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For professionals without a college degree, Idaho offers a variety of high-paying work options. Knowing which jobs can give you the highest earning potential without a four-year degree is useful. Finding a position that supports your professional and financial objectives might be easier when you learn the careers that pay the best salary.

Many people strongly suggest Idaho as a location to live. Idaho is one of the least wealthy US States. It has 1.6 million residents and an average annual income of $47,000, or $5,000 less than the national average. It suffices to say that this is a state populated by modest, hardworking Americans. The sense of community appears strong wherever you choose to settle.

Are you interested in the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree? This article is for you. Let’s get started.

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Why Work in Idaho?

#1. Entry to breathtaking national parks

A portion of Yellowstone National Park is within the state of more than 30 state parks. You can walk, jog, or ride a bike on the 25-mile Greenbelt around Boise while admiring breathtaking city views.

#2. Low cost of living

With an average house sale price that is $176,010 less than the national average, Idaho has a lower cost of living than the average state. The cheap cost of living can enable you to save more for the things you like rather than the necessities.

#3. Cheap Medical Care

Medical care at Boise’s top two hospitals is more reasonable than in other cities. The state also offers low medical costs.

#4. Senior Tax Benefits

In Idaho, there is a modest 6 percent sales tax. Neither prescription medications nor Social Security income is subject to taxation.

#5. Subsidized Crime Rate

With 204.7 occurrences per 100,000 people, Idaho has one of the lowest crime rates in the nation. It is far lower than the national average of 367.9 offenses per 100,000 people.

#6. Gorgeous Mountain Scene

It might come as a surprise to learn that Idaho, which is famous for its agriculture, also features stunning mountains and breathtaking scenery. The state also boasts lakes and prairies if mountains aren’t your thing. This makes it a varied scenery that everyone may appreciate.

#7. It has the weather for all seasons

All four seasons benefit the people of Idaho, which boasts a temperate climate all year. Winters deliver just the right amount of snow. Enough to hit the slopes but not too much to be burdensome. Spring ushers in the breathtaking display of wildflowers.

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Best Locations to Live in Idaho

Idaho’s best locations to live are-

#1. Boise

Boise is the best city to live in Idaho for a variety of reasons and has an excellent overall A-rating. Unquestionably excellent schools and a reasonable cost of living. A young family will undoubtedly find this to be delightful!

With a population of 214,000, the area offers a wide variety of employment options. Boise, or the inner city, does resemble a small town more than the state capital. Boise holds hidden gems by locals, and we tend to agree.

#2. Moscow

The modest town of Moscow is the second-best location to live in Idaho, a close but respectable second. This cozy tiny town, with a population of 24,000, is gaining popularity among millennials.

In the next ten years, Moscow will likely experience a little more growth. Just like wherever else that millennials choose to call home. Although owning a home in Moscow is more expensive than in Boise, the median rent may be why so many millennials are moving there.

#3. Sun Valley

Who would have imagined that Sun Valley, a little, rural community, would be the third best place to live in Idaho? Sadly, it is. If the terms “small” and “country” don’t thrill you, how about “quaint” and “cozy”?

A relatively small, permanent settlement of just 1,500 people calls Sun Valley home. If they are unfamiliar with one another by name, they are by appearance!

Sun Valley is the most idyllic setting of our top three while being one of the more expensive places to purchase real estate.

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#4. Sugar City.

Although Sugar City has 1,300 residents, it is a hip neighborhood with fewer residents than Sun Valley. Sugar City is a wonderful location to live in, and just missed making the list of the top three towns in Idaho to call home.

In addition to being of excellent quality and value, real estate in this area is also very reasonable. $168,300 is the median home value, less than the national average. Sugar City is a great place to raise a family because of its low crime rate and wide range of excellent schools.

#5. Meridian

Residents adore Meridian, which is conveniently located east of Boise. They even said, “I honestly love everything about Meridian!” The hard winters were the only thing this inhabitant could gripe about.

There are 47 schools in the Meridian area. Almost all of them can boast exam results that are above average and a steady supply of accomplished alumni.

#6. Ketchum

The town that is nearest to Sun Valley is Ketchum. If living in the opulent Sun Valley seems a bit remote, consider tripling the population and introducing a suburban. This is opposed to a rural, atmosphere.

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15 Highest-Paid Jobs Idaho without Degree

#1. Retail Manager- $60,606

Retail managers oversee the personnel and day-to-day activities of retail stores. They ensure that staff members like cashiers and customer service representatives abide by corporate policies and assist in keeping a store clean and organized. 

Retail managers have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

A few additional responsibilities include hiring and training new employees and handling budgets and financial records. 

A retail manager could plan displays and advertising materials to increase a store’s profitability. 

They frequently control the price, and inventory levels, and respond to customer queries or problems.

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#2. HVAC supervisor- $61,362

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) supervisor manages a group of HVAC technicians. They ensure the operation complies with safety rules. These experts oversee the installation of new units and replacement parts.

They may also be responsible for scheduling work, creating time and cost estimates, and managing maintenance and repair projects. When their team needs it, HVAC supervisors may offer technical support. They also coordinate work with other companies.

HVAC only needs training from a technical school. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

#3. Fitness Manager- $63,248.

Fitness managers oversee the personnel and everyday activities of gyms and other fitness facilities. 

They are responsible for various tasks, including devising client workout plans and scheduling fitness classes.

These experts can plan tactics for increasing revenue, show prospective gym members around, and handle crises. A fitness manager frequently purchases, sells, and maintains exercise equipment. Additionally, those in this job oversee the fitness center’s structure, cleanliness, and safety. Fitness managers have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

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#4. Food manager- $64,227

Food managers oversee the personnel and daily operations of hospitality businesses. They assist in completing customer orders and developing plans to increase profitability. They also make budgets for restaurant costs. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

Food managers maintain stock and supplies. They employ and train new staff members, such as servers and hosts. These experts frequently provide portion proportions, dish presentation, and food preparation guidelines. A food manager ensures that staff members abide by food safety and health rules.

#5. Aircraft Mechanic: $67,161

Aircraft mechanics maintain and repair aircraft, such as helicopters and airplanes. Their duties frequently involve planning regular maintenance checks and recommending fixes to fix problems.

They collaborate with engineers and system mechanics to execute aircraft inspections and guarantee adherence to aviation safety requirements. Aircraft mechanics have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

#6. Sales representative: $68,015

A sales representative markets a company’s products and services to prospective clients. Among their many responsibilities is determining a prospect’s company needs and pairing them with suitable products. 

Sales personnel frequently conduct market research and keep an eye on rival businesses.

They learn about price guidelines, delivery times, and merchandising strategies. They might handle consumer inquiries or concerns and write reports to provide management teams with information. A sales representative aids a company in fostering new connections with potential consumers.

Sales representatives enhance existing ones with current ones. They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

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#7. Rail project manager: $70,073

Rail project managers have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree. They oversee the transportation projects’ whole life cycle. 

They produce time and expense projections and establish plans for a system’s successful implementation. These experts frequently coordinate the actions and schedules of the designated project team members.

Other responsibilities could include assessing requests for adjustments to a project’s scope, budget, or timing. They may also check project deliverables to ensure their team complies with contract requirements.

#8. Truck driver: $73,666

Driving a truck is one of a truck driver’s main responsibilities. It is one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree. They are responsible for several tasks, such as monitoring traffic patterns and inspecting trucks both before and after voyages.

People in this job frequently do necessary vehicle maintenance to safety regulations. Picking up supplies, checking the accuracy of their truckloads, and delivering goods are possible additional tasks. Truck drivers may fill out the cargo delivery documentation and track work-related expenses.

#9. Dental hygienist: $77,000

 A dental hygienist assists in operations and conducts patient examinations while working under the direction of a dentist. They frequently examine a patient’s teeth and inquire about their dental history. Dental hygienists have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

Dental hygienists apply preventative dental treatment and instruct patients on maintaining their oral hygiene. People in this role take X-rays of patients and maintain records of the dentist’s care and treatments.

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#10. Cargo Pilot: $78,600.

Cargo pilots have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree. They control airplanes used for product transportation. They are in charge of organizing aircraft paths, monitoring the weather before departure, and coordinating takeoff and landing arrangements using air traffic radios.

Inspecting the plane by safety regulations and keeping an eye on the fuel. They also get equipment while it’s in flight are possible additional tasks. Cargo pilots on the fly frequently handle emergency scenarios. They may work with unusual or risky products and make sure they get stored safely. 

Cargo pilots have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

#11. Mason: $57,710

Masons use bricks, stones, and concrete to build and fix buildings. But it’s not a piece of cake! The job is hard on your body because you have to lift heavy things, kneel, and stand up. Masons have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

#12. Carpenter: $55,520

You need a high school diploma and an apprenticeship for this job. This job has been around for a long time and isn’t growing much. However, it’s still a way for people to make beautiful and useful things with their hands. Carpenters learn their trade by working with an expert in a formal or unofficial apprenticeship. 

They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

#13. Real Estate Agent: $51,220

Agents or brokers in real estate help people buy and sell homes. The cool thing about real estate is that you get paid based on how much you sell. You can work hard and put in a lot of hours to grow your business, or you can work part-time and have more freedom. To be a good real estate agent, you must like selling things and working with people. They are one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

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#14. Sheet Metal Worker: $51,370

All you need for this job is a high school diploma and an apprenticeship. 

Sheet metal workers can work in either building or making things. From thin sheets of metal, they make and install products. The job is hard on your body because you have to lift, bend, and squat. 

They have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

#15. A firefighter

Many kids who don’t know what to do with their lives when they grow up want to be firefighters because firefighters are heroes! They put out dangerous fires to save people, animals, buildings, and the environment. There is a lot of competition to become a firefighter, and you will probably also need to become an EMT (EMT). Firefighters have one of the highest-paid jobs in Idaho without a degree.

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We hope you now know that even without a degree, you can get paid well. Any of these jobs can be done by anyone. All you need is to perfect the skill you need for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What non-degree position pays the most money?

The highest paying positions without a college degree are-
Sales Representative
Flight Attendant
Truck Driver
Fitness Manager
HVAC supervisor

What profession offers the highest salary in Idaho?

Directors and all health-related professions.

In Idaho, what does a large wage mean?

While ZipRecruiter reports salaries as high as $149,550 and as low as $20,527. The majority of salaries in the category of Average Jobs currently fall between $48,383 and $73,309. The highest paid individuals (90th percentile) in Idaho make $97,745 annually.

How can someone without a college degree make $100,000 per year?

By becoming a business owner. The arteries of the American economy are small businesses.

Which positions are in high demand in Boise, Idaho?

Software Engineer II
Application Services and Modernization
Deli Food Service / Merchandising Operations
Director of Growth Marketing – Pet Care & Pharmac
Director Sourcing; and Ticket/Gate Agent (Seasonal) – BOI

How much does it cost to live in Idaho?

Idaho’s average annual cost of living is $35,459. Idaho has the 25th-lowest cost of living in the US. They rank high in the center of all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

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