The Purge Quotes

The Purge is an upcoming American Horror Story movie that is set to premiere on September 8, 2018. The show is set in a world where every year on the night of the purge, all crime is legal and all residents are allowed to commit any act they want without consequence. This year’s purge is coming up and people are getting nervous. Here are some quotes from the show and movie that hint at what might happen during this annual event.

The Purge Quotes

The Purge Quotes

“There you are… Thank you for accepting my invitation, now tell me why haven’t you delivered the filthy swine to me yet? Are you protecting him? I certainly hope not Mr. Sandin.” – The Polite Leader

“Just remember all the good the purge does.” – Mary

“This is the Emergency Broadcast System announcing the commencement of the annual purge. At the siren, all emergency services will be suspended for 12 hours. Your government thanks you for your participation.” – Emergency Broadcast System

“Now get the hell out of my house.” – Mary

If there were no night, we would not appreciate the day, nor could we see the stars and the vastness of the heavens. We must partake of the bitter with the sweet. There is a divine purpose in the adversities we encounter every day. They prepare, they purge, they purify, and thus they bless. James E. Faust

Times of transition are strenuous, but I love them. They are an opportunity to purge, rethink priorities, and be intentional about new habits. We can make our new normal any way we want. Kristin Armstrong

I find it very satisfying to write because you can purge many things and vent what you feel under the mask of fiction. Steven Berkoff

I do understand how hate eats at the soul and how to purge yourself of hate. Ta-Nehisi Coates

I needed to purge myself of all the attention my parents had given me – I wasn’t neglected enough as a child. Captain Beefheart

I think sandals should be burnt. I hate them – purge them! Luke Evans

The Indians, I was now speaking of, were not content with the common Enemies that lessen and destroy their Country-men, but invented an infallible Stratagem to purge their Tribe, and reduce their Multitude into far less Numbers. John Lawson

The more we can purge ourselves of the diseases we create the more we can become magnificent people. Judith Light

The urge to purge the material I come up with is, I guess, an ongoing process. Kathryn Bigelow

With the first act of cruelty committed in the name of revolution, with the first murder, with the first purge and execution, we have lost the revolution. Kate Millett

I’m a guy who has problems with moderation. All or nothing. Binge and purge. Kill or be killed. Gray is not a color I wear well. I should be dead. I know that. I should not be successful. I know that too. My daily existence is a toss of the coin – one side, fear, the other side, gratitude. Kurt Sutter

Up until the Depression, the recession had a moral character: it was supposed to purge the body economy of the greed and excess that attends a business expansion. James Buchan

Anorexia, you starve yourself. Bulimia, you binge and purge. You eat huge amounts of food until you’re sick and then you throw up. And anorexia, you just deny yourself. It’s about control. Tracey Gold

I’m not one of those who want to purge our society of our Christian history. Richard Dawkins

I feel like all of my characters now take this congested situation, they clash, and from there you purge yourself. Ang Lee

I don’t think a lot of actors talk about it, but there’s usually a process where you essentially purge yourself of the character that you played prior to the movie. Vin Diesel

Sometimes I feel like a Buddhist and I need to chant; sometimes a Baptist and I need to holler and shout; and sometimes I need to be a Catholic and need to purge my sins and confess. It just depends on where I am.

Jill Scott


The Purge is a movie that is full of suspense and horror. The quotes from the movie are very powerful and show the different sides of human nature. The Purge is a movie that is definitely worth watching.

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