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15 Best Sugar Momma Apps in 2023 | Get them Thick and Wealthy

Sugar Mommas have remained the undoing of some young men globally! Yet, they’ll rather continue with the ‘sugar’ relationship than get real jobs. Interestingly, there are a plethora of Sugar Momma Apps to foster such ‘high risk’ relationships.

However, like the smokers’ sign goes, we always advise that you “apply lots of caution in your target ”sugar relationships” with ’em, Mommas!”

This said, I’ll show you the 15 best Sugar Mommas apps to help you build ‘sugar relationships faster and easier.’

Who is a Sugar Momma?

A Sugar Momma (Cougar) is a mature, rich woman who likes to spoil a younger boyfriend in return for companionship. These partnerships aren’t necessarily sexual, but they seem to last longer when they are.

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Is there an App to find a Sugar Momma?

Several. Thanks to technology, every piece of information, or rather, almost every piece of information, can be found on the internet.

There are several apps where Sugar Mommas can be sought and found. A plethora of such apps even.

As you read on, you will see our mention of these apps. But whether the said apps exist or not? They very well do.

One prominent example is Clover. Clover is a popular modern Android dating app that has recently gained attention.

The app offers a blend of features from more popular apps, like Tinder and Ok Cupid, to build its community.

What is the Best Way to find a Sugar Momma?

Realistically, finding a Cougar in person can be tough. Since the sugar mama will have to contact you first, which is necessary.

If you ask a bunch of random older women if they want to be your sugar mama, you’ll get a lot of angry looks or slaps or even be slammed with a sexual harassment suit.

Finding a sugar Momma with a dedicated app where you already know the gorgeous people you meet are looking for a cougar/cub partnership is the best option for you Cougars.

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What is the Best Sugar Momma App?

I’ll recommend Tinder. Good ol’ Tinder is a traditional dating app with a certain ‘safety feel.’ The platform is user-friendly and requires you to leaf through several pages before you can be hooked up.

I would have recommended it if I wanted to, but I choose to allow you to decide on whether you need a Sugar Momma, least of all, the best app to find ‘what you do not need.’

As long as the cub (younger man) is above 18 years, whatever relationship he conscientiously enters with an older woman is legal. This is common knowledge.

Generally, dating a minor, anyone below the legal majority age (18 years; internationally recognized majority age, though some countries define their majority age as 16 years or 20 years), is illegal. Especially if you’re older than such a minor.

However, if two consenting adults date each other, they are deemed old enough to make such important decisions.

Thus, a Cougar and a Cub above the minority age can legally date anyone they choose, as long as such a relationship is mutually consented to by both parties.

I’ll modestly add that an action is legal and does not in any way guarantee its necessity. What you need is a job, not a Sugar Momma!

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How do I get a Sugar Momma or Dad?

Trust me; I’m not necessarily keen on showing you how to ‘risk your life’ (what I term such relationships).

However, I’ll mention that sugar Momma apps are the easiest and most artificially natural way to get Cougars.

Some of the said apps include, though are not limited to;

  1. Okcupid
  2. Hi5
  3. Tinder
  4. Tango
  5. Hitwe
  6. Meetchat
  7. Skout
  8. Veego
  9. Bermuda
  10. LivU
  11. Paltalk-find friends in a group
  12. Fatch- Find Friends in a group
  13. Tumile- Meet new people
  14. Waplog- Free
  15. Mecoo- match new people like you
  16. MuMu India
  17. Tourbar- chat
  18. Michat
  19. Jasparh- Singles and single parents dating
  20. POF

15 Best Sugar Momma Apps in 2023

1. OkCupid

OkCupid is a dating service that connects people.

With this app, you’ll be able to meet new people and find dates easily. This application is for individuals who want to meet up with their date in person, from an online chat to an actual meetup.

On the 18th of June 2010, OkCupid network released this application. Since then, it has amassed many users, ranging from ten million to one million yearly.

OkCupid has received a lot of great comments from potential users, and many individuals have found their date, sugar momma, and sugar daddy on this app.

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2. Hi5:

Hi5 is a popular dating app that has been around for a long time. I was also able to locate my date using this app, which I am quite grateful for. Hi5 is for people who want to meet more women in different states.

This app allows you to look for women in different states and connect with men and women in your area. Hi5 incorporated created this program, which was published in 2007.

Hi5 has a user base of up to thirteen million people, most hailing from the United States and Canada. So, if you’re looking for a sugar momma in a country like the United States or Canada, this is the sugar momma dating app for you.

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3. Tinder:

Tinder is a dating app that allows you to meet new people across the globe.

It is a great app, but you must go through many profiles before you are matched with the right person. But that isn’t a problem, especially if you want to find the right match and are willing to put in the effort. Tinder is a dating app that Tinder created.

4. Tango:

Tango is a user-friendly dating app that allows you to make video calls with your date. The app lets you chat, watch videos, and make video calls. Using this application, you can see your sugar momma’s face while chatting with her.

The Sugar Momma dating app was created by Tango Inc. and was released in 2010. Since then, it has amassed over a hundred million downloads, with an annual average of ten million. Please use the link below if you want to sign up for Tango.

5. Tourbar- chat:

With Tourbar, you can now make friends from all over the world, go on adventure trips, and go on cute dates. You can also plan trips with other users to have a good time. The Sugar Momma dating app was created by TourBar and was released in 2014.

Since then, Tourbar has amassed over one million downloads worldwide, with most users from the Americas and Asia.

6. Michat:

Michat lets you chat with people nearby, discover and share common interests, and easily expand your friend circle. You can send messages in bottles using Michat. Every bottle contains a unique thought.

To get a special someone, throw or pick up a bottle. You can also send high-resolution messages to your friends and sugar momma via the internet.

The Sugar Momma dating app was created by Michat PTE Limited and debuted in April 2019. Since then, it has amassed over ten million active downloads.

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7. Jasparh- Singles and single parents dating:

A perfect match is guaranteed with Jasparh. You can meet single parents, single women, and single men online for free. Jasparh makes finding a partner in your area for a nice date outing simple.

Jasparh was created and released in January 2019 by jostpay limited. Since then, it has received over ten thousand downloads. Use this link to sign up for Jasper.

8. POF:

Plenty of Fish is a Canadian online dating service popular in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Brazil, Ireland, and the United States.

It is available in nine different languages. This app is a haven for single women and men. There are also sugar mummy and sugar daddy sections. Some of the app’s features are free, while the rest are not.

9. Hitwe:

Hitwe was created to meet and chat with new people online. It came with a new feature that doesn’t require you to wait for matches anymore. You can play games with your date online and are also safe from scams.

Hitwe was created and released in 2015 by the Hitwe Company. Since then, it has received over ten million downloads from users worldwide.

10. Meetchat:

The Meetchat app, as the name suggests, is all about meeting and chatting with other people. It enables you to meet people through social chat and video calls. Meetchat was created by the Meetchat Company and was released in February 2019.

Since then, it has received over a hundred thousand downloads. This is a rapidly growing sugar momma application; please register using the link below to be connected to your ideal match.

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11. Paltalk-make new friends in a group:

Paltalk makes it simple to find friends in groups and have video chats with them. You can use this app to text, chat, and make voice and video calls for free. Paltalk was created and released in 2011 by PeerStream Inc.

Since then, it has amassed five million active users, most of whom are from European countries.

12. Fatch- Find Friends in the group:

Fatch enables you to date, hang out, and meet verified people online for instant dating. This is one of the most interesting dating apps you’ve ever seen.

Fatch allows you to easily send messages without matching, see your visitors, see your likes, send hearts to your sugar momma, and receive hearts in return. Fatch created Search, which was released in 2017. Since then, it has amassed over one million active users.

13. Tumile- Meet new people:

Tumile was originally known as online chat but recently changed its name. The Sugar Momma dating app is a great and dependable online video chat application that values its users’ privacy.

Tumile was created by the live chat studio and was released in 2016. Since then, it has amassed over ten million active users and app downloads.

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14. Waplog- Free:

Waplog is the best dating app for finding new dates, meeting, chatting, and matching with other people in your area. It makes it extremely simple to find someone to chat with. This app is for you if you want to meet and chat with your sugar momma.

Waplog was released in 2012 by the waplog social network. Since then, it has amassed over ten million active users and app downloads.

15. Mecoo- connect with new people like you:

You can now enjoy free meetups and real-time chats with mecoo. Mecoo allows you to make random video chats, meet new people, and meet sugar mommas. This is one of the best apps for sugar momma dating.

This application was created by mecoo and was released on June 5th, 2019. Since then, it has received over one million downloads.

16. MuMu India:

MuMu owns this application, which was created to provide users with simple and efficient dating, video shows, and one-on-one chatting.

This Sugar Momma dating app was released on July 9, 2019, and it has received over 500,000 downloads.

17. Skout:

Skout is a well-known global online network for meeting new people. Unlike other dating apps, Skout accepts registrations from people from all over the world. The Sugar Momma dating app was created and released in August 2010 by Skout Inc.

Since then, it has amassed over fifty million active users, most of which are elderly women and single women.

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18. Veego:

You can make veego sugar mummy friends using this dating app. You can use this app to make free video chats, webcams, and live chats with your veego friends.

This application was created by veego studio and released in 2018. Since then, it has amassed over one million active users from various European countries.

19. Bermuda:

Like other online dating apps, Bermuda allows you to video chat and meet new people. With a video chatting dating app, you can video chat with your sugar momma or girlfriends as you chat with them.

Bermuda was created by Bermuda Inc. and was released in 2016. Since then, it has attracted over ten million active users from all over the world. To register for Bermuda, click on the registration link.

20. LivU: 

LivU is an abbreviation for Life University. With the livU dating app, you are free to interact with strangers. You can use this app to meet new people and video chat with strangers online. The best part is you are not required to date them for any reason. You can make new friends, chat, and make video calls.

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Finally, we hope that when you try out the apps mentioned here, you responsibly relate with the supposed sugar Mommas.

Cheers to getting a real job Fam.



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