Top 15 Photography Schools Online You Can Start Attending

It is one thing to know how to capture moments using the camera and another to master the art of photography. So, if your primary hobby is photography, why don’t you check out the top 15 photography schools online that you can start attending to build that hobby of yours to something that can make you earn big?

Recently, there has been a massive transformation from what we use to know as photography to what it is now.

Get you an image taken in the late ’80s and one taken earlier this year, you’ll need no seer to show you the difference.

Becoming a professional entails much work one of them is to enroll in a virtual class to hone your photography skills. Hence, the reason for this article.

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To remember the best moments spent with friends and families, and to immortalize such moments, it needs to be captured. Capturing these moments is not something just anyone should do. It definitely involves more than clicking a button that releases the shutter while making a “click sound”.

It involves accuracy and precision to capture the best moments from the right angles. To do this effectively and efficiently, you need a camera; a good camera, but most importantly you need the skills.

Having the right and necessary equipment required but not the skills amounts the effort to very little.

So, take a look at these photography schools online we have outlined for you. In these schools, you are guaranteed the best learning experience from the best hands.

To find out more about the “Top 15 Photography Schools Online You Can Start Attending”, keep up with this article till the end.

Why Study Photography Online?

With the advances in online learning, studying photography online is now a very possible means of getting equipped to become a photographer.

Photography, like any other form of art, is a productive plug that interests many people, and to study photography, you would need to enroll in an institution of higher learning.

Funny enough, some persons study photography just because they see it as an appealing hobby without having the slightest idea that it sure is an upward way in their career.

Not only does it increase your chances of employment as you can work in any firm. It also gives you the opportunity to unravel the beauty that not everyone has eyes to see, capture, or reveal.

So if you were wondering why you should study photography, i hope the reasons above was good enough for you.

What Are The Benefits Of Studying Photography Online?

Basically, there are many things to studying a photography course online as opposed to the regular training method. However, it is up to you to balance the options and choose what is best for you.

Studying photography online and in one of the best photography schools, you are open to career options such as graphic design, television/camera operation, press photography or editing.

Albeit, below are some of the prominent benefits of enrolling in an online school.


Time limitations are one of the reasons why people who are eager to further education give up on that dream. Interestingly, this is where photography schools online come to the rescue.

In a traditional school, you will be bothered about how to fix your schedules and meet up with classes but, here, the story is an entirely different thing.

You get to take classes on your own time. This allows you to keep a regular while improving your skills.


Basically, there are varying costs to whatever kind of qualification in photography you want to bag.

Therefore, studying photography online has a way of cutting costs. Cost like transportation as you don’t have to bother going to class.

Also, whether there is a change of location, it doesn’t affect your study in any way.

Access To Study Materials

Most study materials that you use for your online study are provided by the online photography schools.

Unlike the conventional class where you buy textbooks which end up taking a lot of space in your closets, you can decide to just download some parts of the resources you need when necessary.

And with online materials, you can easily convert them to audiobooks. You can listen while doing other things, or even try out new stuff you learned on the course while listening to them.

This in turn, saves you a fortune.

You know, enrolling in an online school for photography online gives you better technology options and is also a fantastic way to grow your interest.

High-quality Instruction

Many online photography courses are taught by experienced professionals who have successful careers in the industry. This means that students can receive high-quality instruction from experts in the field.

Feedback and Critique

Online photography courses often provide opportunities for students to receive feedback and critique on their work from instructors and peers. This can be invaluable for improving one’s skills and developing a critical eye.


Online photography courses come in many different forms, from short courses and workshops to full-fledged degree programs. This means that students can find a course that fits their interests and goals.

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Universities That Offer Online Photography

Photography as a discipline whether freelance or full-time allows students to be creative while also allowing them to work in any interesting environment.

Therefore, acquiring a degree in this field of study opens you up to strong networking relationships.

These online institutions of higher learning prepare students in all spheres of photography and artistic components.

It is important to note that the ranking factors for these top online photography schools are based on the following.

  • Acceptance rate.
  • Accreditation.
  • Nature of the scheme of work which centers on all aspects of photography.
  • Online setup for convenience and availability.
  • Allows adequate monetary support availability or tuition payment plans.

Before You Apply

Before you start applying to photography schools, you need to make sure you have an amazing online photography portfolio that showcases your best work. Don’t have one yet? Choose a website builder that allows you to create an online portfolio in mere minutes.

Your portfolio website should play to your strengths, whether it’s photography blogging or even video content. If you’re hesitant to commit, go with an online portfolio with a free trial so you can make the right decision for your needs.

(An attention-grabbing online portfolio is also a great tool if you’re applying for any scholarships.) For more tips on how to build yours, check out our guide on how to make a photography portfolio for college or university.

#1. Savannah College Of Art And Design

SCAD is one of the finest and top online photography schools in America and offers distance education students online programs in photography that will speedily propel their careers.

Also, students are given the opportunity to explore various areas of specialization in the field of photography with an acceptance rate at 69%.

The school is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The program options offered in this online school are Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts, and Master of Fine Arts in photography.

#2. Columbus State Community College

This online school for photography gives a huge volume of functional degree programs for intending and current students of photography.

Students undergo a satisfactory education that enhances their strong skills and connections.

Furthermore, Columbus College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has an acceptance rate at 90%.

#3. American Intercontinental University

Apparently, this stands among the best online schools for photography because of its ability to give students a unique edge within the field.

Their photography skills are honed by using the most current equipment which is of the highest standards.

The acceptance rate for this online school is 97%.

The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools is the body responsible for accrediting the American Intercontinental University.

#4. Southern New Hampshire University

Apart from engaging students in distance education, this online school offers an excellent Bachelor in digital photography. It stands as one of the most successful online photography schools globally.

Well-accredited by the New England Association of Schools and College, the school’s acceptance rate is 84.2 %.

It has a curriculum that covers a wide range of areas as lighting, post-production image editing, and refining visual literacy.

#5. Santa Barbara City College

The Santa Barbara City College online Associate in Graphic Design and Photography strikes a sound balance between design and technology.

Students create projects using cutting-edge electronic media, typographic design, publication design, photojournalism, advertising illustration photography, and color management.

Moreso, the body responsible for its accreditation is the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. It has its program options as graphic design and photography.

#6. Stratford Career Institute

Stratford Career Institute is a popular school that offers an in-depth online photography course that is focused more on the basic understanding of the discipline.

The career-focused curriculum covers major techniques for different types and styles of photography including digital, film, portrait and instinctive shooting.”

#7. New York Institute Of Photography

The New York Institute of Photography has expertise in educating students who stand the test of time in the field. They are exposed to all of the most innovative practices from some of the world’s finest photographers.

Moreso, being a well-accredited online institution, it is recognized by Distance Education Accrediting Commission; New York State Education Department.

At this school, students undergo unique and specific coursework in the discipline that leads to a photography certificate and a strong command of the art.

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#8. Academy Of Art University

This private art school in San Francisco, California offers degree programs and online courses in various fields of art and photography.

It is the largest accredited private art and design school in the United States.

Upon completion of one of its outstanding online photography programs, students have developed a strong portfolio and keen artistic senses that are needed for their career transition.

#9. The Photography Institute

This online school provides a standard Diploma course in professional photography that connects students with leading faculty members within the field.

The Photography Institute is committed to providing the highest quality of education through unique teacher-student support systems

It is accredited by the International Accreditation and Recognition Council.

Outstanding student testimonials confirm the effectiveness of this online education.

#10. Parsons School Of Design

Photography is an integral part of the fashion and design world, Parsons students will learn as much as they need to know to be a success in their chosen field.

It offers online studies with certificates for undergraduate, graduate, and AAS programs. Additionally, they are affordable.

#11. Vevey School Of Photography

This fine arts school in Switzerland is a well-known and very respected school for photography.

Besides its long-standing tradition of quality, the school is also known for its International photography award, a grant for photography projects or initiatives.

This online school of arts provides the students with a comprehensive and detailed curriculum that covers both the print and electronic media.

#12.  Photography Studies College

With a blend of full-time and part-time studies, short workshops, and online courses, Australia’s leading photography school is a wonderful venue for learning photography.

Students can prepare themselves for a career in photography, or established professionals can further enhance their skills and knowledge of the art and craft of photography.

Located in the heart of Melbourne’s art district, this award-winning school provides a stimulating online education in photography.

#13. Rodchenko School Of Photography And Multi-Media

This online photography school provides students with knowledge in the fields of classic and digital photography, video, post-production, and editing of images and media.

It introduces students to the history and theory of photography, media and contemporary art, video art, and new media art, among other studies.

#14. Harvard University

Harvard University’s introduction to the Digital Photography course has become more interesting owing to the fact that you can access it conveniently online at what time you deem fit.

The course consists of various modules that give you the chance to learn more about digital photography and covers topics like exposure and more intermediate techniques.

#15. Kent State University

Kent State University in Ohio offers a photojournalism course within the journalism major and Bachelor of Fine Art degree program in photography.

In their comprehensive program of study, a liberal arts education is balanced with studio offerings in digital photography.

Grounded in formal and conceptual skills, the photography major focuses on the profession of photography as it relates to commerce. The program provides a thorough education, combining experiential learning opportunities with courses in graphic design and multimedia.

FAQs On Online Photography Schools

Why is Photography important?

Photography is important because it allows people to see the world from different points of view and to admire the most different scenarios captured in a still moment.

Is the Photography course worth it?

Yes, a photography course is really worth doing but, make sure to do a lot of practicing.

Can I take Photograph course online?

Yes, you can. Also, there are different online classes that allow you to learn at your pace.


With so many photography colleges to choose from, it can be amazing to narrow down your choices. Therefore, narrow down your options and come out perfectly refined.



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