Study in KIMEP University: Admission, Tuition, Courses, Scholarships, Ranking

Kazakhstan is one of the fast-developing countries in Asia. The Country stretches its hands to reach as many International Students as possible. If you as a student seeks a school with great exposure in a fast-rising environment, KIMEP University is a great choice.

KIMEP University is located in Almaty, Kazakhstan and is formerly known as the Kazakhstan Institute of Management, Economics, and Strategic Research.

It is a private, non-profit university and offers credit-based, North American-style bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree curricula. The school teaches most of its classes are taught in the English language.

KIMEP University is one of Kazakhstan’s finest and oldest Universities. Here are the latest Updates on KIMEP University Admission, Tuition, Courses, Scholarships, Ranking.

 KIMEP University Ranking

KIMEP ranked as ‘Excellent’ in an annual multi-dimensional ranking of 1200+ HEIs from about 80 countries.

The University is included in Business Studies Programmes Ranking and Research together with  Research Linkages Ranking.

Basically, KIMEP University was named the best humanitarian-economic university in Kazakhstan in 2012 by the Independent Quality Assurance Agency of Kazakhstan (IQAA)). Afterward.

It recorded a strong showing in rankings from the National Accreditation Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of RK, where four KIMEP programs came in first, and one came in second. It came 1st in Accounting and Audit, Economics, Public Administration and Governance, 1st in International Relations and 2nd place in Journalism

Classified as an Accounting and Audit program in the rankings, KIMEP’s BSc was one of the three highest-rated programs in Kazakhstan, receiving 929 out of a possible 1000 points.

Currently, EECA names it the number 146 in the world.

 KIMEP University Admission

The Admissions Department of this institution accepts applications to all its academic programs on a rolling basis.

KIMEP entrance exam is held throughout the year in cities across Kazakhstan and Undergraduate admissions decisions are based on it.

The admission department considers the student’s academic performance at previous institutions and the results of the KIMEP English Examination Test.

Also, the school requires a decent level of English, though most students do not obtain full proficiency until after kicking off their studies.

Actually, Financial aid is made available to undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, merit scholarships are also available to students in all degree programs

 KIMEP University Online Application

New applicants to the university should log in to the school site and provide their e-mail and password.

For validity, they are to confirm their password, select the degree they are applying for, either Bachelor or Master and then submit. For existing applicants, they are to provide their email and password too

 KIMEP University Tuition

At KIMEP, Tuition payment is based on the number of courses registered by a student in any given semester.  Depending on the student’s personal preference and study, students are to choose between one and six courses per semester.

Students make a payment on an almost monthly basis hence,  tuition can be paid in three installments for the Fall and Spring semesters.

Before the start of any semester, tuition for Summer semesters and non-degree studies must be paid in advance. The academic calendar is to be seen for more information about payment deadlines

 KIMEP University Salary

With regards to KIMEP University Salaries, lots of questions are asked on much KIMEP University employees make.

The answer is employee reports and estimates are gotten on salaries, wages, tips, bonuses, and hourly pay that Glassdoor has.

For instance, Human Resources Officers have a salary of 3,000,000 /yr with a range of 2,881K – 3,146K, $81k for Assistant Professor salaries and $34k for Research Assistant salaries

 KIMEP University Contact

KIMEP’s University contact by post says 2 Abay Ave., Office 115 Dostyk bld. Almaty 050010 Republic of Kazakhstan.

In addition, Departments of International Academic mobility, Library, Accounting office, sports center, Bang College of Business, Language Center, College of social science, School of Lea etc, have a contact person, Telephone & E-mail, office number and office hours.

 KIMEP University Faculties

Over 200 faculty members are part of  KIMEP coming from more than 40 countries. Amongst 84 instructors with terminal degrees that KIMEP has, 77 have Ph.D.

In the CIS, this is the highest of such concentration of any institution.

The professors in  KIMEP come from a wide variety of background and their combined research output has steadily increased over the past few years.

The research carried out by KIMEP focuses on issues critical to Central Asia’s long-term development.

In the course of its existence, KIMEP faculty members have attended more than 100 conferences and published more than 110 articles and books.

 KIMEP University Accreditation

A group of academic quality assurance experts from a German accreditation agency Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) was responsible for the school’s accreditation.

KIMEP hosted them and they undertook an overview of all academic programs at the University from April 11-13.

Accreditation has two categories – institutional – implying the accreditation of the University as an entity; and program-based – structured for given accreditation to each specific academic program (specialization).

Stated simply, accreditation is evidence of the quality of an institution’s academic programs and the research produced there; of their educational infrastructure, financial sustainability, students’ social life, and the whole university community; just to mention but a few.

A commission of external experts from the Independent Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA) came to the University on April 25-27.

They consisted of International experts from the Accreditation Organization of the Netherlands and Flanders; the Polish Accreditation Committee l Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (Germany); as well as national experts from Zhetysu State University named after I. Zhansugurov, the National Agrarian University and the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Astana.

At the institution level, the commission evaluated the characteristics of KIMEP University as a whole.

The accreditation process took KIMEP 7 months.

The IQAA expert group prepared a report, on the grounds of which the Accreditation Council of IQAA, on June 11, 2019, made the decision to grant KIMEP University accreditation for a period of five years.

On July 6, the FIBAA Accreditation Committee for Programmes granted te accreditation of all 25 KIMEP University programs for a period of five years under conditions.

 KIMEP University Courses

This tertiary institution offers 22 English-language degree programs.

This includes 10 undergraduate programs in Accounting and Audit, Marketing,  Finance, Management, Law, International Relations, Public and Municipal Administration, Economics, Journalism.

Also,10 graduate programs in Business Administration, International Relations, Public and Municipal Administration, International Journalism, Economics, International Law, and Foreign Languages.

In addition, it offers an Executive MBA program and a DBA program, as well as short professional courses and a wide range of certificate programs..

The various capacities in which students may take classes here include a Degree or Dual Degree student; through an exchange program; or for short-term Non-Degree, language, or other courses at KIMEP.

 KIMEP University Scholarship

KIMEP University scholarships are available to students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs.

Furthermore, these scholarships do not support enrollees alone,  but also supports current students with high academic achievements, enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs.

There are rules which you must meet to be able to receive a scholarship. The scholarships are very competitive.

Also, you have to provide academic achievements and academic awards at national and international levels for the last 3 years.

The scholarship comes in the form of Financial Aid. Set rules and availability of funds of the university determines the allocation and size of the financial aid. There’s no guarantee from KIMEP University that all applicants will receive the financial aid.  

Also, the institution reserves a right to amend the criteria,  conditions, and order of allocation and distribution of financial aid.

 KIMEP University Jobs

Certain positions are available and one is to choose the vacancies he/she has interest in.

If the company’s contract is not given, applicants will copy and send their CV to [email protected].

Also, remember to include a cover letter.

A well-written cover letter can give one advantage and form a lasting positive impression in the mind of hiring managers.

Conclusion KIMEP University is the students top choice.

The information provided will be a guide to encourage you to choose to study at this university.

Read carefully and make a wise choice.


Finally, don’t just have this information. Apply already!

We wish you the very best as you leap for the stars.

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