How To Get Student Accommodation In Bristol Very Cheap | Full Guide

Nothing beats finding a comfortable place where you rest your head at night. But, getting this comfortable place at a cheaper rate is one you won’t want to miss out on. Therefore, in this article, we’ll be showing you how to get student accommodation in Bristol very cheaply.

This could be one of the best accommodation opportunities you can have as a student in Bristol. You will find a lot of living space to settle in without breaking a bank.

Choosing where to live is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking – especially when it’s your first time away from home. Nevertheless, we’ll help you put any nerves to rest by putting together a step by step outline of how you can get a comfortable student property at a cheap rate.

Before we go on to list the necessary steps to take in order to secure student accommodation in Bristol, you might want to glance through the table of contents.

How Easy Is It To Get Student Accommodation In Bristol?

With such a wide variety of private rented accommodation on offer in Bristol, knowing where to start can be difficult. However, you can afford to get a comfortable student property at a cheap rate and without much stress. Read our tips on finding cheap student accommodation in Bristol fast.

Tips on how to get student accommodation fast in Bristol

Just as stated earlier on, there are hacks to getting student accommodation in Bristol without struggling. All you need to do is keep to the structure and follow the tips.

Tip 1 Work out your budget

The cost implication of student properties in Bristol differs according to the property you want to rent, who you are renting from, and a whole lot of factors. So, you need to do a background check and find out how much it will cost you to rent a particular room in a specific location.

Tip 2 Decide who you want to live with

Before you decide to rent a student property, you have to make the choice of a roommate on time. In making selections, be sure you can live with your housemates or roommates for the next 9 -12 months. You must be able to trust each other. A signed tenancy agreement is a legally binding document and once signed, it is not easy to get out of.

Tip 3 Decide where you want to live

There are various area in Bristol where students can choose to live. So, it’s important you choose where you want to live based on your preference. Furthermore, this will help you narrow your property search.

Tip 4 Choose the right place

Once you’ve narrowed your search to a particular area, the next line of action should be to consult a reliable letting agency or landlord. They will help you search for the student property that suits your budget and taste.

Tip 5 Don’t forget to check the school website for college accommodation

If you don’t want to stay in a private rented apartment, a hall of residence will be a better option. The first thing to do is to check the school website for accommodation guidelines.

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Things To Consider When Searching For Student Accommodation In Bristol

After gaining admission into college, one of the next big steps to take is to move into student accommodation. Therefore, you are advised to tread with caution and choose an apartment that satisfies the necessities.

To help ensure you choose the right property, we’ve put together the top things to consider when searching for a student property in Bristol.

#1 Where the Property is Located

The location of the student accommodation is a vital aspect to consider when choosing a student property. If you fail to choose an apartment close to the university campus, it means you’ll have to take a long walk to school daily.

Additionally, you might find it difficult to socialize and meet up for other activities due to the distance of your apartment to the university.

With that being said, you need to consider the following before choosing student accommodation:

  • The university
  • Your lecture halls.
  • The city centre.
  • The nightlife (pubs, restaurants, bars etc).
  • Nearest bus stop and train station.

You can talk to the landlord or letting agent about the residency status of other nearby properties if you prefer a quieter area, you may opt for a property in an area that’s predominately inhabited by families as opposed to other students.  

#2 Who You’ll be Living With

Choosing who to live with is one of the most exciting and daunting aspects of living in private rental accommodation. If you are the social type that likes people who love to go partying and sing the latest hip-hop tracks Drake, you may opt for an open-plan property with communal living areas.

If you are the quiet type that cherishes your personal time and professional activities, you’ll be better off in properties with large rooms for studying, private bathrooms, and a whole lot more.

Choosing who to live with in college is a big commitment. Therefore, you have to make the right choice. This can only be done by knowing what’s best for you and going for it without compromise.

#3 What’s Included in the Rent

It’s a common misconception that all your bills are included in one regular monthly amount – that would be too easy! As well as the rent you pay to live in your property, you may have to pay for gas, electricity, water, Wi-Fi, and other utility bills separately.

This can impact your property choice as it could mean that the lovely home you spotted is now completely unaffordable – check with the landlord or letting agency about what is included in the rent before you agree to the rental. 

Now you know what to look out for, the next important step to take is to find out how much matches your desires or how much it will cost you to get a comfortable student property in Bristol.

More so, it will help tailor your search and save you the stress of searching fruitlessly, knowing the average cost of student rent in Bristol will go a long way to help you plan financially.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent Student Accommodation In Bristol?

Several factors decide the rent of student accommodation, and one of the essential aspects is the location. The price of accommodation in Bristol starts at a minimum of £130/week to even a maximum of £350/week. You can expect to spend £200-250/week for a decent room on average.

Aside from the location, the rent also depends on the various amenities and facilities provided by the accommodation. The rent of accommodation will reduce as you move further away from the capital center.

According to Bristol university student portal:

  • Room in University accommodation: From £4,662 for a single self-catered room to £9,093 in a catered ensuite (42-week tenancy) including utilities.
  • Studio flat: From £10,531.50 for a studio flat in University accommodation to £13,336.50 for a studio flat from a commercial provider (51-week tenancy).
  • Privately rented room: Around £6,000 for a privately rented room in a shared house (52-week tenancy) plus utilities.

Types Of Student Accommodation In Bristol

According to Heidi Cooper-Hind, head of academic and student services at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) says, ‘Choosing where you are going to live is one of the most exciting and important decisions you will make at university.’

For those who wish to stay on campus, you can kickstart your accommodation application once you’ve accepted an offer. You can check the university’s website for details.

Before any decision is taken, it is always wise to do a little research as early as possible.

Generally, there are three main options: you can choose to live in university-managed accommodation (typical halls of residence), a privately-rented house or flat, or at home.

Halls of residence

Halls are large blocks of flats housing hundreds of students, with individually furnished bedrooms organized around corridors or apartments with a shared kitchen. In some cases, bathrooms are also shared, although en-suite rooms are increasingly commonplace.

They are usually run by the university or in partnership with a private company, and the quality is generally good as they have to comply with national standards.

Most universities reserve a place in halls for full-time first-year students and international postgraduates, as long as you do the needful.

For this, halls are filled with new students who are living away from home for the first time, says Heidi.

Not to forget, halls of residence are normally located on or near campus. Here, students get to experience the real student life by making friends and regularly attending social activities.

A number of universities also give catered accommodation. This is worth considering if you don’t feel ready or able to cook for yourself, there are some additional costs attached anyways.

Asides the intense social activities, halls of residence seem to cost much more than a private house or flat. Additionally, you don’t choose who you want to stay with, the university randomly assign roomates to you.. This can be unfavorable at times as you get to put up with people you have no relationship with – and with so much going on, halls aren’t the place to be if you value peace and quiet.

Bear in mind that internet access seldom comes at an extra cost, and you’ll need to buy your own TV license. Heidi adds, ‘Remember that you’ll be collectively accountable for the communal areas in your halls, which means you may have to commit to repairs.’

Before taking the decision to stay in the school’s hall, it will be wise to go to the school’s website and do a little research on how much rent costs and other necessary information.

Private rented accommodation

A privately rented house usually accommodates around four or five people. You will mostly find the second year to final year students in a privately rented house as most first-year students prefer staying in the university hall.

One of the benefits of living in private rented accommodation is that you get to choose who you live with. For most second-year students, they get to move in with friends made in the first year.

Another benefit of private rented accommodation is that you get to choose where to live. You’ll be further from campus, but the common student areas of most university cities are served by good transport links, as well as lots of shops, bars, and food outlets.

Before choosing a private accommodation, you need to ask questions and make sure things are in order before signing up.

Unlike the halls where the cost of rent is higher, you might have cost to pay for additional bills like – utilities, internet, TV license, and a whole lot more. Therefore, you have to be in touch with the landlord or the agent to sort any issues or arrange repairs.

Lastly, be sure to read and understand your contract and be aware of your rights as a tenant.

Living at home

For those from Bristol or have relatives in Bristol, leaving at home might be an option. Living at home might not guarantee a certain level of freedom, but trust me, it is a good option.

It saves money on rent and bills, is convenient, and you’ll avoid the stress of moving out to stay with new people.

However, you might not really feel the student life vibe, and it may be more tasking to make friends away from the social hub of halls or a student house. To make it work, take part in activities such as sports clubs and societies.

What are the best areas for students to live in Bristol?

Student life in Bristol is highly attractive and lively, no matter where you live, you will experience the best in the city. However, as we’ve stated earlier, you have to consider the distance to college and budget to decide whats the best for you.

Nevertheless, Bristol city center, Fishponds, Redlands, Kingsdown, and Cotham are a few popular, affordable, and culturally diverse places students can live in Bristol.

Where Can I Find Cheap Student Accommodation In Bristol?

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to finding student properties at a cheap rate. However, you can utilize the services of letting agencies and large commercial providers.

Most letting agencies in Bristol put up adverts of available student accommodation on the following websites:

There are lots of letting agencies near the University. Most agencies will charge a fee of at least 35% of a month’s rent plus VAT if you rent a property through them. Always use an agency that is a member of a professional body e.g. NALS, ARLA, BALMA. 


Choosing where to live is as exciting as it is nerve-wracking – especially when it’s your first time away from home. Nevertheless, this article makes it much more exciting by making the whole process straightforward and easy for students. Do well to make the best out of it. Cheers!

FAQs On How To Get Student Accommodation In Bristol Very Cheap

 Yes, students who book early often get good discounts and pay much less rent for their accommodation. You can also utilize the discounts and cashback from group bookings. 

Bristol city center, Fishponds, Redlands, Kingsdown, and Cotham are a few popular, affordable, and culturally diverse places students can live in Bristol.

Yes, you can share accommodation with your friends but depending on the property you may be imposed with a minimal extra charge for this.


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