University of Alberta Tuition Fees in 2021 | How to pay

At the University of Alberta, tuition fees are different for each course, for undergraduate and graduate students, and even for indigenous and non-indigenous students. Hence if the University of Alberta is your first choice, then you stand to gain a lot.

This article we will give you all you need to know about the University of Alberta Tuition Fees.

Alberta’s international tuition fees are competitive with institutions throughout Canada. When you compare Canadian tuition costs with those of the United States, you will find that Canadian costs are more reasonable, while the quality of education remains high. Their cost of living is also lower than in the United States, while their standard of living is exceptional.

So if you are having difficulty with the amount of the University of Alberta tuition fee and how to pay for it, this article will provide a solution to that. Alongside this, we will be giving you a breakdown of the cost of living in the University of Alberta even for International students.

About the University of Alberta

The University of Alberta (also known as U of A and UAlberta) is an Ivy League accredited university in Canada that offers undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in various fields. 

It is a public research university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They offer standard education to students in addition to research opportunities.

It was founded in 1908 by Alexander Cameron Rutherford, the prime minister of Alberta, and Henry Marshall Tory, its first president. Its enabling legislation is the Postsecondary Learning Law.

The university comprises four campuses in Edmonton, the Augustana campus in Camrose and a staff center in downtown Calgary. 

The original north campus consists of 150 buildings covering 50 blocks from the city on the southern edge of the North Saskatchewan River valley, just in front of downtown Edmonton. Over 39,000 students from Canada and 150 other countries participate in 400 programs in 18 faculties.

The University of Alberta is the main research and education institution in the province. It is known primarily for engineering, science, and medicine. This prestigious university is known for offering more than 400 (four hundred) programs in 18 (eighteen) faculties. 

They are considered to be among the five (5) best universities in Canada and among the 100 best in the world.

This learning institution combines excellent instruction, cutting-edge facilities, well-funded programs, and world-renowned research.

The University of Alberta has enjoyed fair rankings in Canada and the world. It has always been classified as one of the best universities in Canada.

How Much Does the Tuition of the University of Alberta Cost?

In UAlberta, tuition and fees depend on the study program and are calculated using the school’s cost calculator. However, UAlberta offers world-class education and competitive tuition rates in one of Canada’s most affordable urban centers.

In addition to tuition fees, it is necessary to have an estimate of other costs related to tuition in UAlberta. Below is an estimate of these relevant costs for the 8 and 12 months period in Canadian dollars. These costs are estimated from Statistics Canada data.

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 8 months ($CAD)12 months ($CAD)
Public Transit Pass$0$308
Books and Supplies$1,200 

Please note that the purchase of a meal plan is mandatory for students residing in Lister Hall and optional for those residing in other residences.

Food costs for students living off-campus may vary. In addition, a public transportation pass for students from September to April is included in the non-educational costs of UAlberta.

University of Alberta Tuition for International Students

Tuition and international student fees for publicly funded higher education schools in Alberta are based on the actual cost of their higher education.

The amount you pay is based on a number of factors:

  • The type of school you attend
  • The program you are taking
  • Where is your school located?
  • The duration of your program

The University of Alberta is developing a new enrolment model for international students. The model will be available for international students who enroll in new programs from the fall of 2021.

The new tuition model based on the program will allow international students to know the total tuition cost of their program at the time of admission to the University of Alberta.

With the new model, tuition fees for international students will increase annually between six and 12 percent, depending on the program. The change means that international students will pay between $5,000 and $7,000 more per year.

In the previous model, enrolment increases for international students have averaged approximately three percent per year.

University of Alberta Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

There is no one fixed charge for tuition in UAlberta.

Students are expected to visit the various program departments to get their course-specific cost or visit the school’s site, searching out their program of choice and using the cost calculator. However, an estimate to give a general idea of the expected cost of studying at UAlberta is not out of place.

Below is an estimate for a UAlberta freshman:

  • Tuition fees: $5,321
  • Non-instructional fees: $1,602
  • Books and supplies: $1,750

The final Year one total now becomes $8,673.

Tuition and fees for both fall and winter semesters are slightly more than $5,000 for a typical undergraduate arts student, although they vary widely by program. 5,320.8 CAD, International tuition 20,395.2 CAD

University of Alberta Graduate Tuition

Students enrolled at the University of Alberta pay tuition (or tuition) and non-educational fees. These fees are based on the type of program, based on a thesis or course, in which a student enrolls, and if the registration is full-time or part-time.

Canadian students

Combined total tuition and non-teaching fees based on 2021-2022 rates

  • Doctoral thesis and master’s degree: $ 5,645 CAD
  • Master in progress: 5575 $ CAD

International Students

Combined total tuition and non-teaching fees based on 2021-2022 rates

  • Master and PhD thesis: $9,465 CAD
  • Master in Progress: $10,500 CAD

Please note that your costs may be offset if you receive a scholarship or if you receive funds.

University of Alberta Medicine Tuition

Individual courses taken by students enrolled in the MD and DDS programs and Special Students in the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry are assessed using a fee index value of $147.62.

Below is a full detail of all the courses tuition in Medicine faculty

DDS Program

Per Term Per Year
Tuition (Year 1, 2, 3)1 $11,554.58 $23,109.16
Tuition (Year 4)1 $9,956.58 $19,913.16

Dental Hygiene Program

Per Term Per Year
Tuition – Year 2 (fi = $109.42) $5,886.28 $11,772.56
Tuition – Year 3 (fi = $109.422) $5,510.56 $11,021.12
Tuition – Year 4 (fi = $109.422) $3,757.20 $7,514.40

MD Program

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  Per Term Per Year
2021 – 2022 Tuition $4,292.54 $8,585.08
2021 – 2022 Program Differential Fee $2,602.10 $5,204.20
Total $6,894.64 $13,789.28

University of Alberta Law Tuition

The University of Alberta Law School is the University of Alberta Law School in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Established as an undergraduate faculty in 1912, it is the third-oldest law school in Canada and often considered the oldest law school in western Canada.

The school offers a three-year Juris Doctor (J.D.) program, as well as master’s degrees in law (LL.M.) and Ph.D. An English-speaking common law institution, the Faculty is known for its Constitutional Studies Center, its Health Law Institute, its rigorous curriculum, and its collegial environment.

The Law School is widely respected for the breadth and depth of education it provides in the fundamental principles of Canadian law. From 92 to 95% of the students of the Faculty of Law find an internship or pursue higher education and the school ranks second in the national ranking for the recruitment of elite companies.

Tuition fees to enter the Juris Doctor (JD) are set at C $15,995 for national students and C$ 29,727.80 for international students.

Tuition and non-tuition fees for internally trained law students include all courses during an academic year (September-April). If students wish to continue on the road for a second year, they must reapply for the road and pay all associated fees.

Students in the training program for trained foreign lawyers are not eligible for scholarships and government grants from the University of Alberta. Students are encouraged to find other sources of funding

Tuition and fees for graduate students at the University of Alberta depend on the type of program and whether you enroll full or part-time.

University of Alberta Tuition and Fees for Canadian citizens

According to the uniRank enrollment range matrix, the cost of tuition in UAlberta for local students is in the range of 5,000 to 7,500 USD (3,700 to 5,500 euros) and for international students – 15,000 to 17,500 USD (11,000 to 12,900 euros).

It should be noted that this estimate does not include room, food, or other external costs; and tuition fees may vary depending on the field of study, the level of the diploma, the nationality or residence of the students, and other criteria.

How can I pay my Tuition at the University of Alberta?

Please note that this service is intended for undergraduate and postgraduate tuition fees, deposit payments and emergency loans (EL). There is a $500 non-refundable submission fee for new students who accept their undergraduate program offerings. Some students are exempt from this process.

International Payment for Canadian Student

International Payment for International Student

Western Union

  • Global Pay for Students by Western Union Business Solutions(Wire/Bank Transfer)

Global Pay for Students by Western Union Business Solutions allows students from all countries outside of Canada to make the Canadian dollar payment in the currency of your choice at your local bank. 

The local bank will transfer the payment in your local currency to Global Pay by WU. Global Pay by WU will convert your payment into Canadian dollars and direct the payment to the University of Alberta.  

The payment will be applied to your student account within 3-4 business days.  Payment options vary by country and may include wire and online bank transfer.  In China only:  credit card may be accepted.

To initiate your payment, please access the Global Pay for Students platform.

University of Alberta Tuition Fees | FAQs

How much does it cost to apply to University of Alberta?

In UAlberta, tuition and fees depend on the study program and are calculated using the school’s cost calculator. But in general, the undergraduate tuition for students in the University of Alberta is 5,320.8 CAD for Canadian students, and 20,395.2 CAD for international students.

Is University of Alberta Public or private?

The University of Alberta. The University of Alberta (also known as U of A and UAlberta) is a public research university located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

What is the acceptance rate for University of Alberta?

With an acceptance rate of slightly over 50%, the university offers an equal opportunity to the deserving candidates to try their luck at admissions

In Conclusion

While you acquire admission to this prestigious school, it is also important you know about the tuition fee of your program. And that is the reason for this article. Knowing about it is not just enough, you also need to know how to pay for it.

For this reason, everything written above will give you details about the University of Alberta tuition fees and how to pay for them. Feel free to ask questions where you are confused.


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