University of Applied Sciences MA Scholarships in Germany in 2022

University of Applied Sciences Potsdam is inviting applications for three scholarships for MA in Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights. These university of Applied Sciences MA Scholarships are available for international students.

Basically, the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam is opening a call for 3 (three) scholarships within the framework of the National Programme “Deutschland-Stipendium” for the funding period October to March.

Especially high-achieving and highly motivated students of the MA Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights with excellent study performance can be supported with a monthly grant of €300 over three semesters, independent of personal income.

In this post, we have put down information about this scholarship and how you can apply.

So what are you expected to do?

Carefully read this post word to word without just skimming through. You can as well check the table of content below to get an overview of all we have wrapped up in this post.

What You Need To Know About The Applied Sciences Scholarships in Germany

If you are a more practically oriented person with no interests in theory and research, you should your degree at a university of applied science. Most of them offer Bachelor’s and Master’s programs and sometimes a Doctorate.

Although in many cases, you are not allowed to sign up for a Ph.D. or a Doctorate with a Master’s degree issued by a university of applied science.

About the Sponsor: The University of Applied Sciences

The University of Applied Sciences is a young university. It was founded in 1991. There are currently around 3,500 students in 26-degree programs in social sciences and education, city | Construction | Culture, civil engineering, information science, and design enrolled.

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Scholarship Benefits

In addition, the donator has generously granted another €5,000 for the three scholarship holders of the “Deutschland-Stipendium“ to use for activities related to the MA Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights from which all students shall benefit.

Activities could be for example:

  • Invitation of experts for guest lectures
  • The organization of small events (symposia; one-day seminars) on specific topics
  • Funding for travel and accommodation costs for participation in conferences
  • Funding of excursions
  • The organization of small workshops.

The MA Scholarships Eligibility

Necessary requirements which applicants for a scholarship must fulfill:

You may apply for a “Deutschland-Stipendium” at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam if you

  • Are enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam for teh Winter Semester 2022 and will still be within you’re regular period of study during this funding period.
  • Have demonstrated outstanding ability in your studies to date or in professional life.
  • Are not in receipt of any other aptitude- or performance-related material funding worth €30 or more on monthly average from the funding institutions for the academically gifted, the German Academic Exchange Service or foreign institutions

Level/Field of Study

Scholarships are available to pursue a Master’s degree program.

Host Nationality

The scholarship is being taken in Germany at the University of Applied Sciences. If you are an international student and you wish to study in the UK, this is for your Complete Guide to Getting A UK Tier 4 Student Visa For International Students.

Eligible Nationality

These MA Scholarships in Germany are available for international students. Read also if you wish to study outside your home country Simple and Detailed Answers about Applying and Winning a Scholarship.

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How to Apply for The Scholarships

Gifted students should apply within the application period 24 September to 11 October and in the required form both online and also on paper with all the necessary documents by post.

Applications should be made in two steps

Step 1:

Online Application:

Complete the application form fully, check your data carefully and submit the form online.

Step 2:

Paper Application

Print out the application PDF, sign it and send your application, with all necessary documents and certificates, in the stipulated form and before the prescribed deadline to the Geschäftsstelle Deutschland-Stipendium der FH Potsdam.

Your paper application for these MA Scholarships in Germany must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • The fully completed and personally signed application form
  • Your personal résumé (CV) in tabular style
  • A statement of your personal motivation
  • Your current certificate of student enrolment for the Winter Semester
  • For students in M.A. courses, final degree grade of prior Diploma or B.A. study courses
  • Evaluations of internships and professional employment
  • Documentation of any awards or prizes received
  • Documentation of other attainments and of further forms of social/political etc. commitment.
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University of Applied Sciences MA Scholarships Application Deadline

The deadline for submitting these MA Scholarships in Germany application is October 11.


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