4ocean Reviews 2022: Is 4ocean Legit or Scam?

I love the view of an amazing ocean. Oceans have served as tourist centres for many people as well as the habitat of many sea animals. However, oceans face a serious threat—the pollution problem.

For this reason, a group of professionals decided to solve the problem of ocean pollution by recycling plastic waste. With this value proposition, 4oceans have been able to create an industry that recycles plastic waste into every day useable materials.

In this article, I will do a complete 4oceans review talking about their business model, value offers, products, and much more.

What is 4oceans?

4ocean is a company in the business of reducing plastic waste on the oceans and recycling them to become useable every day products.

Indeed, the process of sorting down to production is not a walk in the park. And 4oceans execute this with a great level of precision.

Their framework is admirable as it keeps them on a measurement scale. This way, they know how close they are to their goal.

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How does 4oceans work?

4oceans is an effective system that has helped reduce the dreaded effects of ocean pollution. Their record is precise as they document every pound of waste they recover from the oceans.

They perform their process using a seven step method which includes:

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Step 1: The cleaning crew usually go to the location where they will be cleaning. They gather and take a group picture before they get to work.

2nd Step: The team will take photographs of the polluted environment to access the level of plastic pollution

3rd Step: The crew start the cleanup process.

4th Step: Photographs of the place after the cleanup will be taken.

5th Step: The crew carefully package all the plastic waste and debris into small sacks to make transportation easy.

6th Step: Each packaged bag is weighed and the numbers are represented on a TrashTracker Documentation Sheet.

Step 7: The TrashTracker Documentation Sheet possesses data from the cleanup including the duration, location, crew members, individual weights of each bag, date, weight of the day and much more. These records help them track their progress each day.

Step 8: The collection crew pick up the bags from the cleanup location with the TrashChecker Documentation Sheet back to the facility of the company depending on the country.

How do 4oceans Recover Plastics?

My 4ocean’s review revealed that this industry uses four major techniques to get their plastic products which include:


The safest way to recover plastic is by using our your two hands, fishing nets, or other tools.


Possessing the right vessel is necessary because each ecosystem is unique.


4ocean’s leverage boom systems to stop plastic before it can get into the ocean.


The development of clean ocean technologies improves the cleaning efficiency of this company.

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What are the Features of 4oceans?

When I decided to run through this 4oceans review, I paid special attention to the available features that can interest you to this business.

4oceans have grown from just picking and packaging plastic wastes to developing useable products from these waste materials. Some key features of this industry include:


As 4oceans continued acquiring more plastic waste, they began a proper recycling process. The result of this process helped them venture into the product marketplace.

One of their amazing products is their beaded bracelet with the 40cean logo incripted on it. Some of their other great products include theur storage bag, bamboo utensil set and beach umbrella.

You can get the best of 4ocean’s products when you visit their webpage.

Gift Guide

My 4ocean’s review shows that this platform can help you solve your gifting problems. So, if you want to gift someone a product of 4oceans on a special occassion, they have packaged these products into different bundles from which you can choose.

In a case where you don’t find a bundle that suits you, you can talk to their customer care to help you put it together.

How Can I Join the 4oceans Club?

The 4ocean’s club is a place where members get access to the best products of the company in addition to promos, content and information about different events.

However, individuals cannot access the 4oceans club for free. There are three subscriptions plan of $40/month and $20/month.

When you join the club, you support 4ocean’s mission of having plastic-free oceans. All subscriptions fee gear towards funding the workers of this industry with materials they need to do their job.

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With 11,352,670 lbs worth of plastics recovered from different ocean locations around the world, we can agree that this company is making considerable progress. And they still plan on introducing effective ways to raise this number.


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