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Top 10 VmWware Certifications to Get in 2023

Professional Certification adds value to you, both intrinsically and extrinsically. Individually, you gain the confidence of a professional who knows exactly what they are doing. Nothing makes a technician enjoy his or her job when they know exactly what they are doing and even can do more. A VmWare certification gives you this confidence in your profession.

Away from the personal level, the VmWare certificate can help you leap across job hierarchies. You can easily be promoted if you show evidence that you are a certified VmWare technician.

This certification can get you a job if you are still unemployed. Because of the above reasons and many others you will be exposed to in this article, it is a good time to consider adding accolades to your resume with the many free or affordable VmWare certificates.

What are VmWare Certifications?

To state this simply, these are certificates that show or proof that you are a qualified VmWare technician. These are very important documents, especially for the technicians and computer wizards.

There are various exams both practical’s and written that you need to sit for to gain the certifications. Each certification has a level and a time frame in which its relevance has to be upgraded. VmWare certification is therefore a lifelong activity as long as technology keeps morphing.

What Certificates Should I get before CITRIX and VmWare?

Before sitting for VmWare certification, you need to have certificates in basic computer packages for starters for instance, word, excel, publisher among others, in their extensiveness.

Afterwards you will find a track that you are comfortable with and join an allowed platform for training. Here, you will get the recommended courses for beginners which they advise you to undertake before joining the VmWare certification training of the first level.

There are about 3 levels VCA, VCP and Advanced Professional VmWare certification. Some require foundation exams:

  • VCP-DCV require the vSphere 6.7 exams and certification.
  • VmWare Certified Professional – Cloud Management and Automation
  • VmWare Certified profession – Desktop Management

The above requires the vSphere certification to join the track for VmWare certifications.

What Certifications are Available from VmWare, Microsoft, CITRIX?

The following certifications are available from the above sites:

  • VCP certifications
  • VCP-DCV 2023
  • VCP-CMA 2023

How do I Transfer VmWare Certification?

Log into manage certification, select certification, check if it is active, you can then select the transfer certification. This will work better if already have an VMware certification account.

Where do I View my VmWare Certification?

You can view your certificate on manage certifications. When you click on the link, you will be given a menu to select on any action concerning your certificate. 

How long does VmWare Certificate Last?

Every year, a new dimension of the VmWare is released. The exams and training keep changing yearly. It is good to invest in yearly upgrading of your certificate.

We can say it lasts a year or two. You sometimes don’t need to sit for another exam to update your certification. You can always upgrade your certificate here.

What is the best VmWare Certification?

All VMware certifications are very important.  Both VCP-DCV 2023 and VCAP-DVC 2023 are the most marketable and important.

However, all certifications are important since one opens the way for the other or rather builds a foundation for the other.

Are VM Certifications Worth it?

Yes. They might be expensive to acquire but they are currently the most valuable on the technical job market. If you are self-employed, you will save a lot of money doing your own work rather than employing someone to run your infrastructure.

How much does VmWare Certification Cost?

VMware certification is not cheap. Each certificate costs around $200. You need at least $5000 to complete the whole stipulated certification process.

This should not bother you, when you are a qualified VMware certified technician, your pay will be way higher than what you spent in acquiring the certificate.

TOP 10 VmWare Certifications in 2023

#1. VCTA VMware certified Technical Associate

A VCTA VMware certified expert has basic understanding of virtualization and vSphere concepts. As a VMware certified expert, you will be able demonstrate knowledge of data center technology and troubleshooting concepts. This expert will be able to manage cloud resources and all networking concepts. This is a certificate you might want to have a beginner in the technical field.  Get the details on pdf here.

To be certified you are required to pass the Associate VMware Data Center Virtualization exams.

You are required to purchase the premium subscription here. Once you have paid, the outline and the two options to choose from. Both are important.  This is the most popular course or certificate amongst beginners. It is very important since it is the basic one, you build on top of it with more advanced concepts in the programs that will be outlined further below.

#2. VCP VMware Certification

This course will cost you $4500.  This is the entry level certification for technicians. This course benefits technical officers in the marketing fields, sales representatives looking forward to fixing their VMware problems on the market.

Before taking this, if you are a beginner, you are better of starting with the VCA first then proceed to VCP certification. The following is covered:

  • VCP Foundations Exams Blueprint
  • VCP-DCV exam blueprint
  • VCP-NV exam blue print
  • VCP-CMA Exam blueprint
  • VCP-DTM exam blueprint
  • VCP-DW exam blue print

This is expensive but actually worth it.

#3. VMware Data Center Virtualization

VCP-DCV 202I is one of the latest VMware certification available. This certification shows that you have skills in trouble shooting a vSphere infrastructure. With this certificate it is evident that you provide a flexible, secure and the best foundation for business agility. Your skills can help accelerate the change needed in cloud computing.

You can check it out here, to check out on the certification paths available for you. You need the following:

  • Basic experience with vSphere 7x
  • Training, revision and exam skills in professional VMware vSphere 7.x (2vo-2120)
  • Attain one of the required certificates in configuring, installing and managing, troubleshooting, optimizing, fast tracking and advanced administration workshop.

Any of the mentioned above will get you on the path to getting certified.

There are various badges associated with this course namely:

You will be exposed to lots of knowledge and get credit for all the achievements that you make.

#4. Cloud Management and Automation

VCP-CMA 2023 is a certificate that proofs that you have the ability to install, configure and administer a VMware vRealize environment.

These skills will see you simplify and make the complex activities more standard.

You can check out the details on PDF here. There are basics that are required besides the fees and internet connection as listed below:

  • You have to have some background experience in vSphere 7.x and vRealize 8.x
  • Attend one of the training courses and sit for the exams
  • Pass the required Foundation exams
  • Pass the required qualifying exams.

VCP-CMA certification will earn you the following badges in due time:

  • VMware Cloud on Laws Software-defined Data Center 2019
  • Specialist vRealize Operations 2017
  • Specialist Cloud Provider 2019
  • Implementation Expert 7 in Cloud Management and Automation.

All the above accolades will go a long way in making your professionalism better and building your career portfolio.

#5. Digital workspace and Application modernization

Your skills in configuring, deploying, managing, maintaining, optimizing and troubleshooting on VMware Workspace ONE and related solutions is validated here.

This certification goes hand in hand with Desktop Mobility where your skills in designing, installing and managing a VMware Horizon with view environment deployed on VMware. There is a good number of certifications attached to this particular certificate namely:

  • VMware Certified Technical Associate- Digital Workspace 2023
  • VCP-VMware Certified Professional 2023 – Desktop and Mobility
  • VCP-VMware Certified Professional – Digital Workspace 2023
  • VCAP-VMware Certified Advanced Professional – Desktop Mobility Design 2023
  • VCAP-VMware Certified Advanced Professional –Desktop and Mobility Deploy 2023
  • VCDX-VMware Certified Design Expert – Desktop and Mobility 2023

This certification is very expansive and each of the certificates above can make your portfolio fleshy and attractive to employers.

#6. Data Center Virtualization

This is meant to test your skill level in designing, installing and managing VMware VSphere environments in the real world.

One requirement for attending the training courses and passing the Associate VmWare Data Center Virtualization exams id your display of knowledge of data center technology and basic troubleshooting concepts. .

You can check out the path here.

#7. Network Virtualization

There are about three most important certifications and badges under Network Virtualization 2023. They include:

  • A certificate as a Technical Associate: this identifies you as a person who understands NSX terminology and can perform navigation of NSX graphics and interface. The certification is also proof that you can explain SDDC and Network Virtualization concepts, VMware Virtual Cloud Network Vision, VMware NSX Architecture and NSX portfolio at a very high level.

You are required to attend the courses laid down and be trained efficiently and then pass VMware Network Virtualization exams

  • VCP-VMware Certified Professional Network Virtualization: this shows that you are an economics transformer in  network and security operations. VCP-NV2023 CERTIFICATION proves that you can install, configure and administer NSX virtual networking implementations, regardless of the underlying physical architecture of the company.

It is a requirement to gain experience with NSX technologies, attend one of the required training courses and pass the Professional Network Virtualization.

  • VCAP-VMware Certified Advanced Professional: VCAP-N certificate validates that: you know to deploy and optimize VMware NSX environments. With the certificate you can leverage best practices to give ascendable and consistent virtualized network for your organization.

You are required to earn the VCP-NV2023 (or hold a VCP-NV 2023) attend one the training course and Pass the qualifying exam.

You can check the details here.

#8. Mindmajix VMware Certification

This is designed to train computer technicians in VMware expertise thus making them legible for opportunities in the industry. This certification has an elaborate course outline that covers all aspects of VMware virtualization with inclusion of:

  • virtualization needs
  • installation
  • configuration
  • ESXi,
  • Networking
  • Managing virtual environment
  • Automating virtual environment.

The course will enable you to understand the vSphere6.7.  You can then sit for the certification exams where you will be awarded a downloadable certificate.

This program runs for 20hrs, with exposure to lab sessions, you will get career assistance and it has a flexible schedule. The schedule allows those working in cooperate to have sessions that suit them best. 

These certificate proofs that you are able to design, install and manage an VMware VSphere environment in a real world. You should check it out on the provided link above.

#9. VMware vSphere Certificate

You will study the following:

  • Designing virtual data center environment
  • Configure a virtual Data center environment
  • Manage a virtual data center environment

All the above will be done using the VMware vSphere virtualization technology. This is important for both those seeking to efficiently use their infrastructure or work as a digital technician in a company. It is therefore for both beginners and seasoned VMware technicians.

You are guaranteed 20hours of both training and lab time. career assistance, certification and a flexible schedule.

The course outline is as follows;

  • Course introduction
  • Software-Defined Data Center
  • Creating Virtual Machines
  • VMware vCenter server
  • Configuring and managing virtual storage
  • Configuring and managing virtual networks
  • Virtual management
  • Resource management and monitoring

Click on the link provided to enroll, get pricing and your most comfortable training schedules.

#10. VMware vcloud Director Course

With 1610 learners currently, this should be something you want to be part of. It is important to the technical industry, especially if you look forward to being a technical expert.

Here you will be exposed to VMware vRealize Automation, vShield Manager, Cloud Computing basics and using VMware Vcloud. You will create a hybrid cloud that can deploy IT resources that are currently so much on demand.

This course will demand for your 30hours of live training and 20hours of lab sessions. You will get support in your career as long as you have enrolled.

The curriculum is as follows:

  • Course Introduction
  • VMware vcloud Director Architecture and components
  • VMware Vcloud Networking
  • VMware vcloud providers
  • VMware vcloud director organizations
  • Basic Security
  • Managing VMware VSphere resources
  • Organization users
  • VMware vcloud Director installation

Check it out from the link provided and pick the schedule that fits you most. The course is for both beginners and wizards.

Step-by-Step Guide on how to get VmWare Certification

Starting out can be confusing initially, but it gets easier once you get into the system.

Here is a simple guide to a step-by-step certification;

1. pick your VMware certification track after deciding which one is right for you. This come before starting the certification process. (

2. Take a VMware Authorized Training Class in the track that you have picked. It must be accredited for you to get certified.

3. Take the vSphere Foundations Examinations. This is a common exam before you can take the BCP exam in your chosen track.

4. Study and take the rest of the examinations you are required to take before being certified.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I have a VCTA level certification, do i have to take the required course for the VCP level?

Yes. The two are not equivalents.

How long does it take for my exam to show on my transcript online?

If you have an active certification manager account, this should be done within 24-48 hours.

What should I do if I experience technical difficulties during a live lab session?

You should report it to the exam proctor immediately. You will request for a VUE VSS support ticket to be created. Don’t report after the exams, they will not be validated.

What happens if my certificate has my name spelt wrongly?

You should email

What happens if one fails the exams?

Read the re-take policy here.


The VmWare keeps growing with time. Exams are added. Technology is an amorphous discovery that keeps shape shifting. As a technician, you need to stay abreast with these changes to stay relevant in the field.

Any form of advancement in your career will rely on how well you are updated and certified in the field. Getting a VmWare certification puts in a better place to be employed in the field, manage your infrastructure well, and also get either pay rises or promotions. They can also make you a valuable employee.




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