Volunteering In Mexico: Top 20 Opportunities In 2022

Volunteer programs are naturally fun stuff to do, so when you choose to volunteer in a country as culturally, ethnically, and biologically diverse as Mexico – you’ve signed up for an amazing volunteer program experience.

This article has compiled some of the best places you would love to consider for a Mexico volunteer program.

We will be looking at some of these programs coupled with some of the benefits you’d derive by partaking in them.

Meanwhile, take a look at our table of content for an overview of this article.

Mexico is home to one of the new seven wonders of the world (Chichén Itza), dozens of biosphere reserves (monarch butterflies, coral reefs, volcanoes, and more)

The country is also blessed with spectacular beaches, world-renowned cuisine, and the second-largest city in the world (Mexico City).

If you’re interested in volunteering in Mexico, you might be engaged in environmental or health initiatives and work with poor communities.

Additionally, you could also work in its health or education sector, especially in its rural areas as most of them continues to lack basic educational and health services.

There are other numerous volunteering programs in Mexico, and one is bound to suit your “cravings”.

Consequently. whatever you’re looking to achieve as a volunteer, we’ve got something for you in the volunteering in Mexico Programs.

How Will Volunteer Trips In Mexico Change YOUR life?

It’s of little consequence how you become a México volunteer, you will help the local community in some way because every project makes a difference in its own way. During your trip to Mexico, your main goal should be to partner with locals and collaborate to help their community grow.

Nonetheless, it’s also important to find a project that matches your skills and personality. This will help you not only offer your own experience and knowledge to help them, but also grow your own skills and experience.

This exchange of skills and knowledge is what makes volunteering abroad so unique. While you work alongside your host community, you will also grow as a person and become even more of a global citizen.

Volunteering In Mexico: Top 20 Opportunities-Introduction

Volunteering in Mexico is surely a breath of fresh air. It helps you relax and disconnect from “your norm”. While it’s a form of vacation, it comes with certain obligations, and if fulfilled grants you a new perspective.

Look at volunteering in Mexico as a service to humanity, a way of giving back to society while having fun.

So here’s the top 20 opportunities for volunteering in Mexico.

#1. Environmental Volunteer Programs

As a “mega-diverse” country, Mexico is one of the countries in which most of the world’s biological diversity is found. Because of this, a number of projects work to maintain this diversity.

Consequently, volunteers might conduct flora and fauna censuses or provide community education about conservation.

So if you’re a biologist or botanist, your expertise comes as a plus in this program.

#2. Work With Children And Youth

Social services in Mexico are chronically underfunded, particularly those that work with orphans, children in poor communities, and children of single mothers. Volunteers in this realm nurture these children, and their long-term work is truly an investment in Mexico’s future.

Make sure to avoid scams and work with responsible organizations that do more harm than good.

#3. Volunteer Education Program

Mexico is the 10th most populace nation in the world and has a lot of out of school children. To this effect, they need as many hands as possible to boost their depleting number of teachers.

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Schools in most rural communities have are currently overwhelmed by the number of pupils coming in. And to cap it off, the poorest of these students have little or no access to English and Computer classes.

Proficiency in these areas will provide economic mobility and help create opportunities for under-served youth.

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#4. Health Volunteer Programs

Volunteers, particularly those with a medical background, can work in clinics throughout Mexico or help with outreach projects. These positions typically require the highest level of Spanish.

#5. Gender Equality Volunteer Programs

Violence against women in Mexico is prevalent and this has placed them at an extreme economic and social disadvantage.

Women make significantly less money because of this, and sometimes they have to travel for work.

 Volunteers can help change the long history of discrimination and sexist attitudes by carrying out re=orientation campaigns.

#6. Business Development

You can have the chance to work directly with your volunteer organization to support the ongoing administrative needs of these business development volunteer opportunities in Mexico.

This type of volunteer project is perfect for you if you have worked or want to work for a nonprofit or NGO. It provides a chance to develop important skills such as editing, website management, social media research, photography, and more.

You will use your creativity and independence to help support an organization doing so much good across the world.

#7. Care Giving Volunteer Programs

If you enjoy brightening people’s day, caregiving is definitely for you. These programs accord you the opportunity to help someone one-on-one.

If you like to listen to people’s issues and proffer solutions or help ameliorate their difficulties, you’re also suitable for this Mexico Volunteering program.

As a caregiving volunteer, you can either work with disabled people or disadvantaged children.

In both cases, you will improve the daily lives of those less fortunate simply by being there for them. Activities include games, art projects, and sports. If you have a very caring and open attitude and love helping others directly, caregiving volunteer trips in Mexico are perfect for you.

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#8. Construction And Infrastructure Development

If you’re a handyman/woman, then you can become a México volunteer and do light construction work for a local hospital, school, or social organization.

You might complete tasks such as painting murals, improving a children’s playground, or beautifying a community center.

Erecting new shelters or fixing old ones is also part of the handy works your can help execute. Through these light physical works, you can greatly help organizations making a difference in the local community. 

#9. NGO Support

In addition to business development, volunteers interested in supporting local NGOs can also concentrate their volunteer work in México on assisting community organizations dedicated to helping those less fortunate.

As an NGO volunteer in Mexico, you could spend your time working with a local food bank in receiving, controlling, organizing, and handing out food donations that come in.

You could also help with administrative tasks required for the food bank’s success, such as fundraising and marketing, translation, social media outreach, and more.

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NGO support placements are great for individuals looking to work directly with citizens of Merida while gaining experience in NGO and nonprofit work.

#10. Conservation Research Assistant Volunteer Program

Be part of the Operation Wallacea research and environmental organization. They work alongside university and college academics to build long term datasets to put towards various conservation management goals.

The Mexico project has both marine and terrestrial components, being based in either Akumal Bay or the Calakmul biosphere reserves.

To find out more, click here

#11. Sustainability, Communities, and Permaculture In Southeast Mexico

This program is spearheaded by Ninth Wave Global to help with a range of community and environment projects and initiatives in the southeastern city of Campeche.

The program is most suitable for those who share values in UN-development – valuing locally-led, long-term change over traditional, top-down development.

#12. Special Education:

The goal for this project is to give children with special needs such as autism, learning difficulties, and cerebral palsy, adequate care and support. Volunteers will assist at a special needs school and work with the staff, students, and families to deliver better outcomes for this vulnerable group.

#13. Sea Turtle Conservation

This project addresses the concerns facing the sea turtle population. Volunteers work on campaigns that preserve natural habitats, educate communities, they also collaborate with local professionals to save the sea turtles.

#14. Travel, Serve and Learn In Mexico

This is an ongoing humanitarian program that takes place in Puerto Penasco. In this program, you get to work with global health agencies, local health ministries, and other NGOs.

You’ll help provide health and medical services to communities in need.

The program is coordinated by ISL’s Baja program Mexico, so if you’re looking for an opportunity to volunteer in Mexico for free, you go…

The following are some of the other ISL Programs in Mexico:

  • Global Health
  • – Dental
  • – Nursing
  • – Optometry
  • – Pharmacy
  • – Physical Therapy
  • – Veterinary
  • – Community Enrichment
  • – Ecology

#15. Shark Research Internship

This program is open to people willing to volunteer in Mexico for free. The volunteers will learn scientific monitoring techniques of sharks, interact with many different shark species.

Additionally, you learn what it takes to be a shark researcher and about local Mexican culture. You will be doing all this while having a fantastic time.

The program is offered by Pelagios Kakunja and is open to anyone, regardless of age. capacities and nationalities.

To find out more about this program, click here

#16. Kitten Rescue Program

Pets are good companions and a “man’s best friend”, this makes it sad to see some hapless ones with no one caring for their needs.

Therefore, if you’re an animal lover you should definitely be a part of this program. You get to help save this adorable creatures and make memories you can’t get anywhere else in the world.

The program is organized by a nonprofit with a no-kill policy and they are located in Playa del Carmen.

#17. Children’s Refuge Supporter

Hundreds of thousands of children are displaced in Mexico and need a family-like environment. You can help provide such an environment for the neglected children and break the circle of poverty. Also, this will enable a brighter future for the kids.

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Additionally, you get to enjoy free time to explore the variety of offered activities and climb the second-highest volcano in Central America.

#18. International Development & NGO Internship

Work with local and international NGOs to address problems facing local communities in Guadalajara

The work you do on this project depends on the area you wish to focus on. You should expect to get involved with these kinds of activities:

  • support immigrants traveling through Mexico
  • Work to empower women in marginalized communities
  • Help to address child malnutrition
  • Get involved in community land rights issues

#19. Baja Ocean Wildlife Expedition 

This program offers volunteers a wildlife adventure in Baja California Sur, Mexico.

Also, the program is definitely gonna give you a life lasting memory.

You’ll snorkel with whale sharks and sea lions, meet the “friendly gray whales,” and participate in a sea turtle research project in beautiful Magdalena Bay.

Adiitionally, you will participate in sea turtle research and visit Espirtu Santo Island.

#20. Marine Conservation & PADI Training For Teens

If you think you have a career in marine conservation, this is a great opportunity for you to explore it and get your PADI water certification while you’re at it.

Additionally, you get to join a Coral Watch monitoring program organized by the University of Queensland.

Visits to Mexico’s famously magical cenotes and colossal Mayan ruins are also included.

Joining this program mean you will be contributing to something bigger than you – United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #14.

Review From Past Free Volunteers In Mexico

I’m so happy I had the opportunity to volunteer in Mexico these past few weeks. It was quite an adventure. I got to volunteer at an animal shelter, a protection home for young teenage girls, and I even got to teach a little English! I also had the great opportunity to make new friends from all over the world. My fellow volunteers have inspired me so much; they are all so ambitious, caring, and hard-working

 Lauren Stovall

Nationality: American

Age: 18

Destination: Mexico

Entry and Visa Requirement For Mexico

To get to Mexico from the US, there are a few things you need to know and of course document, you must have. They include;

  • Travel through the United States land border is restricted.
  • Travel is allowed by air.
  • There’s no quarantine policy in place at the moment.
  • You must have a health declaration form before arrival.
  • You must also have a health declaration form before exiting Mexico
  • Have your masks in hand as it’s mandatory in public in some states.
  • You don’t need proof of a Covid-19 test required for entry.
  • Finally, you don’t need a Visa. AS an American, you’re allowed for a limited stay in Mexico


If you read this article to this point, ten I’d like to think you find the information very helpful. Remember to observe all the necessary health conditions as outline above for hitch-free trip.

If however, you need clarification or have observations about the article, kindly leave us a comment below.

Enjoy your trip.



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