Study Automotive Engineering at Okan University, Turkey: All You Need To Know

Engines and automobile machines have evolved as new techniques and patterns have been introduced into their design. Okan University in Turkey has helped promote this renewed knowledge in its students.

For this reason, studying Automotive Engineering at Okan University, Turkey as an international Student can be very interesting and can help me become a better Automotive Engineer. 

Turkey is now one of the top study abroad destinations for international students. This is underlined by the fact that in the last decade, the number of students from abroad has more than doubled. The official figures from last year show that there are almost 50,000 international students studying in Turkey.

One of the reasons for this popularity of Turkish higher education is a combination of relatively inexpensive education and high quality of teaching.

There are also several opportunities for scholarships that cover everything including tuition, health insurance, travel expenses, and accommodation.

The commitment of the government to expanding the pool of students coming from abroad is not in doubt. There is an official policy to increase the number of students to 100,000 by next year.

This is achievable as Turkey is already one of the world’s top tourist countries with over 40 million tourists visiting the country yearly.

Why Automotive Engineering?

Automotive engineers are in high demand in the vehicles industry. The combination of rising population and industrial expansion in the world means more automobiles of different sizes would be needed.

With a Formula One circuit in Turkey, the country has a tradition of training high-quality engineers with cutting edge technological know-how to service the industry.

Study Automotive Engineering at Okan University, Turkey: All You Need To Know

Culture and Cost of Living in Istanbul

Okan University is based in Istanbul, the largest city in the country with a population of about 15 million inhabitants. It is a hugely multicultural city.

The lifestyle and culture of Istanbul are distinctly international. Though the dominant religion is mainly Islamic, influences from Western civilization and Christianity can be seen all around the city.

This makes Istanbul one of the truly international cities in the world.

Being highly cosmopolitan, the cost of living in Istanbul higher than in most cities in the country. However, it is still cheaper compared to many cities in Europe and America.

The latest figures for prices of selected goods and services in Istanbul are as follows:

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  • Meal,                                                                                   5.53 $
  • Coke/Pepsi (0.3L small bottle),                                    0.79 $
  • Milk (regular), (1 gallon),                                                2.99 $
  • Bread (0.45kg),                                                                 0.43 $
  • Rice (white), (0.45kg),                                                     0.70 $
  • Eggs (12),                                                                            1.91 $
  • Beef Round (0.45kg),                                                       6.05 $
  • Water (1.5 liter bottle),                                                    0.45 $
  • Onion (0.45kg),                                                                 0.25 $


  • One way Ticket Local Transport,                                     0.69 $
  • Monthly Pass                                                                       49.73 $
  • Gasoline (1 gallon),                                                             5.23 $
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Rent and utilities

  • Basic utilities                                                                         86.08 $
  • Prepaid Mobile Tariff/minute                                           0.15 $
  • Internet,                                                                                 16.48 $
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) in City Centre,                           479.70 $/month
  • Apartment (1 bedroom) Outside of Centre,                    262.91 $/month


Students cost of living

The cost of living of students at Okan University depends on the lifestyle choices of each student

However, the school provides standard well-furnished dormitories for students if they wish to stay on-campus accommodation.

When it comes to accommodation, international students are given priority as long as they apply within the deadline. These are the cost of accommodation with meal plans within the campus

Standard room for 4 + meals (3 times a day)$3000 4,600
Room for 2 + meals (3 times a day)$50006,000
Room for 1 + meals (3 times a day)$700010,200

Application Guideline

The application guideline to study automotive engineering at Okan University are as follows:


Applicants have to apply through the international office of the University by filling this online application form. Successful applicants would be contacted by the International office.

Documents to accompany the application form include:

  • Recognized high school academic result
  • Copy of English language test score: TOEFL iBT of at least 72
  • Copy of passport
  • 2 passport-sized photos
  • Transcript of secondary school education
  • Secondary school diploma or certificate

The Turkish embassy in your country can aid you in certifying the documents before onward transmission to the International Office of Okan University.

Application deadlines- June 15 for early applications and August 15 for late applications

Undergraduate enrollment documents.

Successful applicants would need the following documents to register at the University:

  • Secondary school certificate or diploma
  • Letter from the education ministry certifying the high school diploma or certificate
  • Transcript from secondary school
  • English proficiency test score
  • Copy of travel passport
  • A student visa or residence permit
  • 6 passport sized photos
  • Evidence of payment of tuition fee
  • At least 3 months health insurance
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Postgraduate Application

Postgraduate students for automotive engineering should apply online through the international office.

Documents to accompany the application include

  • English test score: TOEFL iBT at least 72
  • Copy of undergraduate certificate or diploma
  • Official transcript
  • Letter of intent
  • 2 reference letters preferably from the academic staff of your home university
  • CV where applicable
  • Copy of travel passport
  • 2 passport photos

All these documents including the completed application form must be sent as hard copy to the international office through the post.

Application deadlines – The deadlines for applications are the 1st of August for first the first batch and the 1st November for the second batch.

After applying, the results would be announced 1 month later.

Postgraduate Enrollment documents

Once accepted, you would need the following documents to enroll in Okan University

  • Undergraduate diploma
  • Transcript
  • TOEFL test score
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of visa or residence permit
  • 6 passport sized photos
  • Evidence of payment of tuition fees

Tuition fee

Undergraduate program – $10,000 /year

Postgraduate program – $9,375/year


All international students coming to Turkey must have a valid residence visa. Students should visit their local Turkish embassy to apply for the visa.

The documents required include

  • An official passport that must have an expiry date of at least six months after the duration of the program
  • Letter of admission from Okan University
  • Evidence of enough funds to study in Turkey
  • Health insurance

On arrival in Turkey, you must register at the nearest police station.

For more information on visa procedure, Yiu can see visit these websites: Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Turkish National Police website

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