest aims to be a platform that provides opportunities to Connect, Innovate, and Grow.

SMFest is owned and produced by Silicon Africa Technologies.

What Activities Make Up Social Media Fest?

Normal events have one or two activities. On many occasions, there’s a guest speaker who teaches for a couple of minutes or hours. After the speaker’s teaching is complete, they rush the remaining process to save time, leaving participants puzzled, as they still have many unanswered questions.

As a part of Social Media Fest(SmFest), you will not experience such an approach. Instead, you will be treated to the best of presentations that will intrigue and be insightful for you.

There will be different settings used to teach diverse aspects of growth during the program. They include:

Teaching Sessions

These are the conventional sessions that you find in a lot of programs and events. In this session, there will be about four(4) keynote speakers who will discuss series of topics based on their experience and knowledge in their different fields.

Each session would last for about 45 minutes to one hour and it’s always interesting to hear the stories and progress pathways of these professionals.

Breakout Sessions

You can hardly find sessions like this in so many events, but SMFest is bringing it to you.

In these sessions, you and a group of people interested in learning about a particular niche such as education, community building, entertainment and more will gather to learn from a facilitator.

In this session, you can ask questions, make arguments, and offer your contributions. It promises to always be exciting.

Panelist Sessions

These are interesting sessions that also act as a general form of learning for all attendants.

In this session, a few professionals will sit and receive questions from the members of the audience on different matters.

These panellist sessions are outstanding to eliminate confusion while also getting a brilliant mix of suggestions to help understanding.

How Can I Be A Part of Social Media Fest?

Taking part in Social Media Fest is a great plus for you. Apart from the immense benefit this event offers your business, brand, or organization, you have the chance to connect with astute individuals that can connect you with ideas for progress.

There are three peculiar aspects that include:

As A Sponsor

Taking up sponsorship for SMFest is one of the best ways to showcase your brand and business. In such an event where intelligent minds will be gathered, you can surely guarantee that you will generate more leads and clients for your business.

To become a sponsor for this event, you need to click the button below.

As A Volunteer

Learning is continuous and a great way to learn, connect with people, and improve your network is by volunteering for SMFest.

As a volunteer for this event, you get a closer perspective into the operations that happen in planning for the success of the program.

This is beneficial for you as you can use this experience in pursuing future opportunities.

As An Attendee

Taking part in Social Media Fest as an attendee will offer you an opportunity to connect with innovative people that can help you boost your business or brand.

Because of the organization invested in this event, your experience as an attendee would be nothing short of exhilarating.

How Can I Get Social Media Fest Tickets?

If you want to get your social media fest tickets, you only need to go online and get them. There are three types of tickets you can pick up for the event depending on the type of ticket that you choose.

Each ticket comes with its perks, although all the tickets guarantee that you’re a part of the program.

To learn more about the tickets and their offerings, click the button below.

What Are the Registration Requirements for Social Media Fest?

To be a part of this amazing event, you will need to complete your registration. The registration process is simple, easy, and efficient with a few requirements. These requirements include:

Full name: Your registration process cannot be devoid of your name. As people say “your name is your identity”, hence you have to ensure you have your name correctly spelled out to be able to regsiter.

Valid email address: Your email address is another vital registration requirement you need to make your SMFest registration possible. Please ensure you remember the password of your email address as that is where you will receive your virtual tickets and more.

Phone Number: Your phone number has to be captured by the system to ensure you receive text messages updating you about the progress report of your registration and other interesting occurrences about the event. Always ensure you input a phone number you’re currently using.

Payment Method: The payment method for this event is powered by Paystack. Hence, it will require you to either pay with your card or use a unique transfer code to complete your transaction.

In summary, to register for SmFest you need

  • Full name
  • Valid email address
  • Phone Number
  • Name of Referrer


SMFest is an annual conference that brings the best and brightest minds in the world together.

It is an event that provides the ideas, exposure, and insights to help people and businesses understand how to achieve more with digitalization.

There are three categories of SMFest tickets that are N3,000, N7,000, and N10,000 only.

Anyone with a business desiring greater visibility can sponsor SMFest.


You would pay yourself a great disservice if you were to miss SMFest(Social media Fest). It promises to be explosive and filled with amazing teachings that can bring transformational your mind and life.

So, make the right choice to Connect, Innovate, and Grow!!!


Ajah Excel is a team growth and performance expert with over nine years of experience in blogging and personal development.
He leads a team of 36 crazy, restless innovators with an enviable work culture at Silicon Africa Technologies Limited – a fast-rising tech firm from the SouthEast.
Excel is the founder of and WriterGig.
He is also the co-organizer of TEDx Ikenegbu and convener of Social Media Fest.
He is a vibrant learner who yearns to share his knowledge to educate and inspire young Africans.
He has a B.Tech in Information Management Technology with certifications in growth hacking, effective communication, leadership, team, and personal development, to mention a few.
Ajah Anayochukwu Excel is a passionate public speaker, creative writer, and brand storyteller.

Articles: 2914