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Tufts Student Email Login 2023: How To Use Tufts Student Email

Tufts is one university that values collaboration over competition. Loving what you do comes naturally when you are motivated by your professors and classmates.

Tufts education is unlike any other because it combines the resources of a top-tier research university with this close-knit community to produce an exceptional learning experience.

Every student receives a unique Tufts email address that he uses as an official communication channel between him and the school.

Below, we have explained how Tufts student email works. There are lots of configurations to be done for this email to be up and running. We, therefore, encourage you to read slowly and carefully so that you won’t miss any step.  

What Is the Tufts Students Email Address of a School? Why Do We Need Email Addresses?

Tufts provides current students with email and a calendar via Microsoft Office 365.

How Can I get the Tufts Student Email Address?

Once you gain admission into Tufts and have completed the email process, which you will see below, you can then set up an email account. Your Tufts username (also known as UTLN – Universal Tufts Login Name) and password will be assigned to you once your Tufts email account has been set up. Your UTLN will be in a format similar to “jsmith01,” and you can log in to many computer systems at Tufts.

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Does Students Keep Their Tufts Email Addresses After They Graduate?

Microsoft Office 365 provides current Tufts students with email and a calendar. Tufts alumni, beginning with the Class of 2015, are permitted to keep their email address in perpetuity and forward it to another email address of their choice.

As of the class of 2015, alums can keep their email address and have incoming emails forwarded to a personal account. To forward your email to a personal account, follow the detailed email forwarding instructions.

If you plan to graduate soon, you should also forward or copy any emails you want to keep. They will be removed from Tufts’ servers once you graduate.

What Can I Do with My Tufts Email Login?

The Tufts student email is powered by Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 provides students with email and calendar access via Office Online.

You can also access your email and calendar from desktop email programs for Mac and Windows and mobile devices.

Office 365 provides access to a full version of Microsoft Office, which can be installed on up to five computers and five mobile devices.

Who Is Powering the School Email? What Email Does School Use?

Microsoft Office 365

Is My Tufts Email Using Outlook Or Gmail?

Tufts student email uses Outlook.

How Do I Set Up Tufts Student’s Email Accounts and Obtain Usernames and IDs?

Setting Up Your Tufts Email Account, Obtaining Your Tufts Student ID Number & Tufts Username

Soon after you confirm your enrollment, you will receive an email with your 7-digit Tufts student ID number and setup instructions for your Tufts email account. Please remember to keep a record of your Tufts student ID number.

Tufts Email

  • After setting up the Tufts email account, you may access it using this web address:
  • If you want to set up forwarding of your Tufts email to another email account for things like vacation notices, you can do that by going to:
  • If you are having issues setting up your Tufts Email Account or you would like to change the given email address, send an email to Tufts Technology Services at, or call them at 617-627-3376.

Tufts Username 

  • Your Tufts username (also known as UTLN – Universal Tufts Login Name) and password will be assigned to you once your Tufts email account has been set up. Your UTLN will be in a format similar to “jsmith01,” and you can log in to many computer systems at Tufts.
  • Your assigned Username and Password will also enable you to log into the Tufts Student Information System, SIS. Note: After you complete all the procedures of getting a username and password, it will take about 2-3 days to gain access to SIS.
  • Additionally, your username and password will grant you access to the web-based platform, Canvas, where faculty post their course syllabus, readings, assignments, etc.

What is the Tufts Email for Different Offices?


Call 617-627-3170 or email for more information.

If you have questions about applying as a transfer student, email instead of calling.

Graduate students have two email addresses:  and


If students require accommodations, they should email with a copy to their professor and student success advisor.

The StAAR Center works with Tufts students to make reasonable accommodations. Please fill out the registration form or email it to


Call: 617-627-7000



Tufts Support Services (TSS)

Phone number: 617-627-7000



If you have any questions about financial aid or financing, please get in touch with the Office of Student Financial Services by phone at (617) 627-2000, fax at (617) 627-3848, or email at


Phone. (617) 627-3299

Email address:

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How Do I Login To My Tufts Student Email?

Students can Log in to their email with the Tufts credentials at

Before you can log in, you must set a passcode for your device.

Android Users;

Because there are different Android operating systems, the procedures for your device may differ slightly.

1. On the home screen, press the Menu button.

2. Choose Settings.

3. By scrolling down and tapping Security or Security and Screen Lock. This is usually found in the Personal section.

4. Under Screen Security, select Screen Lock.

5. In the Choose a Screen Lock section, select the password type you want to use:

Pattern: Generates an unlock screen in which the user is instructed to trace a specific path between nine points on the screen.

PIN – Generates an unlock screen that prompts the user for a numerical code.

Sets the unlock screen, which requires an alphanumeric password (numbers, letters, and symbols).

6. To confirm, retype your password, pattern, or pin.

On iPhones And Ios

1. Open your device’s Settings app.

2. Then, choose Face ID & Passcode.

3. Tap to enable Passcode.

4. Enter a passcode once, then type it again for confirmation.

5. Return to the Settings page.

6. Then, choose Display & Brightness.

7. Select Auto-Lock.

8. Set the duration of the auto-lock.

After setting the Passcode, now is the time to login into the web client.

Accessing the Office 365 Web Client

1. Go to

2. Your Tufts email address, such as, should be entered.

3. Select Next. You’ll be taken to the Tufts login page.

4. Enter your Tufts username and password (for example, jjumbo01).

5. Click Sign In. You may be required to use Duo two-factor authentication.

How Can I Login to My Tufts Student Email on Desktop Apps?

You can download Microsoft Outlook and other Office programs (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) from the Office 365 website. Using your Tufts credentials, you can download Office for free for up to 5 computers and 5 mobile devices!

This section includes instructions for downloading the Office programs and configuring Outlook with your Tufts student email address on both Windows and Mac computers.

If you are using a Tufts computer and would like TTS support staff to download and install your Office software, or if you do not have administrative access to install software on your desktop or laptop computer, contact the TTS Service Desk at 617-627-3376 or send an email to

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How can I login to Tufts Student Email on Outlook Desktop Application?

Installing Office Software on Your Computer

  • Sign in to Microsoft Online.
  • On the sign-in page, enter your Tufts email address (for example,
  • Select Next. You’ll be taken to the Tufts login page.
  • Enter your Tufts username and password, such as jjumbo01.
  • Click Sign in.
  • From the menu, choose Install Office. A drop-down menu will appear.
  • Select Office 365 applications
  • You can download the installer to your computer.
  • Open the installer file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • When the installation is complete, this screen will appear. Click Close at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you use a PC, follow the setup instructions in the section below labeled “Setting up the Outlook Desktop App (Windows).”

Scroll down to “Setting up the Outlook Desktop App (macOS)” to continue with the setup instructions if you have a MacBook or an iMac.

Setting Up The Outlook Desktop Application (Windows)

  • Start the Outlook desktop client. An account creation wizard will appear.
  • Select Next.
  • You will be asked if you want to connect an email account. Select Yes.
  • Select Next.
  • Check that the Email Account option is selected.
  • The following information is required: name, Tufts email address (example:, and Tufts password.
  • Select Next.
  • Allow should be selected.
  • A Windows Security login window will appear. Enter your Tufts username and password in the format “” (e.g., “”).
  • You might also have to finish Duo two-factor authentication by clicking OK.
  • When your account’s configuration is finished, click Finish.

Setting Up The Outlook Desktop Application (MacOS)

  • In the Finder, launch the Outlook desktop program.
  • Locate the Outlook application in Finder
  • When you launch Outlook, a Welcome to Outlook window will appear. Choose “Get started.”
  • You must sign in to activate your Office license. Click the Sign in button. To activate the window, you must first sign in.
  • You will be directed to the sign-in page. After entering your Tufts email address, such as, click Next.
  • After entering your Tufts username in the format (for example,, enter your password. Simply click the Sign In button.
  • You will be required to use DUO two-factor authentication.
  • Following authentication, you will see the screen below. Then click Start Using Outlook.
  • Outlook will locate your email account. Click the button to add a
  • You will be given the option of using Outlook with additional email accounts. Click Done to access your Tufts email account on your MacBook or iMac.

Confirm the account’s addition

How can I login Tufts Student Email on Mac OS?

The following instructions are for students who have been given Tufts email accounts and want to access them using the Mac mail program “Mail.”

Select Internet Accounts from the System Preferences menu. Click the Exchange button on the right side of the screen to select the Exchange option.

When prompted, enter your Tufts email address (for example, Enter your Tufts email address and click Sign In to sign in.

You will be prompted if you want to sign into Exchange using Microsoft. Click Sign In to sign in to Exchange using Microsoft.

After clicking Sign In, you will be directed to the Tufts University login page.

For the username and password, enter your Tufts email address in the format Tufts and are two examples.

On the Tufts login page, click Sign in.

Following that, you will be asked to provide DUO authentication. DUO two-factor authentication window.

After accepting the DUO push, go to System Preferences and choose which Apple apps you want to synchronize with your Exchange account. After making your selection, click Done. Selecting Apple applications to sync with an email account

Launch the Mail app on your iMac or MacBook to access your Tufts O365 Mail account.

How can I login Tufts Student Email on iPads and iPhones (iOS and iPadOS)

If you haven’t already, set up a passcode on your iOS or iPadOS device before proceeding with the email setup process.

Setup a Passcode

Outlook Mobile App

  1. Search for “Microsoft Outlook” in the App Store to find it.
  2. Download the Outlook application. Outlook is available in the iOS App Store.
  3. Tap the Outlook icon to launch the application.
  4. Enter your Tufts email address (example: on the Add Account page.
  5. Select Add Account from the menu. Adding an email address to the iOS Outlook app
  6. It will open a Tufts login page. Enter your Tufts username and password, such as jjumbo01.
  7. Click the Sign in button. It may require Duo two-factor authentication.

iOS and iPadOS Mail App

The Settings app on your device should be launched.

Scroll down to the settings menu and select Mail.

Accounts can be selected by tapping Accounts.

Tap Add Account to open it.

Microsoft Exchange is an option. Choosing the Exchange option (DO NOT choose

Before you can add your Exchange account, you must first enter the following information:

Email – Enter your Tufts email address here, such as

This field will be pre-filled with the word “Exchange.” Entering the Tufts email address. You can change it to something more descriptive, such as “Tufts Email,” if you prefer.

Click Next.

A confirmation window will appear, asking if you want to use Microsoft to access your “” Exchange account. Tap Sign In to select Sign In.

Tufts’ login page will appear.

Remove the previously entered email address from the first field.

Fill in your Tufts username here (e.g., jjumb01).

Fill in the blanks with your Tufts password.

Click Sign in.

Complete the DUO two-factor authentication procedure. DUO two-factor authentication step

Select which programs and data to synchronize with this account. Select Programs and Data to Synchronize

Save the file.

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How Can I Change Tufts Students’ Email Password on Multiple Devices?

As soon as you change your password, make sure to update the settings on all of your devices (laptops, desktops, smartphones, etc.) that are set up to connect automatically to Tufts services, such as email.

All accounts are locked after five incorrect password entries to protect the integrity of Tufts data and computing resources.

If you change your Tufts Password on your main computer but not on your mobile devices, your Tufts account may be locked.

Before beginning,

Before changing your password, you should take the following precautions:

  • Change your Tufts password while on campus and connect to the Tufts network.
  • You can use Tufts Tools ( to complete this procedure.
  • Change your password on your main Tufts computer.
  • After changing your password, close all open programs and restart your computer.
  • Bring along your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablet, and other smart devices. The Tufts Password must be updated if these devices are configured to access Tufts email.

Tufts Tools allows you to change your Tufts password from your primary computer.

Change the password on your mobile device.

Your backup computer requires an upgrade.

If your Windows laptop is a McAfee encrypted laptop, the first time you log in after changing your Tufts password, you may be asked for your old Tufts password. The password synchronization between the McAfee and Exchange servers may cause a slight delay.

How Can I Recover My Tufts Student’s Email Password?

If you need to remember your password or are currently locked out, call TTS’s Service Desk at 617-627-3376.

What Can I Do If I Can’t Access My Tufts Students Email?

Students can access their Tufts email by visiting

If you have a problem accessing your email, contact the TTS Service Desk at or 617-627-3376. 

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How To Send An Email from a Student Account to a non-Tufts Address

To send private or sensitive information to recipients outside of Tufts (i.e., addresses other than, add the word “secure” in square brackets – [secure] – to the subject line of any email you send from your address.

The person who receives your email will be directed to a secure Tufts website where they can read and respond to it.

While sending emails to addresses outside of Tufts increases security, it does not eliminate risk or prevent recipients from forwarding emails.

When communicating sensitive data, ensure that you follow all applicable laws and Tufts policies. Because email sent within the Tufts network is always encrypted, you do not need to take any additional security precautions to protect your messages.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed reading this article on Tufts student email in 2023. Do you have any contribution, write us in the comment section.




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