Top 15 Free Marketing Certifications In The World

You will think marketing is all about displaying goods and services until you are hired as a marketer and serious qualifications are required. As long as businesses exist, marketing will always be a valuable course to study and definitely important for employment.

With technology and the technological paradigm shift, marketing has also taken another twist, away from the norm. This, therefore, requires that you, as a beginner in the field or a seasoned one, require new skills or need to update your marketing skills.

This is where marketing certification comes in. For you to be promoted or even better your performance, you need certification in marketing. It is better off if it’s a digital marketing certification. Digital marketing is currently selling like hot cake those with certificates in digital marketing are taking all the jobs.

This is not all about getting a job or a promotion. With a certification in marketing, you will also be able to run your own business. A good business is equal to good marketing strategies.

Having said this, we’d be looking at some marketing courses you can study. Some of these courses are free marketing courses with certifications.

How Does Certification Enhance One’s Marketing Career?

Research shows that people with evidence of professionalism especially those with papers and credentials, for this case certification, stand a better chance to be employed and promoted compared to those who don’t have the same.

Certification in marketing enhances your career in the following ways:

  • You stand a chance to get promotions when they pop up. Many people who have gone back to advance their studies got a pay rise or a promotion. Some organizations advice their employers to get the certificates to give them a promotion or a raise in the pay. 
  • You stand as chance to be employed when you have more certifications, since this is a display of knowledge in the required fields.
  • You gain professional confidence in your work. Knowledge is power you know.
  • As an owner of the company, you get to know what is required of your employees. And as a manager, you get to learn team playing and marketing leadership skills.
  • A good reputation on the marketing arena earns you respect in the field. You will be out sourced by other companies as a consultant or reference person.
  • You will be able to run your businesses well. With the knowledge you will be able to even run your businesses well. These certifications can help you manage your employees too. You can’t lead a pack without having knowledge of what the team is doing.

Can I Get Free Marketing Certifications Online?

There are hundreds of free marketing courses and certifications online. In this article, the top twenty have been discussed after much research and comparison. You can pick some or even all of them and have your certificates. Currently, Digital marketing is more marketable. Having good technical skills in data analytics can also sell you well. However, there are a good number of free online certificates to collect.

How Can I Get Free Marketing Certification?

Free marketing certification is available online. If you are already qualified as a marketer, maybe a graduate or so, you can enroll for the short-term courses to just hone your skills and update your professionalism. With these certifications, you can get promotions to better positions or you can be outsourced by other firms. (ambien)

Where Can I Get Free Marketing Certifications

Free online marketing certifications are available on various platforms online. Most accredited ones are on;

  • Linkedin
  • Cousera
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Udemy
  • Udex

Top 15 Free Marketing Certifications In The World In 2023

1. Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Course

Facebook is the most marketed social media platform currently. Many people sell their products on Facebook. Learning digital marketing and getting a certificate can elevate you professionally.

Here you will learn:

  • How to use Facebook apps to establish an online presence?
  • Establishing a Facebook page following
  • See competitors and surviving with the same products.

This course is for beginners and it is totally free.

You can enroll here

2. marketing analytics certification training with R – Henry Harvins

This is a certified marketing analytics course that makes you an analytics practitioner. It is studied in 32 hours and it is for beginners. You will explore, scrutinize and decipher marketing problems. It employs the preeminent analytic tools for example R and Advanced Excel.

You will be exposed to live internship opportunities and practical skills that will enable you to solve the stated problems.

You will earn a CPMA certification upon completion of this course.

To Access that, you CAN CHECK IT OUT HERE

3. Marketing analytics certification with Python

This course is only 36 minutes to complete. You will receive a downloadable certificate upon completion.

You will learn exploration, analysis, and solving marketing problems using Python and Excel.

This course is good for both beginners and seasoned marketers. It is a live class.


4. Digital analytics for professionals: Marketing Analytics in practice on Coursera.

This course is meant to build up those who are already in the marketing field. This is meant to improve your skills. You get to be taught the following:

  • Practical applications on analytics
  • Translation of data
  • Data visualization
  • Numbers in digital space.

The course is four weeks and it is taught by Kevin Hartman.

You can enroll on Coursera or check the details HERE.

5. Tourism Marketing and Promotion

This is offered by Alison. You will earn a certificate once you are done. It is done for between one and two hours.

You will be taught the following:

  • Overcoming the main changes in tourism marketing
  • Audience and promotion
  • Buying processes
  • Tourism perspective, product and brand loyalty.
  • Various advertising methods.


6. Managing Customers with technology certification

This course can be done in the following way:

  • Time: 1 -3 hours
  • Platform: Alison
  • Qualification: Certificate CPD

Customer relationship is very important. Currently, technology is important in customer relations. With people selling their products and services on social media, one needs CRM skills. Customer Relation Management is made easier with this course. You will be taught;

  • Introduction to CRM
  • Campaign management
  • Small business ownership
  • Entrepreneurship.

This cause can help you run your own business effectively as well.


7. Fundamentals of digital marketing

This course takes 40hours. It is good for beginners. It is totally free as well with a total of 26 modules. There is a lot of content to be covered, this means you will be exposed at your own pace. You will get video tutorials are available for practice and you will have unlimited access to the lessons. The certification is highly recognized.

This course should have been number one on our ratings. It is recognized worldwide and you definitely stand a chance to get promoted once you are done.


8. Good ADS Search Certification

This is great for honed marketers and business owners who want to enhance their skills in building optimized Google search campaigns. You will be taught:

  • Smart Bidding
  • Audience solutions
  • Translating online marketing into coherent marketing strategies
  • Plans to increase sales
  • Keeping current customers
  • Marketing budget

You never get wrong with google courses. They are free and highly credible.


9. Free Marketing Certification on LinkedIn

You get marketing expertise by studying this course. This is for both beginners and experts. With many people using online marketing, a certification now can be a plus as a business person, an employer, or an employee.

Here you learn at your own pace in a period of at least 3weeks. LinkedIn is highly recognized and you never go wrong, just like google.

This course is entirely free.

You will learn:

  • Fundamentals certifications
  • Running campaigns
  • Marketing strategy


10. Free Marketing certification on Udemy

Udemy is one space where you can get very many courses for free. This specific course is done at your own comfort and the tutorials and videos are available. The certificate is widely accepted and recognized by many marketing firms.

You will be taught:

  • Mesenger marketing
  • Introduction to SEO
  • Digital marketing strategy

The tutors are always available online.


11. Product Strategy at Kellog

This is a program for advanced businesses and marketers. To be at par with the rest of the competitors every company needs to stay abreast with the upcoming competition. This course can be taken by those intending to get serious positions in companies as is offered in various languages.

You need to click on the provided link to get the depths of benefits ranging from flexibility and assurance of placement.


12. Post Graduate Marketing Certificate program at Purdue

This is not free. However, it is important for seasoned marketers. To keep up with the trends in the marketing arena, it is important to have this certificate added to your portfolio. This will densely add weight to your portfolio.

The course is purely online, meaning it can be done purely at the comfort of your availability. You will be taught the following available programs:

  • Data Analytics
  • Business analytics
  • AI and machine learning

Program in Digital Marketing All these are post-graduate programs and should be undertaken by those people with degrees in marketing or economics or related areas.


13. Free Marketing certification on edX

This is offered by great universities like Columbia and Berkeley. The course is free and helps you build your portfolio.

You will be taught the following for free at your own pace:

  • Business administration
  • Brand engagement
  • Content Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Communications
  • Financial accounting

All this will be captured in your certificate and can be used to advance professionally. 


14. Internet marketing education

This platform gives you a good number of universities offering marketing courses. Each university has its own pragmatics of operation however, they are online courses and very friendly.

You might want to check them out yourself. This is a big ocean of choices. Go fishing!


15. Introduction to Modern Retailers and Consumers

Another cool certification from Alison. On Alison, you get to interact with other people with the same goals, and the tutors are always available. This course is self-paced, certified, and covers all the fundamental areas of marketing.

You might want to do the next course after this one.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is 100% placement assurance after studying a marketing course online?

This is an assurance you get after studying a particular course that you will be offered a job or an internship.

What career opportunities are available in digital marketing?

The career opportunities available in digital marketing are; marketing officers, digital marketing analysts, online marketers, sales and marketing personnel.

Can I get free marketing certifications online?

There are hundreds of free marketing courses and certifications online

Can I get access to practical marketing classes online?

Definitely, you will get access to videos and practicals to help you get the practice that you require.


Enhancing your professional skills makes you a better worker. It is usually more for your own good than the good of your employer. For this reason, it is important to sometimes gather these certificates to put you in a better place on the job scene. The more knowledgeable you are, the more valued you will be. Your work will be easier and your pay will definitely go hire.

In addition to making your job portfolio fat, these certifications can help you run your businesses on your own, without having to hire people. And even if you hire them, you know exactly what every position takes and thus you will not be fooled out of your pocket by people pretending to be something they are not. Remember, knowledge is a great power.


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