University of British Columbia Acceptance Rate | 2022

Canadian Universities are usually top-notch when it comes to education. This has consequently led to an increased application rate from international students.

The University of British Columbia shares in this experience as their acceptance rate has gradually reduced.

A recent research has shown that over 80% of employers hire graduates with international experience. These statistics reflect that you need to study abroad to increase your employability.

So, if you’ve been looking for a Canadian University, UBC is a great option for you.

Carefully read through to the end of this article to gather all the specific information required to apply and gain admission into this school.

Meanwhile, look through the table of content for an overview of what to expect in this article.

Why Study at the University of British Columbia?

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is an international centre for teaching, learning and research.

Therefore, this university continually ranks among the top 20 public universities in the world.

Today, ranking associations recognize UBC as North America’s most international university.

Founded in 1915, their motto, Tuum Est (It is Yours), is a clear direction of their plan to keep attracting and supporting those who have the drive to shape a better world.

As a result, UBC students, faculty and staff continue to adopt innovation and challenge the status quo, thereby placing them at the forefront of learning, innovation and engagement.

UBC encourages positive thinking, focused curiosity and initiative, so you can know your greatest potential.

Hence, this is because the core foundational values of UBC are excellence, respect, integrity, academic freedom and accountability.

As a top research university, UBC has over 58,000 students – both local and international students.

The two major campuses of Vancouver and Okanagan thereby nurture and groom these students in different subject areas.

Most importantly, they have a series called One-on-One wherein students interact with senior leaders at UBC.

So, with all these amazing perspectives and facilities, you should see why UBC is a perfect place for you.

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What is the University of Columbia Acceptance Rate for Undergraduate Students?

At UBC, undergraduate students enjoy a lot of special benefits and opportunities.

In fact, UBC focuses more on undergraduate students so as to nurture and train them properly.

But you shouldn’t think that graduate students get less attention and guidance.

Undergraduate programs at UBC usually last for four to five years depending on your course.

Furthermore, the choice of your course also determines the campus at which you would reside and learn.

Today, the University of British Columbia undergraduate acceptance rate is 65%.

In the coming years, analysts have predicted it will further drop behind by some percentage.

There are ten faculties in UBC which have over 100 courses in them in general. Therefore, these faculties include;

  • Business and economics
  • Earth, environment, and sustainability
  • Education
  • Engineering and technology
  • Health and life sciences
  • History, law, and politics
  • Languages and linguistics
  • Math, chemistry, and physics
  • Media and fine arts
  • People, culture, and society

Conclusively, undergraduate students at UBC enjoy the access to directly connect with their alumni.

What is the University of British Columbia Graduate Students Acceptance Rate?

The Graduate School of UBC has programs separated into its campuses in Vancouver and Okanagan.

While its Vancouver campus offers programs in Computer Science, Endodontics and English, its Okanagan campus offers graduate programs in Data Science and Engineering as well.

Although the two campuses don’t share the same location, they have the same curriculum and calendar too.

Graduate students in Okanagan get to have supervisors who will guide them throughout their research process.

Master’s students in UBC pay $1,665.26 per instalment as domestic students while international students pay $2,925.58 per instalment.

However, if you can’t afford tuition for your graduate program, there are some scholarship opportunities for you which will disclose later in this article.

Apart from the regular Master’s and PhD program, UBC has another special graduate program.

This program is called the Interdisciplinary Studies Graduate Program.

Hence, this program is designed for advanced interdisciplinary research exceeding the provisions of existing departmental programs.

In this program, students don’t work within a circle of topics, instead, they research borderless.

Highly motivated students usually take up these programs so as to move towards an independent course.

Interested students in this program can apply with their specific topics which UBC will approve.

Above all, the University of British Columbia Graduate acceptance rate is 72%.

What is the University of British Columbia Acceptance Rate for International Students?

International students at UBC come from over 150 countries all over the world.

In essence, they welcome students to come into a place of true transformation and learning.

UBC offers amazing student support for its international students in order to help them.

An example of this support process is to help students who don’t speak English to eventually learn and adapt.

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This is because the majority of their programs are taught in English as much as they teach other foreign languages.

As you know, international students pay different tuition from their domestic counterparts.

However, this doesn’t mean that they lose out on scholarship and funding opportunities too.

As an international student, you can be part of the social clubs and sports teams in UBC.

Furthermore, you enjoy excellent and conducive accommodation within your learning environment.

In summary, the University of British Columbia acceptance rate for international students is 77%.

What is the University of British Columbia Acceptance Rate GPA?

Calculating your GPA can be very stressful. However, with our student GPA calculator, your work just got easier.

You can easily calculate your GPA by inputting your scores per course as much as 50 courses.

Now that you have gotten your GPA, you need to check if you passed the benchmark in order to enter UBC.

Generally, the minimum acceptance rate GPA for UBC is 2.0. However, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll get admission.

Your best bet is to score nothing less than 4.0, so as to increase your chances of gaining admission.

Getting a great CGPA is very important, however, you also need to pass other admission requirements.

Hence, instead of getting worried about having a low CGPA, you can check how well you fit into other admission requirements.

These requirements will largely depend on your course and program.

So, for a course like computer science, what could the requirements be? Let me tell you.

What is the University of British Columbia Computer Science Graduate Admission?

The Computer Science program of UBC Okanagan’s campus basically teaches you how to improve computers.

In this program, students explore the basics of computing, analyze data structures and operating systems.

Additionally, they earn about software engineering, computer graphics and computational intelligence too.

As a graduate student at UBC Computer Science shool, you will design programs for clients.

What are the admission requirements for UBC?

Before you can begin to consider whether you’ll stay in the Okanagan or Vancouver campus, you need to fulfill the admission requirements of UBC.

As expected, the University of British Columbia has different requirements for its programs.

Furthermore, different faculties have their own specific requirements.

But for this section, we will basically address the admission requirements for all programs on a general note.


Does UBC offer full scholarships?

Yes, UBC offers full scholarships to students in their first year which are actually renewable.

What is UBC GPA acceptance rate?

The minimum acceptance rate for UBC is 2.0 which doesn’t guarantee admission.

Is UBC the best university in Canada?

No. UBC is actually the third best university in Canada according to the latest rankings.

Is UBC competitive?

Yes. UBC is very competitive and this competition will increase in the coming years.


The University of British Columbia will continue to grow stronger and stronger.

Therefore, their acceptance rate will reduce as more and more students will fill in their applications.

Their research centres are increasing as their budgeting continues to grow.

When you look at universities at UBC, your picture of a future eventually becomes practicable.

So, don’t be discouraged by anything you hear, apply for a program in UBC today.


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