Types Of Mechanical Engineering Jobs  With Salary Ranges

Engineering is a broad field of study hence, it provides a lot of job opportunities. The broadest of all the disciplines in this field is mechanical engineering. And this means that there are different types of mechanical engineering jobs available.

We can’t deny that mechanical engineers are world changers. We seem not to get enough of their ingenuity as we come across their inventions every now and then.

So, read on to see the different jobs one can get in mechanical engineering and the estimated annual earnings.

What Is Mechanical Engineering?

According to Wikipedia, mechanical engineering is an engineering discipline that combines engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

This field requires understanding focus areas such as mechanics, dynamics, thermodynamics, structural analysis, and electricity.

For this reason, mechanical engineering continuously creates headways that place them in constant pursuit of development in areas like nanotechnology, mechatronics, and composites.

What Does A Mechanical Engineer Do?

Mechanical engineers are a vital part of our lives. So, here is what their job description looks like.

  • Examining problems to see how mechanical and thermal devices might help solve the problem
  • Improving and testing prototypes of devices they design
  • Analyzing the test results and adjust the design as needed
  • Maintaining systems and product database by writing computer programs and entering data.
  • Completing projects by training and guiding technicians.
  • Contributing to team effort by fulfilling related results as needed.
  • Overseeing the manufacturing process for the device

How To Become A Mechanical Engineer?

The quest to becoming a certified mechanical engineer is no small feat. Therefore, to make it a dream come true, you must first get a bachelor’s degree from an accredited mechanical engineering school.

Also, mechanical engineering programs majorly deal with the practical application of engineering principles. Hence, you may have to undergo a series of internships to work in the industry.

Additionally, some colleges and universities offer 5-year programs that allow students to obtain both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree. While some offer a 5-year or even 6-year cooperative plan that enables students to gain relevant experience and earn money to finance part of their education.

You can also seek to get your license in a state where you wish to work in.

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What Are The Qualities Of A Mechanical Engineer?

There are distinct qualities a mechanical engineer must possess to do well in this field. Some of those characteristics are;

  • Creativity: The importance of a creative mind can’t be overemphasized as the level of ingenuity displayed in their designs are topnotch
  • Mathematical Skills: Mechanical engineers need to possess mathematical skills.
  • Mechanical Skills to allow them to apply new engineering concepts to new devices.
  • Problem-solving skills to take scientific principles in designing useful products

Types Of Mechanical Engineering Jobs And Their Salaries

According to BLS, employment of mechanical engineers is predicted to grow by 4 per cent in the next ten years, as fast as the average for all occupations.

Mechanical engineers can work in many industries and on many types of projects. As a result, their growth rate will differ from the industries that employ their services.

So, here are the types of mechanical engineering jobs and their salaries. You can expect to work full-time or 40 hours a week for these jobs. Also, the salaries of these jobs are as seen on Indeed

#1. Machinery Manufacturing Engineer

In this sector, you will be expected to manufacture heavy machines like printing machines, laser marking machines, and many more.

Processes involved in this machine manufacture is welding, bending, forming shapes of different pieces of metal.

The average annual salary for this mechanical engineering job is $82,819.

#2. Automation Engineer

Automation engineers design, test, program and maintains the machine or system. They work closely with clients to understand the process or task being automated.

Automation engineers must stay current on safety and health regulations, including sanitation and how close the automated systems will be to people.

The annual salary of this job is $90,024.

#3. Controls Engineer 

A controls engineer is needed in the automobile industry to design automobiles. Also, they design new ways of using power to improve new products. They equally develop maintenance and testing procedures for components.

More so, their annual salary is $62,098.

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#4. Research and Development Engineer

Research and development engineers build new manufacturing methods and products. They also improve existing systems to increase productivity, safety, and efficiency. In addition, they build concept designs, test prototypes, and help take new methods and products to market. They must always be innovative and analytical to recognize problems and find solutions.

The annual average salary for this set of mechanical engineers is about $92,781.

#5. Computer And Electronic Product Manufacturing Engineer

These computer and electronic product manufacturing engineers oversee the manufacture of components for computer peripherals and like products.

On the other hand, such components are transformed into other products such as toys, cars, and appliances.

The annual salary is $93,070.

#6. Project Engineer

Project engineers see to it that projects meet deadlines and stay within budget. Also, they ensure that effective communication exists among staff members.

Acting as a liaison officer, they assure the accuracy of financial forecasts, which tie-in to project schedules.

The average annual salary for this mechanical engineering job is $71,489.

#7. Materials Engineer

These mechanical engineers use plastics, metals, and other existing materials to create new materials that can be used for specific products.

They spend a lot of time designing and testing products, this is due to the hands-on experience mechanical engineers are mostly endowed with. Hence, they must be up-to-date with the industry’s standards.

The annual salary is $91,310.

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#8. CAD (Computer-Aided Design) Technician

A CAD technician uses CAD software to create technical drawings and plans for engineering, construction, and manufacturing products. Additionally, they use it to create designs in 2D and 3D representations.

The blend of their engineering, IT, and mathematical skills to design buildings, machinery, products, and parts is invariably unique. And thus, their annual income is $48,394.

#9. Nanotechnologist

Nanotechnology embraces science, physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and computer science. Thus, its application helps to develop new materials and equipment.

The work of a nanotechnologist involves designing and conducting experiments based on monitoring nano-scale systems (either organic or inorganic) with the aid of other researchers across several disciplines.

The annual salary is $97,250.

#10. Mechatronics Engineer

This type of mechanical engineering job is viewed as ‘modern mechanical engineering design’ and is majorly the design of computer-controlled electromechanical systems.

Some examples of mechatronic systems include a CD or DVD player, a computer hard disc drive, a video cassette recorder (VCR), and an anti-lock braking system (ABS).

The annual salary for this set of engineers is $67,446.


Mechanical engineering has proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be a course worth studying and has created more job opportunities for Mechanical engineers of different specializations.

So go through this post, discover the various types of Mechanical engineering jobs, and choose which suits you.

Good luck!

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