Study Abroad: The 5 Challenges Most College Freshmen Face( no.4 will surprise you)

The 5 Challenges Most College Freshmen Face

The first year in college is is usually difficult for everyone. It is a mix of excitement and concern that won’t let many people sleep for many weeks, just to say a bit about it.

College means for most of the people the first step into adulthood and all the challenges that come with it. So even though it is the most expected time, it can also be a perfect opportunity to self-improvement and to face your risk of failure.

So if you are curious about which kind of challenges freshmen might face during their first year in college, here is the five most common of them. Then you can prepare yourself or offer a piece of advice to anyone who might be packing to college soon.

# 1 – Homesickness

The first challenge that freshmen will face is homesickness. For the vast majority, it will be the first time that they will be away from their family and friends, so it is understandable if they feel lonely in college.

Especially those who will live on the campus or in any other accommodation far away from where they used to live will feel the situation the most. They will have to take care of their food, cleaning, laundry, and any other household tasks that they might have never done before, for instance.

But, above all, they will miss the care and the certainty that there is someone there for them no matter what they need.

# 2 – Financial challenges

Unfortunately, college is an expensive business, so financial issues are something that can knock at any freshmen’s door. There are tuition fees to be paid, books to be bought, and sort of materials depending on the classes taken.

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There are also all costs related to self-maintenance, such as accommodation, food, transportation, just to stay with the basics. And, as you probably know, these bills can be quite high, especially in big cities.

To manage it, many students will take a part-time job so they can afford all the expenses. But it also means having less time to study and to have a bit of fun, which can have fatigue, depression, or anxiety as a consequence.

# 3 – Time Management

There is so much to do in college that one of the most common reasons for stress among freshmen is easy to guess: lack of time management skills. Before, they use to have plenty of time to get their assignments done, and their teachers would be much more likely to understand and accept delays.

But, in college, things get much stricter and busy: the number of assignments and exams go sky rocket, and professors aren’t known for being flexible when it comes to deadlines. And it starts from day one with no class preparing students on how to deal with the new workload.

So it is important that all freshmen do their best to learn and improve their time management skills. It means being able to figure out how much they have to do, how much time they have, and when to ask for help – it is not a probably if they have to get an essay writing service to help them to get their assignments done. The problem is when they don’t accept it as a fact and fail to keep up with it.

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# 4 – Socialising

Even though this is something much expected by many freshmen, socialising can be a challenge in college. They have to meet new people and try to join groups so they can feel accepted as part of the community. And while it can be easy to many people, it might be complicated to others.

When you are trying to make new friends, it is understandable that you try to show your best side. But it can also let some people to forget to set boundaries, doing anything to be seen as cool. Others need to be among the most popular and can even neglect the study itself in order to achieve this goal.

Introverts might have a hard time in college in the beginning as they might take more time to open up. And college parties can seem a bit over the top to those who enjoy peace and quiet. The good news is that, eventually, almost everybody will make friends and have a good time in college.

# 5 – Staying healthy

As a consequence of some of the topics mentioned above, it can be a challenge to stay healthy in college. Freshmen are far away from their family for the first time and might struggle to try to create balanced meals. They might also be sleeping less than they should while trying to get their assignments done or to join every single party on the campus (or both).

Plus, all the pressure of a new life and financial debts can increase the chances of becoming depressive or anxious. It is common that depression, anxiety, and other psychological disorders, such as those related to eating, sleeping, or sociability, might show their first signs in college.

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The point here is not to think that youth is a shield against diseases. Many college students think that they won’t get sick until they are forced to miss classes or are completely unable to think straight.

The bottom line

These are just a few challenges that college freshmen might face. Financial issues, homesickness, staying healthy, time management, and socialising can be hard during the first year of college for many of students.

But it is perfectly normal to feel like this.  Anybody who has been in college can tell that they know these challenges, and how bad they felt while they were there. But they all have survived to them. More than it, they have learned from them.

So embrace your challenges as a chance to learn more about yourself and work on self-improvement. Make sure that you stand your ground, but be flexible, and take the opportunity to find out which kind of adult you will and want to become.

This way, the college will be more than the place where you will learn a profession. It will be the place where you will build your personality from scratch.

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