How to Get Student Accommodation in Edinburgh | Complete Guide

One of the biggest problems new students face is accommodation, especially when they can’t find their preference.

As a student in Edinburgh, your situation might be similar. And you probably don’t know how to figure it out.

Searching from street to street and paying agents to help you is time and money consuming.

Why don’t you opt for the easy way?

Let us show you how to get student accommodation in Edinburgh easily without spending a lot of money.

I know you might doubt the possibility, but certain findings will change your mind.

According to Save the Student, noisy housemates, dampness and lack of water are the three biggest student accommodation problems. Break-ins, disruptive building work and rodents form part of the long list as well.

I believe you would want to avoid all these issues when seeking student accommodation in Edinburgh. So, we want to help you achieve it.

The whole idea this article wants to communicate is how you can get cheap student accommodation in Edinburgh. The table of content will reveal in details what you can take away.

Why Pick Student Accommodation in Edinburgh?

Edinburgh was initially a city-owned by England before it was moved to the Scottish. Today, this city remains the seventh most populous city in the United Kingdom and the second-most populous city in Scotland.

They have been a long-term center of education attracting some of the world’s brightest minds to their institutions. To be precise, they have some of the best professionals in the fields of medicine, engineering, literature, philosophy, and law.

The University of Edinburgh which is their most popular university is placed 20th in the QS World University Rankings for 2021. The other universities in the city are Heriot-Watt University and Edinburgh Napier University.

When you gain admission into any of the universities listed above, then you can fully understand how picking the right accommodation can help you. And why Edinburgh is an amazing city for students.

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What Should I Look Out For Before Picking a Student Accommodation?

Before you pick any student accommodation in Edinburgh, you must check them to ensure they fit your requirements. There is quite a list of things you should look out for when choosing this accommodation which includes;

  • Distance to School
  • Access to the Internet
  • Peacefulness & Safety
  • Space
  • Price
  • Leisure

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How Much Does a Student Accommodation in Edinburgh Cost?

As a student living in Edinburgh, you have to keep up with certain fees. The cost of rent and other utility bills will help you choose a place.

According to The University of Edinburgh, a broad estimate of the funds needed to live to a reasonable standard in Edinburgh is currently estimated at approximately £8,500 – £11,000 a year for living costs, in addition to tuition fees (please note that price increases and unexpected expenditure should be taken into account and students arranging initial short-term accommodation on arrival in Edinburgh need to budget for this).

They have estimated overall living costs at an average (lower-range) total of £695 per month.

What are the Types of Student Accommodation in Edinburgh?

Before you can choose the best type of accommodation in Edinburgh you need, you would need to find out the types of accommodation that are available.

These accommodations include;

  • Private Halls
  • Self Contained Flat
  • Flat
  • Bedsit
  • House
  • Homestay

1. Private Halls

A private hall is basically the property of a third party and not the institution. Most times, the institution can decide to partner with the third party in the running of the hall.
As a student, you pay your rent which covers the utility bills as well. You can share studio rooms and communal spaces in a private hall. A lot of students love private halls because of the distinct features they offer.

2. Self Contained Flat

A self-contained apartment or room is a single room with facilities such as a toilet, bathroom and a kitchen as well. Although it doesn’t usually afford you a lot of space, it offers you privacy.

3. Flat

A flat is a housing unit similar to a self-contained but it has just one difference – more rooms. Essentially, a flat can have about two or three rooms in addition to a sitting room, kitchen and bathrooms.

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4. Bedsit

A bedsit is a one-room apartment with a bedroom and sitting room. More so, there are cooking facilities within the space to make cooking easy.

5. House

A house offers you the space you need as a student in Edinburgh. This accommodation is important especially when you’re moving with your family.

6. Homestay

A homestay is a good place to accommodate yourself especially when you’re staying for a short period. Furthermore, you also love the company of a family around. Although homestays are nice, few students opt for them because of safety and lack of trust in the families around.

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How to Get Student Accommodation in Edinburgh

When considering how to get the best student accommodation in Edinburgh, you have to make many considerations. Your preference will greatly influence your choice of accommodation.

Generally, to get a student accommodation in Edinburgh, you have to;

Leverage Student Home Websites

Walking through the streets of Edinburgh in search of student accommodation is not necessary. You can basically leverage platforms that will give you the information you need regarding the available accommodation options.

Platforms like My Student Halls make it easy for you to easily find the right accommodation option for you. There is a wide range of accommodations options you can choose from.

Find out Accommodation Cost

As much as you might have your preferences for accommodation, you must also ensure you have the right budget for it. Furthermore, a lot of residence places might have the same features and very different prices for them.

So, you must ensure you find out the cost of the accommodation type you prefer. This will help you get your student accommodation in Edinburgh faster.

Visit Residence Facility

Graphic and pictorial representations might not always tell the full story. So, before you consider getting an accommodation space, you have to tour the facility. In your tour, you must ensure basic amenities such as electricity, water and internet are available.

You can always demand a tour from the property manager before you make your payment.

Complete Documentation

Immediately you sign the documentation with your Landlord, it legally binds the two of you. And you can move into your residence after then. Always ensure you read through the clauses before you sign.

What Scholarships Offer You Accommodation in Edinburgh?

There are a lot of scholarships in Scotland for students who can’t pay their tuition. And the students in Edinburgh can greatly benefit from them.

While some of these scholarships are fully funded, others are not. A few of the scholarships actually help students out with accommodation fees and other fees.

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According to The Scholarship Hub, some of these scholarships i Edinburgh that pay accommodation include;

Unite Foundation Scholarships

The Unite Foundation offers free student accommodation and a generous annual scholarship to young people in the UK who aspire to a degree – but face the most challenging circumstances..

The City Undergraduate Accommodation Bursary

£2,000 a year towards accommodation costs in City University’s nominated halls for students who are ordinarily resident in England and have a household income of less than £42,611.

Scotland Accommodation Bursaries

For students who are Scotland domiciled but living away from home when studying at the University of Edinburgh; living outside the City of Edinburgh at the time of application to the University; eligible to receive a guaranteed offer of University accommodation; in receipt of a Young Students’ Bursary or an Independent Students’ Bursary

Accommodation Award

A discount of £3,000 per annum for the first 2 years of study at the University of St Andrews will be available to undergraduate and postgraduate applicants from September 2016. The award will be means-tested, based on financial need. Household income below £34,000

Undergraduate Academic Achievement Award

£2,000 towards the cost of your accommodation at Cardiff Metropolitan University. However, before you become eligible, youmust achieve results that are within the top 10 in your program.

FAQ On How to Get Student Accommodation in Edinburgh

What does student accommodation mean?

Student accommodation is a place wherein students of an academic institution are supposed to live.

What is included in student accommodation?

Student accommodation has rooms, bathrooms, kitchens and relaxation rooms.

Can you live in student accommodation without being a student?

No. You can’t live in student accommodation except you’re a student.

Is student accommodation first come first serve?

Yes. The first students who register for accommodation get places first.


Residents of Edinburgh are loving people. As an international student, you can easily adapt to your simple and amazing lifestyle.

Finding accommodation is easy when you have the right plan. I believe after reading this article, you know the next step to take.


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