Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in USA for Graduates

Top 10 Highest Paid Jobs in USA for Graduates

Doing your jobs successful is very important for every people. But most of the time people used up their whole life in the search of the right kind of work. And do those works which they actually do not want to do. But if people get the right opportunity to showcase their right kind of talent at the right time and right place, they can be hugely successful.

The passion, dedication and hard work can make every impossible to possible. So it is very much important to choose the right job to be successful in it. There are several kind of jobs in USA which can help you be one of the highest paid persons. All kind of highest paid jobs are available in USA.

Here are the top 10 highest paid jobs in USA in 2017.

10. Airline Pilots ($129,600)

Airline Pilots Highest Paid Jobs in USA 2016

Making big fat money sometimes wants a bachelor’s degree too. So a bachelor degree in aviation sector, or pilot training certificate, pilot in command experience can help you to earn big fat money in USSA. Here the training time is more than 6 years, and the annual net wage can be $129,600! This Airline pilot, co pilot and Flight engineers are doing a quite high paid jobs.

9. Lawyers ($131,990)

Lawyers Highest Paid Jobs in USA 2016

A good lawyer can easily earn a good value of property or else it will be better to stay can earn a huge sum of money in USA in 2016. There are lots of legal cases are happening every day, and people are wanting to take mode advices in legal matters from the experienced and successful lawyers. So if you are an experience and unbeaten lawyer, and want to establish your career in USA then you can get a high paid and successful job here in USA. The training time in these fields is 7 years and the annual wage is approximately $131,990.

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8. Information system management and computer management ($132,570)

Information system management and computer management Highest Paid Jobs in USA 2018

For every company computer is one of the most necessary equipment without which people cannot able to do anything. If the computer crashes, or any file get deleted, a company can face a huge risk of loss. So always having a computer manager in every office is a necessary and important part. Same is applicable for the information system too. Without proper and right information no office can be stay in workable situation. SO whenever a office will get opened, a information manager should be there to help out the people. The training time needed 4 years and more. And the annual wages for this job is near about $132,570.

7. Natural science Management ($132,850)

Natural science Management Highest Paid Jobs in USA 2018

The main working field of the natural science in the biology, chemistry and physics and divide their works in the labs. Mostly people who opted this job are working for the state governments and educational institutions. For this job people need bachelor’s degree in science along with work experience of several years in lab. The training time for this job is 4 years and more. The approximate annual wage is $132,850.

6. Marketing management ($133,700)

Marketing management Highest Paid Jobs in USA 2017

Marketing is the backbone for any company. Without marketing no one will know about the product the company is selling and the company will face trouble. So marketing is very important for every company. The marketing managements in USA is another highest paying job. People should need a bachelor’s degree in marketing for this kind of job. It needs 4 years and more training and the annual wage is $133,700.

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5. Architectural & Engineering Managers ($136,540)

Architectural & Engineering Managers Highest Paid Jobs in USA 2017

Architectural and engineering are some respectful jobs which also come along with high payment also. The oil and gas companies generally provide a good handsome salary to the architectures and engineers in USA. For that a bachelor’s degree in the same field is required. The training time for these fields in 4 years and more. The annual wages is $136,540.

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4. Petroleum Engineers ($149,180)

Petroleum Engineers Highest Paid Jobs in USA 2017

The oil and gas industry is one of the richest industries not just in USA but in all over the world too. So being the petroleum engineer people can earn a big fat salary from the oil and gas companies. The 4 years and more are the training time. The annual wage is $149,180. For this people should have bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering.

3. Chief Executive Officers ($178,400)

Chief Executive Officers Highest Paid Jobs in USA 2018

Another of the highest paying job is the job of the Chef executing officer. Being a CEO of a company not only provides you high respect from others but a lot of responsibilities with huge salary and facilities. In the USA this kind of job is one of the high paying jobs. For having this job people should need to have an MBA degree a lot of experience in the same sector. The training time of this job is 6 years and more while the annual wage is $178,400.

2. Dentists and Orthodontists ($196,270)

Dentists and Orthodontists Highest Paid Jobs in USA 2016

May be dentists are not getting the same priority or respect as like other doctors, but they have playing the most crucial and important part in the USA highest job fields. Her dentists and orthodontists are on the 2nd position in ISA in the list of highest paid jobs. More than 90,000 dentists are working in USA and having an awesome life. The training time for this job is 8 years and more while the average wage is $196,270.

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1. Doctors and Surgeons ($234,950)

Doctors and Surgeons Highest Paid Jobs in USA 2017

Being a doctor and a surgeon not only provide you a big respect but can help you to be the top in the list of the highest paid jobs in USA in 2017. All medical professionals and surgeons are earning a big fat amount of money with the satisfactions of saving lives of their patients. For opting this job, people should need bachelor’s degree in medical and 11 years and more training time. The annual wage is $234,950.



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