10+ Reasons Why Foreign Students Study in Philippines | 2022

Are you a foreign student looking for Reasons to study in the Philippines, this post is for you. Take a break, let us gist the Filipinos.

In this article, we’re going to explore some hard nut reasons why International Students study in the Philippines.

Not only are universities in the Philippines ranked reasonably in the world. The experience and association with top students from a wide range of interests is definitely a huge reason. Especially, in a top university like the University of the Philippines.

These are some of the key reasons why Foreign Students Study in the Philippines.

They are internationally accredited and recognized by world institutions and employers and with English, as an official language. The cost of living and tuition is also low compared to universities in neighboring countries, most especially, your home country.

Before we go deep, we urge you to keep great faith with your dreams knowing that one day the universe will shine the light in your favor.

English as an Official Language

Many people have this misconception about the official language of the Philippines, not English. Some say they are against it.

I’m sorry you’re bursting your bladder because you speak English fluently.

You do not have to worry about communication, because there is no restriction here.

Internationally Recognized Universities

The majority of Philippine universities are among the best in the world, producing courageous students from all walks of life each year.

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The University of the Philippines and De La Salle University are some of the best universities offering programs and programs abroad.

Low Cost of Living

I will say that the cost of living in the Philippines is very low. You can be a millionaire with only thousands of dollars.

In the Philippines, you can rent a dorm or apartment for $ 50 a month, not to mention cheaper food, clothing, and recreation.

Native friendly

Filipinos are by nature hospitable and friendly. They are very straightforward and will even teach you the treatment of the red carpet as a foreign student.

With such people around you, I doubt you will miss your home

Protection and Safety

The Philippine government does not joke with its foreign students and shows it at universities where international students are.

It’s stricter, 24-hour security and schools with CCTV cameras installed throughout the campus.

Fast and Easy Application

The Philippines are very much for foreign students because they want to accommodate many foreign students and promote the education system of the country.

Unlike some universities in other countries, which allow you to spend the recording to hell.

Training  & Educational Program

In order to attract more international students, the government has created various educational programs and university programs to improve the education of foreign workers.

Culture and fun!

When it comes to being happy and glad, I give it to the Filipinos. You do not have to worry about your adjustment because there is not much to do in years because of the many foreigners in the country.

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Favorable Climatic Environment 

The Philippines are undoubtedly an earthly paradise and considered one of the best travel destinations in the world.

You have green landscapes and beaches to relax. The climatic conditions are also favorable and best for your skin. You only have a wet and dry season.


The Philippines are mixed multitudes of people from various religious backgrounds. You can’t say the Philippines are Christians, Muslims, Hindi, Judaist, Buddist, etc.

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