Springboard Bootcamp Review 2023 | How to Join & Criteria

Springboard bootcamp offers many opportunities online for individuals who prefer the flexibility of distance learning.

Springboard’s self-paced workshops and career paths assist students in acquiring marketable skills. The course’s curriculum is project-based, and students build their portfolios throughout it.

This Springboard BootCamp review explores how Springboard works, the cost, Springboard courses, and everything else you need to know.

Now, let’s get right into the review!

Springboard Bootcamp Overview

One of the ideal platforms for students to master coding is Springboard. This thorough Springboard BootCamp review addresses the costs, programs, and assurances of employment.

Springboard offers only online courses. This institution provides instruction in 16 different specialties, with Business Analytics, User Experience/User Interface (UX/UI) Design Certification, and UX Design Career Track receiving the most positive reviews.

Depending on the certification, the time needed to finish this education course varies from 16 hours to 9 months, with a typical completion time of 4 months.

Also, depending on eligibility, Springboard can cost as little as $100 or as much as $9,000, with a median price of $3,000.

To provide students with individualized help from individuals with relevant industry expertise, Springboard also conducts a mentoring program.

The project-based structure of the courses enables students to apply what they have learned to actual situations.

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What is Springboard?

Springboard is a website that offers online courses with a distinctive twist. In six months, all qualified graduates are assured of finding employment in their profession. If they don’t, Springboard must provide them with a complete refund.

You get a fantastic bargain by combining it with knowledgeable mentors and top-notch courses. However, the website offers much more than that.

The school offers advanced digital skills instruction to assist students in becoming experts in their fields. They provide intense programs and mentoring seminars to assist you in becoming an expert in your profession.

Mentors and advisers are available through the courses and institutions to assist students in navigating the profession more effectively.

Although their service is similar to other online course platforms, it’s significant to note that they differ from all other MOOC providers in several important ways.

An essential thing to remember is that, aside from Springboard, no other online learning provider indeed provides graduates with guaranteed employment chances.

Springboard has guaranteed job opportunities for all qualified graduates, which is unusual in online learning, thanks to relationships with significant firms.

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How Does Springboard Work?

Students must select a study route or a career track to begin using Springboard. Learning pathways are free online courses by professionals in the field. No registration is required; click to get the course material, and you’ll be good to go.

There is no grading, and learning is self-paced. As they move through the course independently, students mark the material as complete.

The following 10 phases make up the working procedure for the online courses offered by Springboard:

  • The admissions procedure begins once the student selects an online course.
  • Mentors are linked with accepted students.
  • The pupils participate in the online curriculum.
  • Students create both modest and substantial capstone projects.
  • Mentors comment on the student’s work.
  • Mentors and students discuss weekly learning objectives.
  • The last project is completed.
  • Certification and Graduation
  • Students begin the process of looking for a job.
  • If students don’t land a job within 6 months, they are entitled to a full refund.

Who is Springboard For?

The Springboard program is for people who wish to develop in their present technical profession or change careers by improving their digital abilities.

Although anybody may enroll in a Springboard online course, to benefit from the platform’s comprehensive programs or “career tracks,” you must meet specific requirements.

For instance, some programs demand that you hold a certification like a bachelor’s degree in a comparable discipline or prior job experience in the business.

What Courses Does Springboard Bootcamp Offer?

Springboard provides top-notch instruction in a variety of subjects. Students who want to work in the IT sector and prefer online learning can enroll in the online bootcamp to receive certificate, degree, and master’s level instruction.

1. Data Engineering Track

This course is essential for prospective software engineers, data analysts, or data scientists. This course is also an excellent choice if you want to transition into data engineering as a profession.

Students may create and manage scalable data pipelines with the aid of the six-month curriculum, which is very effective. You will learn how to leverage virtualization technologies, cloud solutions, and containers and create data streams and APIs.

2. Machine Learning Engineering Track

You master the fundamentals of deep learning and machine learning in the technical curriculum. You must complete the 400 hours of coursework to acquire the relevant abilities.

Also, you must spend an additional 100 hours on capstone projects to finish the lessons. Enrolling in this course requires legitimate software engineering experience using an object-oriented programming language.

You must be proficient in Java, C++, or Python. Also, you should also finish your calculus, linear algebra, and descriptive statistics coursework.

3. Data Analytics Track

Microsoft and this course’s creators collaborated on its creation. The sessions teach you all the abilities you need to become a master data analyst. You will gain proficiency with various statistical software programs, including Microsoft Power BI, Tableau, Python, and Microsoft Excel.

Also, your ability to build critical business thinking abilities will be aided by the 400-hour curriculum. You must be an excellent vital thinker to enroll in this course.

Even more, you must possess a minimum of two years of experience using design and programming tools to enroll in the school.

4. Data Science Track

The course is crucial for advising you on data scientists’ best practices. This curriculum will teach you how to use the Python data science stack for over 500 hours.

To construct a data science portfolio, you’ll take a hands-on technique and produce 14 top-notch projects.

5. Design Track

At Springboard, students choose between three distinct design course choices: Introduction to Design, a UI/UX Career Track, and a UX Career Track.

6. Coding

At Springboard, there are two coding courses. The first is the career track for software engineering, and the second is the prep course that goes along with it.

The four to six-week-long Software Engineering Track Prep Course teaches the fundamentals of the web, including HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

7. Cyber Security Track

You will first study the foundations of cyber security in this six-month course, including threat categories and malware.

Then, you’ll proceed to more complex ideas like doing risk assessments and looking for weaknesses, as well as how to permit access to a system to keep it safe.

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How Much Does Springboard Cost?

How much is the tuition at Springboard?

The cost of attending Springboard depends on the course you decide to take.

The pricing of the courses in machine learning, data science, and data engineering ranges from $7,500 to $7,940.

While the Data Analytics track costs $5,500, the Web Design programs range in price from $6,900 to $10,000. The Cyber Security course costs $8,900, while the career track in software engineering is $8,500.

Springboard Payment Options

For its bootcamps, Springboard provides a variety of payment options. Additionally, Springboard promises to pay the tuition of qualifying graduates who do not get employment within six months after graduating.

Check with Springboard directly before using any payment methods below since some of them may be restricted to specific programs exclusively.

Here is how to pay for Springboard:

1. Deferred tuition plan

Students pay most of their tuition under Springboard’s deferred tuition plan only after they graduate and get a job in their profession. A few hundred dollars worth of deposit is still required from students.

2. Scholarships

Veterans and women can apply for $750 Springboard awards.

3. Loans

Students can also make a loan application through Climb Credit. This enables customers to repay their loans at a reduced interest rate for six months before paying them back in 36 monthly payments.

4. Upfront

Students typically get a reduction on their tuition if they can pay all of it at once upfront. Students usually save 16% off the quoted price when paying in advance.

5. Installments

Over the boot camp’s length of the bootcamp, students can pay the tuition in monthly installments. There is no discount available for this selection.

What is the Springboard Bootcamp Schedule?

Springboard aims to provide the top educational resources to aspirant learners worldwide. Students can choose their courses with flexibility depending on their other obligations according to the school’s schedule.


All of the platform’s courses are available online through its main website. There are several courses available that address different facets of the technology sector.


The school provides all of its courses part-time to accommodate students with other obligations.

How to Join Springboard Bootcamp

The university is well-known throughout the country. Several criteria go into account by Springboard while deciding whether or not to admit you to the program.

To be eligible, you must have at least two years of experience utilizing design and programming tools. Additionally, you’ll need to speak English well and possess good critical thinking abilities.

What are the Criteria For Joining Springboard?

To qualify for a place on a Springboard course, applicants must be out of jobs with previous employment history. Also, they must meet one of the three following criteria below.

You must receive either of the payments below from the Department of Social Protection:

Criteria One:

  • Jobseekers Allowance
  • Carers Allowance
  • Jobseekers Benefit
  • One Parent Family Payment
  • Qualified Adults of Working Age
  • Disability Allowance
  • Deserted Wives Allowance
  • Farm Assist/Fish Assist
  • Widow(er)s Contributory or Non-contributory Pension
  • Blind Pension


  • Possess previous work experience


  • Be signing for social insurance contributions credits.

More eligibility criteria:

  • Applicants must be in employment, which includes part-time, full-time, or self-employment.
  • Must be 18 years of age or above
  • Must possess a bachelor’s degree relevant to the areas they want to enroll in.

What is Springboard Acceptance Rate?

Students frequently receive their money’s worth at Springboard. They provide kids with a structured curriculum, excellent mentors, and a high-quality education. You have a reasonable possibility of getting approved as long as you match their conditions.

Springboard Bootcamp Admission Process

Although the admissions procedure varies according to the bootcamp, it usually entails submitting an application and taking part in a phone interview.

Unlike other bootcamp providers, Springboard expects new enrollees to have a basic understanding of the subject matter. Therefore candidates often must pass a test assessing their technical proficiency.

Springboard’s data science program candidates must have a background in programming, probability, and statistics.

Candidates for the UX design bootcamp must have a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline or at least one year of professional experience doing user research, creating visual material, or creating digital products.

Also, candidates for machine learning positions must have taken calculus, probability, and descriptive statistics in college.

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Springboard Bootcamp Student Outcome

Numerous bootcamps release information on student outcomes, which might aid decision-making. However, prospective students should be aware that this information is frequently not verified by a third party.

Examining the bootcamps’ stated outcome statistics should always be done with caution by the students. Consult the bootcamp directly to learn details about how it collects and reports on its results.

Graduates of Springboard have secured employment at prestigious organizations, including Boeing, Reddit, Microsoft, Amazon, and Citigroup. Some of Springboard’s student outcome statistics are published, but not all of them.

Prospective students may learn more, for instance, about the outcomes of Springboard’s data science career track.

The average income gain for data science graduates in their pre-bootcamp and the post-bootcamp job was over $26,000, according to Springboard.

Is Springboard Worth it?

Springboard can be worthwhile if you want a job in data science, design, analytics, or coding. Graduates from the institution have worked for leading tech firms, including Lyft, Dell, Google, Wayfair, Facebook, and Pandora.

Graduates of the UX Design and Data Science programs have also reported a $26,000 average pay gain.


You’ve undoubtedly read over one review of Springboard if you’re taking it seriously as an online learning platform.

You would want to learn as much as possible before enrolling in potentially time-consuming and pricey online courses.


Is springboard a good program?

One of the most outstanding venues for students to master coding is Springboard. This thorough Springboard BootCamp review addresses the costs, programs, and assurances of employment.

How long is springboard BootCamp?

The four data science courses offered by Springboard are the ML Engineering Career Track, Data Science Career Track, Data Science Career Track, and Data Engineering Career Track. These programs are all completed in six months.

Who is springboard for?

The Springboard program is generally for people who wish to develop their present technical profession or change careers by improving their digital abilities.

Is it hard to get into springboard?

Although Springboard bootcamps are not recommended for novices, several Springboard bootcamp preparation courses are available. The fact that Springboard’s programs are not free should also be noted. The price of Springboard’s tuition is between $7,900 to $11,900.


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