13 Quick Tips to Lose Face Fat in 2022

Chronic low self-esteem could arise from feeling ‘unpretty’. As human beings, there is always that seething desire to look pretty and as gorgeous as can be managed. Though, face fat often stands in the way of all that intent at ‘prettiness’.

Face fat often makes you feel awkward, very awkward and embarrassed even. It could attack your confidence greatly. Having walked this street of shame severally myself, I can conveniently say all you need to solve this, are these quick tips to lose face fat.

Some time ago, at a friend’s wedding party which was meant to be dope fun, with our mutual friends flying into town and all that excitement, excessive buccal fat spoilt my anticipated fun.

Nearly everyone just stopped by my table to “Uh” and “ah” at my ”flat tummy pregnancy!” No thanks to the surplus buccal fat that bloated my pretty face and made me wear a pregnant look! I was serially embarrassed at the event for someone who wasn’t even pregnant! I had to leave very early, to save a face!

If you have walked the street of embarrassment or even low self-esteem, still walk in it or do not want to walk in it, all because of excess buccal fat, then this post promises to arm you with just the right tips to rebuild your self-esteem and wear your confidence without face fat obstructing.

Is it possible to lose my face fat?

Gaining fat in your face can occur due to natural aging process, weight gain, an imbalance in your hormones, exposure to UV rays, smoking, injury, and other various medical conditions that necessitate the consumption of specific medicines that promote weight gain.

Losing your face fat is possible. It only requires some discipline and adherence to the quick tips to lose face fat.

However, consistently applying these tips will ensure a more even lean face.

Can I lose my buccal fat naturally?

Of course, you can loose your face fat naturally. That is what these quick tips to lose face fat will do for you.

To lose your face fat naturally, try the following;

  • Eat Healthy And Exercise enough. Interestingly, this is the best way to maintain your physical health, as well as the best way to lose your face fat.
  • Stay Hydrated; drink plenty of water. Do not negotiate this, please.
  • Chew Some Gum; Chewing gum is an exercise that helps reduce cheek fat. You can buy sugar-free gum and chew it intensely.
  • Blow Some Balloons; this further exercises the cheekbones.
  • Get a Steam Facial; steaming your face pampers the face to more goodness and increases the metabolism of the facial muscles.
  • Get a Face Massage; this greatly relaxes the muscle of the face and sets the fat reduction in motion.
  • Stretch Your Face; it sets the muscle of the face.
  • Smile, smile, smile some more; you will realize that smiling is a great exercise for the face. Please smile more often.

What are the tips to lose face fat?

As a medical personal, I have come across persistent complaints about how people lose excessive body fat after working so hard but their faces and necks remained the same giving them a rather awkward look.

If you are in this category of people or you know anyone with a fatty face, please pay detailed attention to the 13 quick tips to lose face fat I would share with you shortly.

The 13 quick tips to lose face fat include;

  1. Watch your Diet
  2. Good Sleep
  3. Therapeutic Exercise
  4. Facial movement
  5. Drink Lot of Water
  6. Eat Fruits regularly
  7. Avoid Junk food
  8. Chew Gum
  9. Facial Massage
  10. Quit Smoking
  11. Liposuction
  12. Makeup
  13. Hairstyle

13 Quick Tips to Lose Face Fat

The following contains the best practices to help you loose and drop those facial fats.

1. Watch your Diet

Before losing your facial fat, I want you to ask yourself this question – What is the cause of facial fat? I’ll run you through a simple explanation. When next you see a new born baby, try to observe their cheeks and you would notice the beautiful round bump caused by a buccal fat pad.

But as kids grow up, it is expected for them to lose the buccal fat pad but in some people this is never the case for some reasons including an unhealthy dieting.

Consuming meals with excessive calories is the major reason why those fats build up in your face. To fix the issue of unhealthy diets, here is few tips to guide you henceforth;

  • Ensure you don’t consume unhealthy fats. There are two types of fatty foods, unhealthy fatty foods (e.g animal fats) which contain large amount of cholesterol and healthy fats with very little cholesterol
  • Do not become addicted to eating outside. Most of these fast foods pay little or no attention to hygiene which subjects their customers to poor diet
  • Don’t be glutton – are you addicted to always eating? Do you always feel the need to eat always? When you eat always the excessive calories are stored in every part of your body including your face which makes it appear big
  • Take your dinner early – are you addicted to eating late at night? If yes then you have to cut the habit. Endeavour to heat before 8:00 at night as this aid digestion of food.

2. Good Sleep

You have to start practicing good sleeping habit. This means you should be addicted to excessive sleep. Endeavour to sleep for seven or eight hours a day as anything longer than this would lead to unhealthy body metabolism which would result in facial fats.

Controlling your sleep/wake cycle may not be easy for people who have become some addicted sleeping. To help you control your sleep, I have outlined a few practices to the effect and they include;

  • Don’t be Idle – Staying Idle is one way to make you become addicted to sleep. You have to avoid being idle as much as possible. Try to engage in activities, call a friend, know what they are doing and ask if you could join them, go out and avoid always being indoor
  • Avoid consuming too much of foods that make you fall asleep. Different people have different body chemistry. I have learnt of people who fall asleep whenever they take tea, others say eggs make they fall asleep and a few have mentioned tea. If you notice any of these foods or beverages make feel sleepy, then you may need to cut excessive consumption of the foods.
  • Please do not confuse my point, sleeping is good but it excessive of it you need to cut down on
  • Also, not having a enough sleep is bad habit as it would make your face blot

3. Therapeutic Exercise

There are various types of exercise. There are exercise that helps you build your muscular endurance, some exercise may target your cardiovascular endurance. Also, there exercises that can help you shed excessive body fat.

Exercising is therapeutic and can be guided to configure your body the way you want.

One major reason why fats build up around the face, neck and other parts of the body is due to inactivity. When you don’t engage in activities that require you to move occasionally, then you find yourself sitting at a spot for a long period of time.

Maintaining a position for a long period of time requires little calories so that excess unused calories are stored in your body including your face.

Now, this where is where therapeutic exercise comes handy. You have to begin a low intensity exercise. This means you don’t have to lifts heavy objects to build your muscles.

Engage in workouts like jogging or walking a long distance. Also you can get a threadmill and and engage in regular workouts. Try to make working out a routine, at least 5 times a week for a start.

Please note there is no exercise that exclusively targets losing facial fats. You have to engage in an around exercise and you are sure to see your facial fats getting making a way out gradually.

Exercising is very important and you have to ensure you never stop when the desired results start showing up. If you stop exercising after getting the desired body and facial proportion, then be ready have those fats resurface again.

4. Facial movement

Facial movement is also a kind of exercise that targets the facial muscles. Although not as effective as the general body exercise, facial movement is important to lose facial fats. Activities like smiling and laughing help you lose facial fats.

Smiling always help you stretch your facial muscles which give you face good shape and fitting. There are different kind of facial exercise that target specific muscles. For instance, opening your mouth wide and maintain the position for some period of time, may be 30 to 45 seconds and repeating the exercise for 10 to 15 minutes is way to start.

Also, wrinkling your forehead and maintaining the position for 30 to 45 minutes in repetition is another form of facial exercise. These and many more facial movements are certain to give you face good fitting if they are done routinely.

5. Drink Lot of Water

Drinking enough water occupies the 5th position of our list of 13 quick Tips to lose face fat. The importance of water to our health can never be overemphasized.

Taking enough water helps you stay hydrated and aid good body metabolism.

Also, when your body is adequately hydrated, body toxins are effectively gotten rid off from the body.

It is advisable you take at least 6 cups (50cl) of water daily in order to keep your body hydrated.

6. Eat Fruits regularly

As earlier mentioned dieting is one the best practice in losing facial and body fat. You have to consume fruits to help with digestion. Cutting down on bad foods and consuming fruits regularly would help you maintain good shape.

When you practice good hygiene, you are sure to stay energised to carryout daily activities. On the contrary, when you eat unhealthy foods you become too lazy and clumsy leading to inactivity.

Shun bad foods as much as you can and eat fruits regularly.

7. Avoid Junk food

Junk foods are pastries. Whether gotten from fast-food restaurants or home-made, if you are addicted to junks, you should find a way to break the addiction.

Junk foods contribute immensely to .

Also, there are drinks that contain large quantity of fats and they should be avoided as much as possible. Avoid excessively sweet beverages as they contain excess fats. When these sweet foods and beverages are consumed, they are metabolised into fats which are stored in the body.

8. Chew Gum

Chewing gum is one of the quick Tips to Lose Face Fat. When you chew gum, you engage your facial muscles and other muscles in your head and sometimes your neck. This is a good form of exercise that would help you drop those facial fats.

However, you must ensure, the gum you sure is sugar-free because when you sure sweet gum that contains sugar – aside posing danger to your teeth – you unconsciously ingest the sugar through your saliva and the sugar is metabolised to fat which is stored in your body even thou it’s in small quantity, it is dangerous and should be avoided.

Exercise your facial muscles by chewing sugar-free gums.

9. Facial Massage

I guess you do this every now and then but the question is – are you massaging your face effectively? Do you do it yourself or do have professional help?

Facial massage is a one of the quick tips to lose face fat especially when done properly and effectively. Visit www.youtube.com to watch great videos on effective facial massage.

When you do this regularly and effectively, you loosen your facial muscles and the fact leans down faster, especially in addition to all other tips to loose face fat.

10. Quit Smoking

Are you a smoker? If you are addicted to nicotine or hemps, you may want to find a way to break the habit. Smoking is unhealthy and affects your general well being – physically, mentally and psychosocially.

Quit smoking and live healthily to aid your quest in losing facial fats

11. Liposuction

This is a kind of surgical procedure where fat is removed from the body. While liposuction is a quick fix to facial fat, its is not necessarily recommendable as it is not a natural method and thus could hold some negatives for your health.

The procedure has it pros and cons. The advantage of using a surgical procedure to remove fat from your face is that it is the quickest fix possible and secondly, it targets only your face.

The disadvantage of such procedure is that it could leave you with a facial scar and may damage your face permanently if done wrongly.

12. Makeup

Makeup does not reduce your facial fat but can give you face a good fitting if properly applied.

It can further give the impression that your face is thin if done properly.

13. Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is as important as the makeup you wear. They both add highlights to your face.

While it is not a permanent fix to losing facial fats, a hairstyle can give an impression of a thin or fat face.

It is believed that long hair makes your cheek appear thinner, while short air makes your face appear fat.

Final Thoughts

I just shared with you the best 13 Quick Tips to Lose Face Fat.

However, we can only show you the path to wearing your confidence more superbly, but deciding to actually do same would depend totally on you.

Following these tips to lose face facts will totally depend on you, your discipline and consistency.

It is our hope, however, that you are as determined as you should. Now go get all that confidence back!

Finally, I request that you kindly drop us a comment, question, just any and all clarifications about these tips, via the comment box and I will be just too glad to respond.

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