How To Use Abundance Checks To Manifest Your Money In 2022

‘The Secret’ popularized the concept of abundance checks and how it manifests money. Just like the man in the documentary, you can use these checks to manifest any amount of money you need.

Actually, you can manifest just about anything you lack and need to increase- love, harmony, money, friends, etc.

This already sounds like some mystical powers, it really isn’t. We are just empowering the universe to release abundance.

It works with the law of attraction.

Make a promise to practice all you’ll learn and give us a shout-out when the abundance manifests.

What are Abundance Checks?

An abundance check is a digital check that you can print, write your name on it just to manifest more abundance of money into your life.

An Abundance Check is a blank check from the Universe. With them, you align your intention with the universe and send a message to the Universe and your subconscious mind that you are open and receptive to abundance.

New Moon Abundance Check is a way of creating financial abundance. But, you can also write the check to improve a relationship, increase your health, or do anything else you want to improve or increase.

This concept was actually made popular by the documentary ‘The Secret”. It practically showed the story of a man who used a check to successfully manifest $100,000 and then $1,000,000.

According to the Law of Attraction, if you fully expect something to happen without a doubt then the Universe has to give it to you.

The Law of Abundance Check 2022

Just like the law of abundance, the law of abundance check simply posits that there is an unlimited source of everything including the amount you choose to write on your check.

Some religions juxtapose it with the New Moon ritual which reminds its faithful of the abundance of nature. Basically, the law of abundance check 2022 posits that the energy of the new noon can align with the faithful core energy.

So, the ritual is a reset that helps individuals release all the psychic junk accumulated over time. It is believed that these junks can cause separation from source hence the need to re-connect to the infinite abundant nature.

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Do Abundance Checks Really work?

From the experience of its numerous users, the abundance check does work.

It basically uses the law of attraction to manifest money.

A recent read here reveals that some celebrities used the Law of Attraction to manifest things, including money.

One of the typical celebrities who used this law of attraction is Jim Carrey of the Truman show.

In an interview, he revealed how he was broke and poor, yet visualize directors interested in him and paying him a huge sum of money.

He wrote himself a $10 milliom check and dated it 5 years in the future on Thanksgiving labelling it “for acting service rendered.”

And just after Thanksgiving ’95, he found out he was going to make $10 million for Dumb & Dumber.

A writer Rode Goldberg, also used Abundance checks to manifest money.

According to her “I manifested more than $2000 the first time I did it, and the second time I manifested $200 in 2–3 days.”

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How Does Abundance Check Manifest Money?

The ‘how’ is quite simple. Usually, people manifest more than just money, some manifest experiences, jobs and even vacations.

You should follow the steps:

  • Print the check
  • Write your name and the value or thing you want to manifest with paid in full
  • Sign it. This is usually signed with “The Universe”, “Universal Bank” or ” Law of Abundance”
  • Believe in it.
  • Keep the check with you till it comes true

For example, if you need $5000 to enroll for a course, you will write $5000 and mention it being for ‘enrolling in a course’ and sign by the ‘Universe Bank”.

Gaze at this check with excitement not disbelief and watch it come true.

Ways to Write an Abundance Check

There are basically two ways of writing an abundance check, we present them below.

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1. The Traditional Way

If you do not have a checking account, you can draw a check on a piece of paper, or download an abundance check online and fill it out in the same way. Regardless, the result is the same.

Here is how to write the check:

  • Within 24 hrs after a New Moon, fill a check. Write your name in the space for “Pay to”.
  • In the box for amount, write “Paid in Full.” This opens you to unlimited abundance.
  • Sign the check: “The Law of Abundance.”
  • Do not put a date or a specific dollar amount on the check. Put it in a safe place and forget about it. The Universe will take it from there.

Write with full expectation and the universe will decide on the right level of abundance you are ready to receive.

2. Writing With Intention

Here are the steps to writing an intention abundance check:

  • Fill a check within 24 hours of the new moon. In the “Pay to ” space, write your full name.
  • Write an exact amount you wish to manifest. Choose an amount that feels abundant but also possible, an amount you can truly visualize yourself receiving over the next 30 days.
  • Write paid in Full
  • Sign the check “Law of Abundance”.

Think of this amount of money as adding to your prosperity. Imagine that you already have this money, put your imagination to work, use all of your senses.

Feel abundant and radiate that feeling out into the universe, as you do you will become a magnet, attracting whatever you are focused on.

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When to Write Abundance Cheque?

There is no specific designated time to write abundance cheques. For some religions, the law of abundance check posits it is done during the new month’s ritual.

However, anyone can write an abundance check from anywhere in the world. Although, it is best whenever you feel you are losing touch with the abundant nature. The law of abundance cheques new moon posits that it helps you re-connect easily.

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Why Abundance Checks Manifest Money?

This doesn’t work with some astral powers, it uses of the Law of Attraction as already mentioned.

Usually, when people want to manifest things to the physocal world, they work with concepts and ideas. However, abundance check makes us view what we want to maifst in the physical alraedy.

The fact is that it is a piece of paper- a physical form which represents the manifestation we seek.This is what guarantees success.

And because it’s already physical, its energy is stronger and easier to align with the force of the universe in order to bring about our desires.

New moon abundance checks works with the energy of the new moon each month.

These checks are best created within 24 hours after the New Moon each month. This harnesses the creative potential that occurs during this powerful time when we seed what we desire into the Universe.

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You now know what abundance checks are and how to manifest money into your life. What is knowledge without practice? Therefore, play around with this check to attract money, health, love, etc into your life.

Feel joyous and visualize yourself receiving the abundance. You may also want to visualize white light around the check, energizing it and transmuting any negative energy or thoughts about receiving abundance.

You can then put the check-in a special place, out of sight where you won’t be giving it attention.

Finally, simply acknowledge that the money will begin flowing into your life immediately after. Trust that the Universe will bring it, the Universe does its job better without interference from you!



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