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13 Websites where you can write and get paid instantly in 2023

A single source of income is just what it is; salary! Unfortunately, it is not always enough and frequently leaves you broke or close to broke before the month has even begun.

The blessedness of a side hustle is that you can earn more money from anywhere. Do you know, you can comfortably earn some good money by freelancing?! Even from the comfort of your house or not?! Just by writing awesomely?! It gets even better.

You know how you put up those outstanding posts on your social media handles and everyone applauds them and calls you Nora Roberts and/or Danielle Steel?!

Well, since you can be ‘doppelganged’ to such great, fabulous authors, why not earn from that beautiful writing skill?! Why not allow us to show you great opportunities to write and get paid instantly.

If you agree with us that you are a great writer and also need that extra cash, then this read will be very expository to your intent and help you earn some legit EXTRA CASH! Welcome to the club already!

Why should you take this opportunity?

Seriously, are you even considering not taking this opportunity?! Here you should consider taking this opportunity.

Actually, side hustling is a way of life for more than 44 million Americans. Using a skill or talent to earn extra cash, while at a regular job or not, is indeed one of the most satisfying acts on earth. It comes with a lot of fulfillment and a sense of achievement.

More importantly, multiple streams of income are the sure way to build wealth. It is basically why you should take this opportunity ‘to multiply your streams of income’ seriously. More reasons are;

  • Having multiple streams of income is a wealth creator.
  • It enables you to see more opportunities for investment.
  • You can use the extra money to build wealth.
  • It could be your retirement plan.

Nonetheless, be rest assured we’ve got you covered no matter your area of passion. What is needed is your originality; be certain to write original content as these sites do not accept plagiarized articles.

Thus, to write and get paid instantly, your intended articles must carry your voice and writing style and not plagiarize from any known or unknown source.

How to Start Your Career Online as a Freelance Content Writer in 2023

Tips to help you write to earn instantly

Actually, writing for others will require better precision and more official use of words or grammatical construction, at least to a great extent. You will thus need to acquaint yourself with what will be required of you as a professional writer.

Firstly, all good writers are expected to have a tool known as Grammarly – a grammar-checking software you should download on your system. The tool is free to download, but they have a premium package for people looking to improve their writing even more.

Aside from helping to correct grammatical errors, the tool helps you to check if your article is plagiarized from other sources. Do you know how you need to consult resource articles when you’re doing an article?! Oftentimes, you may copy so many words from such sources and end up with beautifully plagiarized work.

Unfortunately, a few writers often mistakenly write sentences that are the same as already existing posts in the course of consulting such sources.

More so, you need some add-ons on your google chrome, which, by the way, is the more preferred browser for writing online. These add-ons include; SEO Minion, Quick Javascript Switcher, Alexa Traffic Rank, etc.

Categorically, we will now go to the listing of the best websites where you write and get paid instantly.

17+ Best Freelance Platforms for Writers in 2023

11 Websites where you can write and get paid instantly

Here’s a list of websites in diverse niches where you can get paid to write about various spheres of life.

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1. WritersGig

WritersGig is a unique marketplace designed specifically for African writers of different niches to sell their skills to buyers in need of their expertise.

If you are a passionate writer who desires to earn from writing either as a full-time or part-time writer, while you work at your job or school, then, WritersGig is the first place to begin.

Unlike most freelance platforms, buyers are ready to pay for our services on WritersGig. All you need to do is to register as a seller and update your profile with the skills you offer to show that you are available to take jobs.

Go ahead to land your first Gig, deliver quality writing in time, get your 5-star rating from your client and it all gets better from there.


If you are passionately attracted to health issues and occasionally research the internet about health-related topics, then you should have come across a post published on the American College of Healthcare Sciences website.

Now, what you should note is that most of such posts were written by freelance writers like yourself. Thus, if you specialize in writing health-related posts then you should consider working for this website.

They are looking for freelance writers who can construct original and informative articles that are 600 -1000 words long. Such writers will be paid $50.

ACHS is another website where you can write and get paid instantly.

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3. Funds for Writers

This website would pay you for writing inspiring stories. The site basically prefers freelance writers who write articles to help other writers just like this post you are reading.

You must ensure to endear to their guidelines for your post to be accepted. Writers whose posts are accepted are paid between $45 and $50. Payment to writers is done via check or PayPal.

4. Make a Living Writing

This site has been running for more than 10 years and it is popular to have paid lots of freelance writers. The website is currently one of the best around having worked with hundreds of writers around the world.

Writers whose posts are accepted and deemed good enough to be published on the website get paid $50 through PayPal. Visit the site to learn more.

5. Audio Tuts+

If you are vast in WordPress blogging, then you probably would know about Envato. The platform offers writers an opportunity to earn money by submitting articles related to audio. You earn $50, for writing a 500-word article.

10 Best Freelance Platforms For Developers In 2023

6. Listverse

Listverse is a website where you can get paid to write about anything. The website is one of the highest paying websites around.

You can write about any topic ranging from sports to technology, to education and so on. Just do a list of the best items in whatever you are writing about. For instance, you can compile a list of the best colleges in the UAE.

Just do something unique and interesting devoid of plagiarism and errors. The site pays writers $100 for writing posts of 1500 words. Read more about the post through the link below.

7. Back to College

This is an education-based website. Writers are paid for writing informative articles that would benefit old students. You don’t target freshmen as the audience when writing.

The site pays you between $75 and $135 for your post accepted and published. Payment is done via PayPal or checks after 30 days of publishing your post.

8. TheTechLabs

Are adept at adobe related topics? Do you know much about adobe? If yes then you can between $50 and $75 for writing about adobe.

TheTechLabs pay writers to share their knowledge about adobe and payment is via PayPal. Learn more about this site through the official website

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9. The Change Agent

This website offers opportunities to writers willing to construct a helpful post in adult education. The website works with freelance writers around the world to publish adult education content in a bid to help adults looking to enhance their level of education.

The website pays you $250 for each article published and posts are expected to be nothing less than 250 words. Payment is fixed regardless of the number of words contained in your post. Learn more about this website.

10. Theme Forest

Theme Forest is one of the most popular websites in WordPress. The site details the best WordPress templates.

If you know about WordPress themes and web development, you can make up to $100 for writing an interesting and helpful article on the website. Payments are made through PayPal or Moneybookers.

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11. Net Tuts+

This website pays programmers who are vast in coding. If you are certain to have in-depth knowledge about coding and you want to make money off your skill by teaching others, the Net Tuts+ is where you need to be.

The website pays writers up to $150 for each article accepted and published. Visit the website to learn more

12. InstantShift

InstantShift will round up our article as one of the best 20 websites to write and get paid instantly. The website has been on for several years with an impressive reputation for working with freelance writers.

Payment on this website depends on the quality of your post. Visit the site to learn more.

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13. Wonderslist

Wonderslist is another list website that compensates contributors. Create a list if you have an original, distinct thought. Your list must contain 10 items and be at least 1500 words in length.

It must have interesting information that hasn’t been published before. Together with receiving payment, you will also receive author credit on the article, which might look excellent on your freelance writing CV.

There are some themes that are not allowed, such as gambling, adult content, drugs, or violent content, and you will need to receive the Wonderslist editorial team’s approval before publishing your article.

Final Thought

I’m certain you are going to earn money by consulting the editors of the aforementioned websites. Visit the sites highlighted in this post to seize the opportunity to write and get paid instantly.

FAQs Websites where you can write and get paid instantly in 2023

Where can I write online and get paid?

Fund for writers
Make a living writing
Audio Tuts+

What app can I write and get paid?


WritersGig is a unique marketplace designed specifically for African writers of different niches to sell their skills to buyers in need of their expertise.

What are websites that pay you?

Websites that pay you to write
Unlike most freelance platforms, buyers are ready to pay for our services on WritersGig. All you need to do is to register as a seller and update your profile with the skills you offer to show that you are available to take jobs.




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