UC Davis School Review | Acceptance Rate, Admission Rate, and Tuition Fees

UC Davis is an academic community that encompasses clubs and programs, research labs, and facilities on campus and throughout the state. It’s home to students of diverse origins which makes UC Davis one of the best public universities in the world.

In this UC Davis school review, you’ll find out all you need to know about the University of California Davis ranging from its acceptance rate, and admission requirements to tuition fees.

About University of California Davis

The University of California—Davis is a public university that was established in 1905. It has 38,347 students, 107 academic majors, 101 graduate programs, a city setting, and a campus area of 5,300 acres.

According to their official site UC Davis is the home of the Aggies — go-getters, change makers, and problem solvers who sho their strength as one of the top public universities in the United States. 

With a 21:1 student-to-faculty ratio, amazing teachers and talented students are more likely to collaborate.

The University of California, Davis provides graduate students with exceptional opportunities and assistance for professional and career growth.

UC Davis is currently the best Vet school in the US.

UC Davis Acceptance Rate

The acceptance rate at UC Davis is extremely low. The University of California is extremely selective, with a 46 percent acceptance rate. Half of all students admitted to the University of California had SAT scores ranging from 1140 to 1400. They had ACT scores of 25 and 31, respectively.

One-fourth of the approved applicants received scores that were above these ranges, while the other quarter received scores that were below these levels. The application deadline for UC Davis is November 30, and the application fee is $70 at the University of California- Davis.

Admissions officers at the University of California-Davis consider a student’s UC Davis average GPA to be an important academic criterion.

Why Should I Study At UC Davis?

UC Davis is more than just a university. They are a community addressing the world’s most pressing needs through interdisciplinary collaboration in our pursuit of knowledge and problem-solving.

The University of California Davis is known for their curiosity, innovation, and rich diversity of thought and community.

UC Davis combines all the prestige of a top-tier public research university with an uncommonly collaborative academic culture. More so, the university environment is an exciting, safe, and friendly community. 

What Is UC Davis Campus Life Like?

UC Davis campus offers endless opportunities, including a state-of-the-art recreational facility, performing arts center, miles of bicycle trails, museums, and cultural centers for students. 

The town of Davis is designed to serve the University and is known for its inclusive, laid-back, and friendly community.

In addition to a nice learning environment, UC Davis offers many ways to socialize, exercise, grab a bite, or just relax. At school, you can express yourself at the craft center, which offers icer 90 classes in ceramics, textiles, glassblowing, and welding. The university also has an activity and recreation center where students can work out and participate in indoor recreational activities.

If you are a sports lover, you can participate in basketball, football, swimming or any other sport you find interesting.

Davis has everything you’d expect from a large institution. Your new home will be enjoyable.

Admission Requirements To Study At UC Davis

Whether you are looking to gain undergraduate, graduate, or professional admission at the University of California, Davis school, there are certain admission requirements you need to fulfill.

UC Davis Undergraduate Admission Requirements

For good reason, UC Davis is one of the world’s most distinguished public universities. The university, as well as the wonderful college town of Davis, are geared to help you grow beyond your own expectations.

Freshman admission requirements

Here’s a list of undergraduate admission requirements you need to fulfill in order to e admitted:

  • Applicants must earn a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • California residents must attain a GPA of 3.00 or higher. Students who are not residents of California must earn a GPA of 3.40 or higher.

You are expected to start your UC undergraduate application for admission and scholarships as early as August 1 and summit latest by November 30.

The domestic application fee for each University of California campus you apply to is $70. For international applicants, the application fee is $80 per campus.

Admission requirements for transfer admission

  • Candidates applying for transfer admission to selective majors must meet additional course and GPA requirements. UC Davis requires a minimum 2.80 GPA to be selected for admission
  • All major course requirements must be completed.
  • Earn UC transferable course credit.
  • Satisfy the UC-E (English), UC-M (math), and other requirements of the UC 7-course pattern.
  • Meet selective major requirements specific to UC Davis.

Applicants for fall admission can begin working on the UC application as early as August 1, and the application must be submitted between October 1 and November 30. With just one application, you can apply to as many UC campuses as you like.

The domestic filing fee for each University of California campus you apply to is $70. For international applicants, the application fee is $80 per campus.

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UC Davis Graduate Admission Requirements

With over 100 graduate degree programs, the University of California, Davis has something for you.

Here’s a list of requirements you need to meet to commence your graduate degree at UC Davis.

  • 4-year Bachelor’s degree, Bachelor Honours Degree, Graduate Diploma, Master’s Degree, or a higher degree.
  • Although there is no necessary minimum GRE score at the university, certain graduate programs may offer minimum or average scores on their website. Visit the graduate program’s website to find out if the GRE is required and what the minimum scores are.
  • Applicants are exempt from the English language examination requirement if they have earned or will be earning a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral degree from a university where English is their only language of instruction.
  • UC Davis requires academic records from each college-level institution you have attended. You may upload digital copies of your unofficial transcripts.

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University of California–Davis Tuition & Financial Aid

UC Davis ranks as one of the most affordable elite colleges in California. Figures for tuition and fees denote currently approved or proposed amounts and may not be final. Actual tuition and fees are subject to modification by the University of California as determined to be necessary or appropriate.

Final approved tuition and fee levels may differ from the amounts presented.

UC Davis Undergraduate Tuition Fees

California resident tuition and fees: $13,104

Tuition: $11,928

Student services fee: $1,176

Nonresident tuition and fees: $44,130

Tuition: $11,928

Nonresident Supplemental Tuition: $31,026

Student services fee: $1,176

For more information on UC Davis undergraduate tuition fees, visit here.

UC Davis Graduate Tuition Fees

The cost of graduate study at the University of California, Davis for an individual student may vary based on a number of factors like the program of study, where the student is from, and financial opportunities available to a student.

Here’s a rundown of graduate tuition fees for California residents:

Full-Time Graduate FeesFall QuarterWinter QuarterSpring QuarterAnnually
Systemwide​​​​ Tuition and Fees    
Student Services Fee$384.00$384.00$384.00$1,152.00
Campus-based Fees$351.39$351.39$351.39$1,054.17
Table source: financeandbusiness.ucdavis.edu

Tuition fees for non-California residents & international students

Full-Time Graduate FeesFall QuarterWinter QuarterSpring QuarterAnnually
Systemwide​​​​ Tuition and Fees    
Nonresident Supplemental Tuition$5,034.00$5,034.00$5,034.00$15,102.00
Student Services Fee$384.00$384.00$384.00$1,152.00
Campus-based Fees$351.39$351.39$351.39$1,054.17
Table source: financeandbusiness.ucdavis.edu

For more information on UC Davis graduate tuition fees, visit here

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Does UC Davis Offer Scholarships To Students?

Let’s take a look at the available scholarships for undergraduate students at UC Davis.

1. Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships totaling more than $4 million are available to students from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Scholarships might range between $100 and $14,000 per academic year. All undergraduate scholarships are provided on the basis of merit.

Scholarship criteria may also include participation in extracurricular activities; specific college or major; career interests; high school or community college attended, geographic origin; parentage; perseverance; and many other personal characteristics.


2. Prestigious Scholarships

You can apply for UC Davis prestigious scholarship through any of the means:

  • National Scholarships – This scholarship funds undergraduate and graduates experiences including scientific research, public service projects, environmental focus, and entry to the U.S. Foreign Service.
  • International Scholarships – This scholarship funds undergraduate and graduate experiences and covers cultural diplomacy, language acquisition, independent research, and graduate degrees.

3. Middle Class Scholarship

The Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) program is for undergraduate students with family incomes up to $201,000 and assets up to $201,000.

Click to see a full list of available scholarships.

University of California Davis Rankings

The University of California Davis has been marked reputable by various ranking bodies. Here’s how they perform:

  • #38 in National Universities (tie)
  • #16 in Best Colleges for Veterans
  • #58 in Best Undergraduate Teaching (tie)
  • #5 Best Colleges for Agricultural Sciences in America
  • #23 Top Public Universities in America

UC Davis School Reviews

“Davis is an amazing school, one of the most prestigious in the world! These are some little-known aspects, but it’s hip, liberal, fun, artsy, and stunning! It’s #1 in sustainability in the world. Sierra Club rated it a top 10 coolest school. It’s one of the top 10 happiest colleges in the US! It’s the quaintest college town, probably the only true college town in CA or even the Western US.” – Alumni student

“UC Davis is the best! I love the vibe of the campus. The education here is top class. The professors are awesome. There are numerous research, internship and job opportunities. There is a lot of diversity and the people are really nice. Also, the food is pretty good!” – Mike, Class of 2021

“If you’re looking for a university with the perfect academic and social balance, then UCD is definitely the right fit for you. As an international student and being so far away from home, I was really nervous about fitting in. However, the university does a great job with creating the perfect atmosphere for students who are from different cultures and backgrounds where they can feel at home.” – Freshman

FAQs On UC Davis

Where is UC Davis located?

The University of California Davis is located in 1 Shields Ave, Davis, CA 95616, United States.

What is UC Davis’s acceptance rate?

The University of California is extremely selective, with a 46 percent acceptance rate.

Does UC Davis require GPA to admit graduate students?

Yes, graduate applicants are supposed to submit their GPA to e considered for admission at the University of California, Davis.

What is UC Davis undergraduate GPA requirement?

UC Davis undergraduate GPA requirement is 3.95 – 4.25.


The University of California Davis is “a prestigious research university with great professors and brilliant students.” With a longtime “focus on agriculture and biological science,” Davis has cultivated a “strong science-based education. If you wish to study at the institution, you can commence your journey by visiting their official website.


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