How To Remove Songs From Spotify Playlist

  • To access a drop-down menu, click on the three dots adjacent to the music you want to delete.
  • To remove an item from this playlist, click.
  • To get a pop-up menu, tap the three dots next to the song you wish to delete.
  • “Remove from this Playlist” can be tapped.


Why can’t I remove songs from my playlist on Spotify?

If you scroll to find the music, search for it using a filter, or click on its options while it’s playing, you won’t be able to delete it. You must first click the “edit” playlist button, which is already ridiculous because you can do this without using your computer.

How do you remove a song from a shared playlist on Spotify?

Select the profile images under the playlist name in one of the collaborative playlists you’ve made by going there. In front of the user’s name, tap the three dots. Select Take Me Off This Playlist. They won’t be allowed to add or remove tracks any longer.

How do you delete a song from a Spotify playlist?

In the lower right corner of your screen, click “Your Library.” The playlist you want to organize should be opened. When selecting a song to delete from the playlist, tap the three vertical dots. Select “Remove from this playlist” when the menu appears.

How do I delete songs from Spotify on my phone?

On your phone, launch the Spotify app.
In the bottom right corner, tap Your library.
Choose the song or playlist you want to remove.
To remove a playlist or song, tap the download icon (a downward-pointing green arrow).

Why can’t I edit my playlist on Spotify?

Ensure that none of the sorting columns, such as title, artist, album, or date, are turned on. A green V sign is placed next to it to denote it. You won’t be able to manually adjust the song order if it’s on. You might need to hide friend activity in order to see them all.

Is there a way to delete multiple songs from a playlist on Spotify?

On the music you want to erase, keep holding down the shift key (it should turn a gray color). If you choose multiple tracks, and you right-click on one of the songs, a little box should appear. The phrase “remove from playlist” ought to appear at the bottom.

How do you clean up Spotify?

Similar to playlists, deleting a single song from Spotify removes it from your library. You can remove a music from a playlist by selecting it and pressing the “Delete” key, or you can just right-click on the track.

Why can’t I edit my playlist on Spotify mobile?

You can only rename your playlists on Spotify Free for Mobile because you are forced to use shuffle mode and cannot play your music in the order you choose. To find out more about Spotify free, read this Spotify Answer. Click “Accept as Solution” to assist others in finding this solution.

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