Alibaba Affiliates Review: How to Make Money from Alibaba

You are an affiliate marketer with Alibaba who earns a very meager commission, and you may want to know if there are ways you can make more money as an affiliate marketer. The review will let you in on how to make some more money.

To make that happen, you must know your onions in a business promotion so you get included. Kindly see the table of contents below for an overview.

Table of contents

About Alibaba 

The Alibaba Group Holding Limited (otherwise called Alibaba Group and is a Chinese global innovation organization representing considerable authority in the online market, retail, Internet, and innovation.

At Alibaba, several sales deals are mostly through web-based interfaces, electronic installment administrations, and cloud computing administrations.

Since its establishment in 1999; it has operated with a plethora of business organizations around the globe.

It claims and works different clusters of organizations around the globe in various areas.

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What is the Affiliate Program About?

Apparently, there are two affiliate programs associated with Alibaba. They are Alibaba Cloud Affiliate Program and the Alibaba Affiliate Marketing Platform. (zolpidem)

How does Alibaba Cloud Affiliate Program work?

  • Here, the maximum monthly bonus for a single affiliate publisher is about $1,000, with the platform override fee inclusive.
  •  To say the order has been effective, the user must click on a promotion link and visit to complete the purchase process.
  •  There are automatic renewals of subscriptions for already-registered users, which isn’t included as the effective commissionable order amount.
  •  Finally, the enterprise sub-accounts orders, reseller orders, and orders from big fish clients who are in some form of contract with Alibaba Cloud are not eligible for this affiliate program.

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How to Register for Alibaba affiliate Program

Step 1:

For corporates: sign up at
For individuals: sign up at

Step 2: Select Publisher /Network and enter the necessary data.
Business registration:

Please provide the name of the registered business along with the company ID and tax ID.

Please enter your entire name exactly as it appears on your ID when registering personally.

China mainland: A uniform social credit code must be provided by registered corporate entities.

Verify your registration by looking in your inbox for a verification email.

Step 3:

Enter, sign in and complete your profile information.

Step 4:

Upload your agreement for approval: My Account > My Agreement > Event Promotion and got approval.

After he account has been approved, you can start to promote offers!

Alibaba Affiliate Marketing Platform

  • CPA: Up to $7 per lead
  •  Attribution Period (Cookie Length): 15 Days
  •  Earn commission when a purchaser clicks a “contact provider” button nearby and submits and request OR
  •  Earn commission when a purchaser presents a request through the structure found at the lower part of each item detail page.
  •  Data takes care of accessible.
  •  Database of creatives accessible for your promoting needs
  •  Dedicated record supervisory crew
  •  They don’t acknowledge traffic from China and Nigeria.

How to make Money from Alibaba as an Affiliate?

While the Alibaba Group is a renowned e-commerce company, it is overly saturated. This is so because many people are making less than they should.

As an affiliate, you can promote the special link you were given to enable you to earn a commission on every product sold. The prices are inconsistent as some products pay higher commissions than others on each sale.

You could seize this opportunity to make a fortune while it lasts. Also, you can put these three things into consideration.

  • What items are popular in your locale with few merchants?
  •  At what value should you purchase and sell those items for?
  •  What Alibaba providers should you source from?

How much does an affiliate for Alibaba charge?

An illustration of 7% of Alibaba’s affiliates

Which types of purchases qualify for commissions? Each publisher that joins our program will get a commission of 7% of the transaction value of each Qualifying Purchase (excluding of any insurance fees, shipping fees, or other pertinent fees and expenditures).

Alibaba Affiliate Review: How do I become an Affiliate?

If you haven’t registered yet as an affiliate, simply follow the steps to do so.

  • Visit the Affiliates homepage and click Register.
  •  Enter your Affiliate account details and click Create Your Account.
  •  Enter your payment information and click Complete Profile.
  •  Sign the online contract.
  •  Waiting for approval.

Final Thoughts

It is important that, while you are thinking about making money from Alibaba and, of course, as an affiliate, you take your time to study the kinds of affiliate programs there are and what it takes to keep them running.

Also, remember that it is an e-commerce marketplace with over a million people doing the same thing as you. So, explore ways to make money as an affiliate by arming yourself with an excellent website with strong traffic.


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