5 Easy Strategies To Get Free Cable TV in 2022

Watching TV has become a part of our lives over the years with some even becoming addicted to some TV programs. TV has a lot of interesting programs as well as lots of junks, nevertheless, we can’t imagine a world without TV.

As we all know, there are lots of interesting TC channels most of which can only be accessed through subscribing a cable.

In the post, I shall be revealing 5 Easy Strategies to get free cable TV.

Yeah, you read it right! 5 Easy Strategies to get free cable TV all of which are legitimate. There are lots of illegal ways of watching free cable but we shall be focusing on the legitimate ways to get free cable TV as our website only does legit.

It costs around $50 – $150 per month to subscribe to cable channels depending on the plan you prefer and I can’t begin to imagine how much you have paid your cable company over the years while there are alternatives to get free cable TV.

In this post you shall learn the best 5 Easy Strategies to get free cable TV to watch your favourite movies and television series without having to pay your cable company, although some of the strategies may require you to part with only a few bucks unlike the large sum you get to pay for cable subscription.

The following methods are genuine means of watching free cable TV I founded and have employed ever since after researching thoroughly on easy Strategies to get free cable TV.

These methods of free cable TV are legit and cost next to nothing. Now you can begin to watch your favourite TV programs for free or an insanely subsidized rate.

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5 Easy Strategies To Get Free Cable TV

The five easy strategies to get free cable TV include the following;

#1 HDTV Antenna

You  are probably wondering if am talking about the old Antenna that look like a pair of rabbit ears that have generally been abandoned several years ago. Funny isn’t it?

No! I’m not talking about the old rabbit-ear-like antenna can only be found in the basement of homes in the 21st centuries.

There lots of modern HDTV Antenna through which you can watch lots of interesting channels. Funny enough, most people assume interesting TV channels and programs can only be accessed through paid cable.

This is not always through as most of the TV channels and programs can are aired for free especially if you in a metropolitan area.

Do you know there different types of antenna with each having different interesting features? I guess you probably know this already but the question remains have you tried any of the antennas in recent years?

I employ you this day to get any of the antennas i’m going to reveal shortly and be amazed at the interesting TV channels and cable you would find. These antennas include – Antenna Web, Directional antenna, Multi-directional antenna, Omni-directional antenna

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#2 Amazon Prime

Become an Amazon Prime member. This is another free way to watch cable for free. Amazon recently announced that it prime member’s list is on a constant increase and a lot of benefits come with becoming a member with the popular shopping store.

Some of the benefits of being an Amazon prime member is that you get to access to watch free videos from a wide range of selection. Secondly, you get a two day delivery on any order you make from the store.

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You can watch lots of classic movies and TV series like ‘the sopranos as well as contemporary programs like the block buster HBO TV series, Game of Thrones among other shows.



Hulu is a paid streaming plan similar to most paid cable TV but unlike most cable TV, the cost of the subscription on the streaming platform is insanely cheap.

The streaming platform has three different plans you can subscribe to depending on choice and money.

Huku has a basic plan that costs $5.99 /mo for full access to streaming movies but you should note that this plan includes commercials. The other plan costs $11.99 per month without commercials to disturb your movies during streaming.

Please note that there are some episodes of series that come with commercials even at the $11.99 subscription because of some copyright issues.

#4 Netflix

Netflix is one streaming website currently giving cable companies a run for their money. Many homes in the United States and the world at large have switched to Netflix as contains several cable channels at a cheap cost.

Netflix is more or less like Amazon prime with thousands of interesting TV series and movies to watch depending on the plan you choose to subscribe.

There are 3 different plans on the platform and they include – the Basic Plan, the Standard Plan, and the Premium Plan

  • Netflix Basic Plan

The Netflix Basic Plan is the cheapest plan on the platform with amazing features. Like the other plans, the Netflix Basic Plan offers unlimited movies to select from but you can only stream on one screen with this plan. It cost $7.99 per month to subscribe to this plan

  • Netflix Standard Plan
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This plan costs $10.99 per month with the amazing feature of watching unlimited movies. This plan allows users to stream on two different screens simultaneously

  • Netflix Premium Plan

Netflix’s Premium plan offers the same benefits as the other two plans, and costs $13.99 per month, but has a couple of other bonus features.

#5 TV.com

This is a free website to get information about various Television shows. If you need to keep a tab about the date of the upcoming series or you want to find information about the cast or directors of any TV series, TV.com is the way to go.

Aside from the features mentioned above, TV.com also offers free viewing of episodes of some series although most of the links from the website would always direct you to Amazon prime.

TV.com is one of the platforms I recommend to people looking for means to watch free movies. The website has a lot of interesting features. Log in today to start watching movies. www.tv.com

Final Thought!

I guess you probably didn’t know about these 5 Easy Strategies to get free cable TV or perhaps you know the methods but are too reluctant to try them out? You can save costs from excessive billing from cable companies while watching tv channels available on these cable channels.

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