Abode Home Security System Review for 2022

A former ADT executive, Abode formed several firms taking on traditional security brands by manufacturing its intelligent wireless sensors and alarms. However, Abode’s product lineup is the most widely compatible, and it’s one of the few that supports Apple HomeKit.

Abode has expanded to span the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, thanks to its broad compatibility, flexible pricing, and easy-to-install technology.

Abode provides comprehensive intelligent home security solutions that are easy to install. SupposeSuppose you don’t want to pay for a professional monitoring service. In that case. In that case, you may monitor it yourself, making it one of the most cost-effective and flexible solutions for renters and homeowners.

We have provided an all-encompassing review of the Abode Home Security System for 2022. This review covers its pricing, features, installation, and customer support. We also give our final verdict on whether the Abode Home Security System is a go-for in 2022.

All home security systems adopt the same basic premise of securing entrance points such as doors and windows and or space containing valuables such as art, computers, firearms, and coin collections.

The only variation is the number of security components deployed throughout the home and monitored by the control panel, regardless of the size of your home, the number of doors and windows, or the number of interior rooms a homeowner decides to secure.

Abode Home Security Pricing

The Smart Security Kit, which includes all of the gear you’ll need to get started, starts at $49. That’s an excellent price for a complete security solution, but you can quickly increase it by adding more sensors and smart devices from Abode’s huge selection.

For example, Abode’s motion sensor is $39.99, and its water leak sensor is $49.99, both of which are significantly more expensive than SimpliSafe’s identical sensors. The Iota All-In-One Security Kit from Abode, which contains cameras, more sensors, and more sophisticated technologies, costs $329.

Of course, there is no charge for installation, and you are not obligated to pay a membership price, but there are three monitoring options that make a lot of sense.

The basic plan is free and allows you to receive notifications via the app and utilize the basic controls. Still, it excludes several critical features such as geo-fencing and CUE automation (more on those in the features section).

For $6 per month, you may gain access to them, store the video from one security camera in the cloud, and receive premium customer service. However, expert monitoring is not available unless you pay the Pro subscription, which costs $20 per month or $180 per year.

The Iota or the Gateway are the two hubs available in Abode. Both include built-in sirens, 4G LTE radios, and a 6-hour battery backup, but neither is touchscreen. The Gateway must follow a link by Ethernet wire. However, they can hide it away in a cabinet.

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The hub of the Iota has a camera and a motion sensor. It’s made to be left out in the open and doesn’t require an Ethernet connection, providing you with more positioning possibilities.

There are specific cameras that will offer you the best view of every part of the action; check them out: 15 Best Wireless Home Security Cameras Of 2022

Both hubs come as part of a package that you can customize to meet your specific home security requirements. The kits cost from $279.00 to $502.99.

Abode Home Security Features

Abode has a wide choice of gadgets, which means many options. It is entirely dependent on the bundle you select. There is a Gen 2 Gateway (Abode’s name for the base station), one window/door sensor, one motion sensor, and a key fob in the Smart Security Kit.

With the free companion app and the free plan, you’ll be able to see when your door or window has been opened and to detect activity inside your home.

The key fob is more than just a way to keep your keys together; it also features buttons for arming and disarming your system and a panic button. If you ever come face to face with the invader, press this button.

The Base Station is the outfit’s brain, converting sensor inputs into a notification on your phone. There’s also a 93dB siren on board. The more expensive packages upgrade the Gen 2 Gateway to the Iota Gateway, which is more advanced.

It has a motion sensor, speakers, high definition camera and is much smaller and sleeker than the bulky Gen 2. There’s also a micro SD card slot, so instead of using the cloud, you can record any video triggered by the motion sensor locally.

That means you may get a lot of use out of your Iota kit without having to pay a monthly subscription cost. It has a ten-hour battery and wifi plugging into the wall.

Abode’s system is very accommodating to third-party intelligent home devices. Ecobee, Sonos, First Alert, Nest, Schlage, Philips Hue, Lifx, Linear, and Kwikset are among the brands whose intelligent locks, thermostats, lighting sensors, and speakers can function together.

Most of your existing smart home gadgets should work with Abode, which uses the Zigbee and Z-Wave wireless protocols to connect. According to the business, using voice controls and Abode’s unique automation engine, you can link more than 160 items to your system. For voice control, the Abode Gateway and Iota both operate with Alexa, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

Up to 100 CUE automation is also possible. You can ask the system to complete these jobs automatically, just like you would with IFTT (if this, then that).

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You can, for example, program the system to arm anytime all of the related phones leave the geo-fence of your home. If you try to arm the system after leaving a window open, the system will alert you.

A keypad, three 1080p security cameras, indoor and outdoor sirens, and glass-break, smoke, and water leak sensors are among the other Abode gadgets. They may put on a video doorbell and a touchscreen control panel. The wall is the only missing item.

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Abode Home Security Installation

The Abode system is about as straightforward as it gets for the DIY user. There are no tools necessary, and everything is secured using double-sided tape.

You’ll get an activation code that identifies your Abode Gateway device for quick setup in the package. 

Your sensors and other security equipment are instantly paired without scanning when creating a mobile app account and entering code. 

The app also walks you by identifying each gadget, putting the sensor magnets in place, and aligning them. If you need assistance, Abode will send a technician to your location for $99.

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Abode Home Security Customer Support

Abode’s quality of customer service varies depending on the package you choose. You can call the team directly if you pay, but you’ll have to email first if you’re on the free plan.

Like all decent, intelligent home security, the hardware is only half the story. When one of the sensors is triggered, what happens? You don’t have to sign up for professional monitoring, unlike standard security companies like ADT or Brinks.

The first of three subscription levels offered by Abode is free.

The free companion app allows you to check your notifications, see your security camera footage, and arm or disarm the system.

The $6/month option unlocks a slew of capabilities, including CUE automation and seven-day video storage from a single security camera.

The Pro plan costs $20 per month and includes round-the-clock professional monitoring. You can genuinely unwind knowing that a team of qualified specialists monitors your alarm system, so you don’t have to.

They will contact you and every key holder on your list as soon as they receive an alert. If you’ve added a video camera with cloud storage in your package, they’ll also call the first responders on your behalf.

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If you’re searching for a reliable security system with many intelligent home capabilities, Abode is an attractive option. It features a large equipment selection, allowing you to customize your design or add it over time. 

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For about $300, you can have everything you need to start securing your home with the Abode Smart Security Kit. 

The system is simple to set up and includes various inexpensive add-on components. Abode’s flexible options allow you to monitor your system yourself and pay for professional assistance only when you need it, or you can opt for a 24/7 monitoring package.

Abode can operate hundreds of sensors. Home automation devices have their own IFTTT channel and work with more third-party devices than SimpliSafe, thanks to compatibility for Z-Wave and Zigbee wireless protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Abode help me secure my business?

Yes. Abode has everything you’ll need to secure your commercial or company property. It would be ideal for a developing firm because adding sensors and relocating equipment as your company grows is simple. The Abode website may ask you questions about your company and provide you with a quote.

Is there an app that I can use to control it?

Yes. Abode has put a lot of consideration into the smartphone and online apps, and they are both incredibly user-friendly. Although not all of the capabilities are available until you subscribe to one of the monthly plans, you may always receive notifications and remotely arm or disarm your system. Those who utilize Apple’s home automation on their phone will be interested in the HomeKit compatibility.

Is there a monthly cost I'll be required to pay?

No. The first of Abode’s three subscription tiers are free. It’s enough to have a free iOS, Android, or web app to control your security system. While the $6/month membership unlocks features like cloud recording, we recommend the $20/month app, which provides professional 24/7 monitoring. What types of text and email notifications am I eligible for? Even if you don’t have a monitoring package, Abode can send you email and SMS alerts. These include automated messages when doors or windows are opened or closed, the alarm is activated, or the system status changes.

Will my pets cause the alarm to go off?

Pets weighing up to 60 pounds are said to be ignored by Abode’s motion sensors. However, the organization can assist you in installing sensors to detect human movement while reducing the chance of a false alarm from a pet.

Is there a code for emergency duress or distress in Abode?

When you disable the system under duress, you can establish a PIN number to notify the Abode monitoring center. A team of emergency responders will be dispatched.



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