17 Affordable Wedding Venues That You Haven’t Thought Of

Forget the traditional backyard weddings! We have new affordable ideas to glam up your wedding venues.

Yes, we love weddings!

Nowadays, elegance is not about cost but creativity. In fact, the best weddings are those organized by creative minds.

Since weddings are once in a lifetime events, why not come all out in creativity yet on budget and give yourself a day to be remembered?

On an average, the wedding venue alone costs $6,000. How about we give you ideas that would at most cost a few thousand dollars and outshine the $6,000 venue?

Welcome onboard to the gallery of ideas for your cheap and affordable wedding venue!

Affordable Wedding Ideas

Since the average cost of a wedding in the United States is well over $20,000, the actual figure will be somewhat outrageous when you imbibe all the fairytales ideas we all have been dreaming of for our big day.

Not to worry, there are many creative ways to give you a fairytale wedding on a budget. Let us look at them briefly.

#1 Find Somewhere New

One of the tactics I used in my own wedding to save some money was to use a newly-opened venue. They usually offer discounts to build a customer base and build a reputation.

#2 Don’t Rent Much Space

Rent only the space necessary for the number of guests you will have. Look for smaller venues if you expect a few guests.

#3 Use One Venue Instead of Two

Use a location that will be good for both the ceremony and the reception. As such, you don’t have to pay separate fees. This is very necessary for couples on a budget.

Guests also love when they do not have to drive across the country for the reception. For example, many churches have a hall that is available for such occasions.

#4  Don’t Get Married on a Saturday

Saturdays are common days for weddings. It is convenient. People are used to it and as such it is expensive.

Here is why.

Many wedding venues are not affordable on Saturdays, they can give up to 40% discount if you book their venue for friday or even a Sunday.

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They usually don’t get booked for a wedding other than on a saturday.

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#5 Have a Morning Wedding

Although it may be tricky for a bride to get prepared early and bright, it saves a lot of money. Serving brunch or lunch at the reception is much cheaper than serving a dinner. Plus, you will have more time to spend with your new spouse on your actual wedding day.

#6 Ask for An All-Inclusive Package

If you are using a reception site, ask them for a package to cover food, decor and all. At the long run, you will discover this will be cheaper. And focus on priorities.

#7 Ask to Pay in Full for a Discount

Typically, you are required to provide a down payment when you book a venue for a wedding and then pay the rest later. Ask if you can get a discount if you pay in full when you book. Again, get a contract for reimbursement in case something goes wrong.

How To Find and Book An Affordable Wedding Venue

Your wedding budget will determine how affordable an option you will choose for your wedding reception. Many couples devote around 40% of their budget to venues which is usually between $3,000 to $15,000.

So, to book an affordable wedding venue, you have to;

  • First ask for a list of venues that suit your budget.
  • Check if the price includes tables and chairs or even decor as some don’t.
  • If this is above your budget, consider a public/open space.
  • Here is another trick, if your wedding budget is not so big afterall, consider choosing a date that will suit your budget. For instance, fix the date on a friday or thursday. Just anyday asides Saturday and sunday.

Affordable Wedding Venues That You Haven’t Thought Of

Using your backyard isn’t the only affordable wedding venue destination. There are numerous places to use for your wedding while on a budget that doesn’t actually feel cheap and you’ve never thought of. Those are what we have here.

#1 Park and Gardens

Are you considering an outdoor wedding in a park or garden? Some of the most popular places in the USA are Beaulieu Garden in Napa Valley, California, or the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh.

On the other hand, you need a permit to use a national park for your wedding. However, this affordable wedding venue allows you to tie the knot surrounded by nature. Also, you will pay around $100.

My personal favourite is Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite National Park, California. How can you get an invite and not attend a wedding here?

#2 Bed & Breakfast

Just think: a cozy, intimate space that feels like home, charming on-site guest rooms, and a garden just perfect for your small outdoor ceremony. Now this is one of the cheapest wedding venue ideas because of the little space.

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#3. An Airbnb or Hotel

Consider a short-term rental home or hotel suite if you love the privacy and some space. This venue offers these besides a place to sleep after the ceremony if your guests came from afar.

Again, if you have a smaller number of guests and want to celebrate an affordable wedding in grand style, consider this option.

#4. Beaches

I personally love beach weddings. It is one of the most-affordable low-cost wedding venues ever. You will not have a need for so much decor. Well, this depends on how simple the wedding will be.

In fact, I can imagine a sea-shore beach wedding, with just a handful of chairs and the guests dressed in jumpsuits seated on the beach sand. It will be outrightly romantic!

Don’t take this idea if you do not believe in fairytales.

#5. In the street

Heard of a block part? Although it will require a special permit to close off a street because of a wedding party, just imagine how it will be the talk of the town for years.

You can have a barbecue, hire food trucks or make it a potluck. Just be wild in creativity. This offers one of the most affordable wedding venues you’ve ever thought of.

Also, it is a cheap wedding venue idea.

#6. Libraries and Museums

Bookies and naturalists can start their marriage by booking an affordable wedding venue surrounded by books and artifacts. For example, event fees at the Detroit Historical Museum begin at $400.

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#7. Aquariums and zoos

If you and your spouse are wildlife lovers and love the exotic setting, a wedding venue at an aquarium or zoo is a great idea. You will celebrate your big day close to what you love. As a bonus, some use the wedding proceeds to aid conservation. Couples can wed at the Jaguar Cove in Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo for $600.

#8. Cafes, Restaurants, and Bars

Possibly rent out a private dining room at a coffee shop, bar or eatery or even the entire facility. Depending on the guest list size, this can be a very budget-friendly and affordable wedding venue idea.

A full-service place will have food, tables, chairs, dishes, and utensils in-house, which can save money compared with hiring outside vendors. Some even have a private room for your DJ and space for a dance floor.

#9. Yacht, Boat, and Cruise

Boat weddings offer a classy and affordable wedding venue. You can combine the ceremony with the reception, have fewer guests, and even add some cruise by combining wedding and honey at sea.

#10. Schools

This is another a budget-friendly, cheap and affordable wedding venue idea you should consider. Many high schools and colleges rent out their sports fields, theatres, dining halls or other event spaces at an affordable rate. For example, event fees at Ohio University start at $100 and wedding packages at the University of California, Berkeley’s botanical garden start at $1,200.

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#11. Theaters

With stunning architecture and romantic lighting, a historic movie or performing arts theatre can set the scene for a charming wedding.

Couples can have a ceremony for $600 or a ceremony and reception for $1,600 at the Michigan Theatre in Jackson, Michigan.

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#12 Pool Side

You really don’t want to know what I think of a poolside wedding. It is simply stunning!

Pulling this off requires creativity. I can already imagine yours being timelessly elegant.

#13 City Hall or Courthouse

Yes, you can always get married at your local courthouse or City Hall!

Some of these buildings are absolutely breathtaking. San Francisco’s City Hall has jaw-dropping interiors and Philadelphia’s majestic City Hall is constructed of brick, marble, and granite. Visit the city’s website or office to find out their marriage license requirements.

#14 Night Club

If you want your wedding reception to have a cool nightclub vibe, then why not host it in an actual nightclub? Once the strobe lights are off and the music is reduced, you will be surprised to have a contemporary event space.

Since many couples do not think of this, it will be a very affordable budget wedding venue.

#15 Farms

For that country-style touch, there’s no better venue than an actual farm or ranch, with a barn for the party.

They often offer a gorgeous background for the ceremony, plenty of space to take pictures and dance. Plus, they are super affordable.

#16 Historic Venues

Are you hoping to capture historic charm throughout your wedding, then a historic wedding venue will be your best bet.

Rhodes hall and The Ancient Spanish Monastery are among the most affordable historical wedding venues. Just remember, there may be several rules to follow to preserve the age-old architecture.

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#17 Church, Chapel, or other House of Worship

If you and your fiancé want a spiritual ceremony, it makes sense to get married at a church or other house of worship. These sacred spaces require minimal financial investment, and many even have an adjacent hall for receptions.


Everyone wants glamour on their wedding day. Regardless, some want it creatively quiet while others want it loud. Anyone you wish to achieve, you don’t have to tear your pockets to achieve this, just make a pick from our 17 cheapest, most affordable, and budget-friendly wedding venue ideas.

Send us a picture of the event, because The Wealth Circle loves weddings as well.

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