How to Activate Your Chase Debit Card

Perhaps your big move just paid off, and you just received your first Chase credit
card, and you can’t wait to start using it. Once you verify the receipt of your
card, the next step is activation. The process involves a simple step, which
you can either do with your mobile phone or the computer online. 

If you are not conversant with how to activate your chase debit card, continue reading this article to the end. 

 How to Activate Chase Debit Card 

If you are reading this article, it means your application is approved, and you are either waiting or have received your physical card. It usually takes seven to ten days for the physical card to arrive.

Once you get your card, the next step is how to activate your Chase debit card.

First things first, ensure that you have a profile since you will need it to verify the receipt of your card. 

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Activate Chase Debit Card by Phone 

To activate your Chase credit card by phone, you can either choose to call the number on the sticker on your new card or reach Chase customer care service via the customer care line 800-432-3117. 

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Activate Chase Debit Card Online  

Alongside the phone number on the sticker of your new card is a URL, which you will need to verify the card receipt and activate your card online. 

Before activation of your card, ensure that you read the card agreement. You will learn more about the rewards, interest rates, and other perks that come with your card. Once you verify and activate your Chase card, you can start using it immediately. 

Activate your Chase Debit Card Using the Chase Mobile App 

If you do not have the Chase Mobile App, you might first want to download it before you continue. 

  • Sign in to your Chase Mobile App. 
  • Look for “Show More Actions” to open up the action tab. 
  • Go through the agreement and “Accept” the terms and conditions 
  • Click on “Get Started.” 
  • Review Chase app Terms of Use and select “Activate Quick Accept.” 
  • Your activation is complete, and you are ready to start accepting card payments. 

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What If I Don’t Activate My Chase Credit Card? 

Whether you activate your new card or not, your account remains open, and you can still use your new card. You will also enjoy the same credit limit that you are
eligible to enjoy. However, your credit report will also include the hard pull. Hard pull can affect your credit score negatively. 

It is always essential to check your credit score from time to time to know your performance before opening up new lines of credit. Chase offers its clients free access to Chase Credit Journey that helps them keep track of their credit score.  

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Once you have successfully activated your chase credit card, don’t forget to explore the numerous benefits and perks available on your new card. You can follow the link to see some of the most popular Chase credit cards to see some of the benefits you will enjoy on your new card.

Also, there are offers available that you can easily add to your Chase credit card to enjoy an additional discount when you use your card at some stores. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Chase Credit Card  

I just got a new chase card. How do I activate it? 

There are three ways you can activate your new Chase credit card—online, by phone, or via the Chase mobile App. 

Is it necessary to activate my Chase credit card?  

Yes, it is essential to verify that you have received your card and activate it as soon as it arrives. 

Will my Chase card refuses to work if I fail to activate it? 

Your chase card will still work even if you don’t activate it. However, your credit score will contain a hard pull that may affect your credit score. 


Activating your new chase credit card is easier than you imagine and is the first step to using your card. It is also the first step to benefiting from the various benefits available for your Chase credit card.

Don’t forget to take some time to learn about all the different welcome benefits and perks that may be available for your new card.  

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