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Software Development Conferences for International students 

Looking Developers conferences? Find software development and software engineering conferences from all over the world: USA, Canada, Europe (UK, Germany, France, Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, Greece, Roumania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Russia) Australia, New Zealand, Asia, China, India, South America, etc.

As a developer, you expect to get practical and technical skills when you go to a conference. Still, you also want to network with other engineers in your field—hopefully, with people dealing with the same challenges as you. And expo halls are a lower priority if you’re like most peers.

If you are in the field you need to be updated on the latest technology obtainable, and that is where international conferences come in.

Fortunately, most software engineering conferences focus on the technology more than the vendors. That makes developer conferences a great place for developers to broaden their technical horizons and expand their other technical roles.


Here is our shortlist of the most popular software development conferences in 2023. here we will arrange them according to countries where these conferences take place.

We’ve listed them all, although not all dates, locations, and pricing were available at publication time, especially for those events taking place later in the year.

In those cases, we have provided historical information on the event to give you an idea of what to expect and what you’ll get out of attending. Keep checking back; we’ll update this guide as more information becomes available.

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Software Development Conferences in USA

Here we put together international developer conferences 2023 that will be taking place in USA. These conferences make the perfect platform for global networking as it brings together renowned speakers and software engineers across the globe to a most exciting and memorable tech. Events filled with much enlightening interactive sessions, world-class exhibitions, and poster presentations.

  • Oracle Application Development Day 2023
  • O’Reilly’s Software Architecture Conference
  • JSConf Hawaii
  • Developer Week  2023
  • Devnexus 2023
  • Strata Data Conference 2023
  • SmashingConf 2023
  • GOTO Chicago 2023
  • RailsConf 2023

Oracle Application Development Day 2023

Are you able to innovate, develop and deploy quickly in a world that is moving faster than ever? Is your organization leveraging the benefits of cloud development?

Join Oracle to hear from development experts about best practices for the design, development, management, and deployment of applications. Learn how Oracle customers were able to adopt new technologies and practices to accelerate innovation through their cloud and on-premise applications.

Start Date: January 10, 2023 (San Francisco, CA)

End Date: February 7, 2023 (Orlando, FL)

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O’Reilly’s Software Architecture Conference

O’Reilly’s Software Architecture Conference is a forum for developers that try to attract more pure architects than most software gatherings. Microservices and distributed systems are a huge focus of the conference, but integration architecture, DevOps, business skills, security, performance optimization, and UX design are also covered.

Who should attend: Developers, tech leads, business leads, and architects

Date: Training, February 23rd-24th; tutorials and conference, February 24th-26th 2023

Location: The conference will take place at the Hilton Midtown, a spectacular location just steps from Central Park, Times Square, in New York City, New York, USA


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JSConf Hawaii 2023

JSConfs are staged by a loose federation of developers who share the same general idea about how a technical conference should be held. JSConf Hawaiʻi is the newest in the family of JSConf events.

For our second year, we’re planning to bring about 400 people together for a three-day single-track conference.

The goal is to help participants see some new ideas, learned some more JavaScript and made new friends keep in touch with. In addition to the Hawaiian event, JSCONF forums will be held in JSConf Korea, Seoul, Korea, JSConf México, Mexico City, Mexico, JSConf Japan, JSConf AR, JSConf BR, JSConf CO, JSConf Iceland, JSCon UY, JSConf Belgium, and JSConf China

Who should attend: JavaScript developers, general web developers, and testers

Date: February 5th-7th 2023

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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Developer Week  2023

DeveloperWeek is a series of conferences held in the United States for developers and technology managers. In addition to the Oakland forum, events have been held in New York City and Austin, Texas.

DeveloperWeek 2023 is San Francisco’s largest developer conference & event series with dozens of week-long events including the DeveloperWeek 2023 Conference & Expo, 1,000+ attendee hackathon, 1000+ attendee tech hiring expo, and a series of workshops, open houses, drink-ups, and city-wide events across San Francisco

The Oakland DeveloperWeek has more than 100 talks, with speakers from the biggest companies in tech. Some of the events include DevExec World, a get-together for developer managers and executives, and a BlockChain Dev conference to discuss the latest developments in blockchain and Ethereum technologies.

Who should attend: Developers, entrepreneurs, and venture

Date: February 12-16, 2023

Location: SF Bay, Oakland, California, USA

Cost$495 to $1,495 (time-sensitive discounts available)

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Devnexus 2023

Conference organizers say their goal is to make Devnexus a forum for connecting developers from all over the world and promoting open-source values.

While the conference caters to all developers, there is a slightly larger focus on Java topics and JavaScript after that.

Who should attend: Java developers, cloud administrators, security practitioners, network architects, software architects, JavaScript developers, mobile and web developers, and application performance testers

Date: February 19th-21st 2023

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Cost: Conference, $395; with one workshop, $695 (group discounts available)

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Strata Data Conference

Formerly known as Strata + Hadoop World, the conference now called Strata Data was created in 2012, when O’Reilly and Cloudera brought together their two successful big data conferences.

Topics cover cutting-edge data science, artificial intelligence, big data, and new business fundamentals.

Strata is the largest data conference series in the world, yet it’s kept the informal, collegial spirit that makes it one of the best places to connect and collaborate.

It’s a deep dive into emerging data techniques and technologies. You’ll dissect case studies, develop new skills through in-depth tutorials, and share emerging best practices in data science. Sister shows are being held in London, UK, and New York City.

Who should attend: Business analysts, strategists, architects, developers, data scientists, data analysts, CxOs, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, product managers, marketing pros, and researchers

Dates: Training and tutorials, March 15-16; keynotes and sessions, March 17-18, 2023

Location: San Jose, California, USA

Cost: Conference passes, $1,445 to $2,245; training, $2,145 to $3,345 (time-sensitive discounts available)

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SmashingConf 2023

Considered one of the top conferences for designers, SmashingConf, which is affiliated with Smashing magazine, is aimed at seasoned professionals searching for a competitive edge in the design world. In addition to the San Francisco conference, SmashingConf events will also be held in Toronto, Ontario, CanadaFreiburg, Germany; and New York City.

Who should attend: Web designers and developers

Date: April 21st–22nd, 2023

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Cost: Conference, $599 to $699; workshops, $499; conference and workshops, $898 to $1,297

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GOTO Chicago 2023

GOTO conferences are organized by developers. They are highly technical and focus on the latest trends in software engineering. Track topics can vary widely, so check out the GOTO conference nearest you.

This year’s theme for the Chicago event is “What Works.” It will explore which technologies and methodologies developers need to know now, what the future of software will bring, and how to build better, more inclusive, and collaborative teams.

In addition to Chicago, GOTO conferences will be held in Amsterdam, The NetherlandsBerlin, Germany; and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Who should attend: Developers, software architects, project managers, system administrators, and DevOps engineers

Date: Conference: April 27th-29th
Masterclasses: April 30th-May 1st 2023

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Cost: $1,190

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DockerCon US 2023

DockerCon is a multi-track conference sponsored by Docker and focusing on that platform and its ecosystem. It includes keynotes, workshops, hands-on labs, and a “hallway track” for conference-goers to find like-minded people with whom they can share ideas in a structured way.

The family-friendly forum offers childcare services for attendees and activities for spouses.

Who should attend: Developers, DevOps engineers, CxOs, and managers

Date: April 29-May 2, 2023

Location: San Francisco, California, USA

Cost (2018): $930 to $1,150; workshops, $150 each

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RailsConf 2023

A conference focused on the Ruby on Rails web framework, RailsConf is organized by Ruby Central, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the support and advocacy of the Ruby programming language community.

Event organizers pride themselves on making their events friendly, welcoming, and diverse. They also offer childcare services and a limited number of scholarships for students, women, and minorities.

Who should attend: Ruby developers

Date: April 30-May 2

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Cost (2023): $900

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Software Development Conferences in CANADA

Soft engineers looking for an opportunity to upgrade their skills and stay informed should pass these great software development conferences in Canada. National symposiums and Workshops provide a dedicated forum for the advancement, implementation, and exchange of information about software development and its allied areas. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss a software engineer conference in Canada.

  • Microsoft Ignite | The Tour
  • ConFoo.CA

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Microsoft Ignite | The Tour

Microsoft is taking its popular Ignite conference on the road this year, offering developers and tech professionals a venue to explore the latest developer tools and cloud technologies, as well as learn new ways to code, optimize cloud infrastructure, and modernize an organization with deep technical training.

Other cities on the tour are Washington, DCSingaporeSydney, AustraliaHong KongSeoul, South KoreaMumbai, IndiaTel Aviv, IsraelJohannesburg, South AfricaMilan, ItalyLondon, UKAmsterdam, The NetherlandsDubai, UAEStockholm, SwedenSão Paulo, Brazil; and Mexico City, Mexico.

Who should attend: Microsoft developers

Date: January 8th-9th 2023

Location: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Cost: Free, with registration

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ConFoo.CA 2023

ConFoo focuses on pragmatic solutions for web developers. The conference usually features more than 150 presentations and typically has some surprising topics. In 2018, for example, talks included “Innovating Is Not About Technology, But Psychology,” “Code Is Not Neutral: The Ethics of Programming,” and “The Myth of Culture.”

Who should attend: Developers and data scientists

Date: March 13-15

Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Cost: C$820 to C$970; workshops, C$700 to C$1,100

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Software Development Conferences in Germany

Here is a list of international conferences in Germany for software engineer students 2023. Germany is a world leader in innovation, boasting leading universities and research institutes alongside major engineering, IT and manufacturing industries.

An international conference here will not just open you to new opportunities but also new technology available in software development.

  • PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2023
  • React Conferences
  • React Barcamp Cologne
  • React Day Berlin

PyCon DE & PyData Berlin 2023

There are over 50 PyCon conferences held annually by the international community for the Python programming language. Many of the conferences vary their venues every year and rely on volunteers to make them happen.

As Python becomes more popular in the scientific community and for big data, the impact of PyCon will continue to grow.

Who should attend: Developers, business leads, and other members of the Python community

Date: October 9th – 13th

Location: Kosmos, Karl-Marx-Allee 131A, Berlin, 10243

Cost: Varies

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React Conferences

These conferences are staged by the community supporting React, a JavaScript library used for building user interfaces. React conferences vary from year to year, but the number and variety of cities continue to grow as the React ecosystem grows.

This year’s cities include Amsterdam, The NetherlandsParis, FranceLarvik, Norway; and Goa, India.

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React Barcamp Cologne 2023

A Barcamp is an event shaped by your contribution. Rather than having scheduled speakers, you will have the opportunity to talk about what is important to you. Anyone with something to contribute in the context of user experience is welcome to join.

The goal is to share what you know, to learn from others, to ignite discussion, and to connect in an open environment.

Who should attend: JavaScript developers

Date: February 1-2, 2023 

Location: RTL Media Group in Cologne, Germany

Cost: Varies

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React Day Berlin 2023

JavaScript engineers working with the React technology stack are the primary target audience for this one-day event. The two-track forum tries to balance the visionary with the practical in its talks.

Organizers say the conference is a good place to meet and learn from forward-thinking and international community members.

Who should attend: JavaScript engineers and React practitioners, fans and enthusiasts

Date: December 6th, 2023

Location: Kosmos, Karl-Marx-Allee 131A, Berlin, 10243, Berlin, Germany

Cost (2019): €260 to €650

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