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A couple of days ago, while trying to log in to the backend office of a networking business company I belong to, the captcha box kept popping up.

It became so frustrating that I decided to stop trying. When I came across a website – 2captcha, with promises of fixing this menace, I got really interested.

The website practically offers to pay people to help them solve Captcha issues. If they actually pay or not will be revealed in this article.

A lot of people are asking a series of questions about Captcha. Amidst their confusion, are wondering if 2Captcha is a scam or legit.

So, before you click the signup page, read through this piece that explains 2Captcha as a company, how it works, and how to earn solving captcha issues.

A quick glance at the table of contents below will reveal the order in which this review was done.

What Is 2Captcha.com?

Registered in 2014, 2Captcha.com claims to pay its signups for solving or answering captchas.

Generally, captchas are distorted texts within an image that a user must type in, correctly to gain access to a website. Normally, this is to certify that they are not robots.

This doesn’t sound interesting or fun one bit to a person in a time crunch or with a busy schedule. Well, 2Captcha offers you an easy route out of this menace.

If you do not have the patience, or you’re continually getting a new captcha box – in an average of 12 seconds, 2captcha answers the puzzle for you if you upload them there.

If you sign up with 2Captcha.com, you earn money by typing a captcha.

Wondering if this breaches security? Let’s see how 2Captcha works.

How Does 2Captcha.com work?

If you have to perform a number of automated tasks daily, you may not be able to evade entering captchas.

So, 2Captcha allows you to register on their platform, upload your captcha task each time, and get an answer in an average of 12 seconds.

On the back end, the website gets someone to answer or solve the Captcha puzzle while they pay this member.

On average, 2captcha.com delivers 10, 00 captchas per minute, every hour of the day. These Captchas are not being solved by robots. They are being solved by humans – flesh and blood.

You are probably wondering where these individuals solving Captchas come from?

Let’s see who should use 2Captcha.com

Who Should Use 2Captcha?

If you do a lot of automated tasks in a day that involves visiting different websites, then, you may consider using 2Captcha.

Or let’s say you need extra bucks to augment what you earn currently; 2Captcha pays you for carrying tasks like solving captchas.

Also, if you have fast typing speed and you enjoy solving captchas, you should be on Captcha right about now, making some extra bucks. On 2Cpatcha.com, you can earn money by typing a captcha.

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How Do 2Captcha Workers Make Money?

It’s absolutely not amiss to be bothered about how you can earn from working for 2Captcha.com. Nobody wants to spare their leisurely solving tasks they may never get paid for.

2Captcha.com pays you small amounts of money for each task you complete. Completion of tasks simply means solving a puzzle and notifying the website of the completed task by re-uploading it on the site.

If you solve basic captchas, you are between $0.25 and $0.60 for every 1, 000 Captcha you solve. Simple captchas here refer to captcha puzzles that ask you to tick a box that says, “I ‘m not a robot.”

Sometimes you may be required to verify further that you are human by answering an image puzzle. You earn $1 or $2 for every 1, 000 Recaptcha v2 image puzzles you solve.

The table below shows how your speed can affect how much you earn on 2Captcha.com.

2Captcha Review Statistics for Workers

Aside from solving captchas, workers on 2Captcha.com can also earn through their referral program. Workers earn 10% of each worker’s earnings.

Quite an insignificant amount, right? Well, let’s see how much 2Captcha is making off you.

2Captchas.com customers pay around $0.50 to $3 per 1 000 captchas. So, the company earns by acting as the middleman and program creator.

The difference between the amount paid by the companies and their payouts to their workers is for the company to keep. It looks like a fair deal, after all.

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How Can I Withdraw from 2Captcha.com?

2Captcha allows you to withdraw your fund through so many outlets once you reach the minimum threshold for withdrawing funds.

The minimum threshold for withdrawing depends on the payment system you are using. See the list below for the withdrawal threshold.

  • WebMoney – $.50
  • AdvCash – $.50
  • PerfectMoney – $.50
  • Uphold – $.50
  • Payeer – $.50
  • Airtm – $1
  • Bitcoin – $1

Simple Guide to Join 2Captcha.com | 2Captcha Reviews

Joining 2Captcha as a worker is totally free. Follow the steps below to sign up, solve captchas, and earn money.

Step 1: Create an Account

Simply visit the website to register. Your email and password will be required to set up your account.

Step 2: Visit the training page

Once you complete your registration, you will be taken to the training page. On this page, you will gain insight into how to solve and answer captchas. The simple training module on this page will take approximately 10 mins to complete.

Step 3: Take the short test.

This involves answering and solving captchas. It may take approximately 10 minutes to finish the short test.

Step 4: Start Working Immediately

If you pass the test, you can immediately start working. Although joining 2Captcha.com is quite easy, you need a computer or smartphone to function effectively.

Only windows and Android OS is recognized by their system. It is important to note that your account can get suspended if you make too many mistakes.

Once your account gets banned, you are no longer eligible for payouts. In addition, using third-party software can lead to suspension and even getting banned. So, Is 2Captcha legit or a scam? Let’s find out.

Is 2Captcha Legit Or Scam? 2Captcha Reviews

For people in North America or Europe, the 2Captcha payout is quite low. However, there are numerous testimonials and evidence that suggest 2Captcha.com is a reputable company.

The only challenge you may therein is that the payout is quite low and can be beneficial to those living in other parts of the world.

Depending on your goal or target, 2Captcha can be either a complete waste of time or a good opportunity. If you have a decent internet connection and a low average salary per hour -seeking ways to augment it during your spare time, 2Captcha.com reviews seem a great option.

However, the table below shows the pros and cons of 2Captcha.com:

2Captcha Review – Pros2Captcha Review – Cons
It’s free and easy to join Earnings are fairly low
You earn money by typing captchasIt takes a lot of time to earn good money on the platform
2captcha workers can earn even without solving Captchas on the site through the referral programCaptcha re-loading is quite slow
You are able to withdraw the money earned on the siteIt pays very little. So, it can only be a part-time job.
It is a legit and good website to earn
Easy payment method
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Trying to solve captchas when you’re facing time constraints can be frustrating. 2Captcha seeks to make this experience better.

Either as a worker or customer, 2captcha seeks your satisfaction. This article on the 2Captcha review explains in detail how the website works, who could use 2Captcha, and how they can earn from the website.

Before visiting the registration page, read through this piece that answers the question is 2Captcha legit or a scam? You will find a way to earn money by typing captchas.



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