10 Best Alternative to Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash Player has long been discontinued since December 2020. However, there are other reliable alternatives to Adobe Flash. So, keep reading to discover more. 

You’ll agree with me that the Adobe Flash player was very useful in running flash games, internet apps, websites, and multimedia files.

But on December 31, 2020, Adobe discontinued the flash player. And because of this, browsers including Firefox, Google Chrome, and Microsoft Edge work without it. 

Therefore, there’s a need for you to find more reliable alternatives to Adobe Flash. Otherwise, you’d miss out on your preferred content and flash games. 

So, here, we have the 10 best alternatives to Adobe flash player. And if your flash player is in good working condition, you’re sure to enjoy your favorite content on the Adobe Flash platform and other Shockwave Files (SWF).

What is a Flash Player? 

Before looking at the best alternatives to Adobe Flash Player, let us quickly look at what a Flash player is.

A Flash player is special computer software that’s used running user interfaces, multimedia content, animations, apps rich in graphics, games, and streaming audio and videos.

As flexible software, a flash player can be used on a web browser or as a browser plugin. In addition, it can be used on modern mobile devices.

Regardless of the type of web browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge) you use, you will at some point need a flash player plugin to stream videos and audios.

A wide range of flash player plugins exists online. And in this article, we have explained the best alternatives to the Adobe Flash player. 

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10 Best Alternatives to Adobe Flash 

So, here are the best 10 alternatives to Adobe Flash you can try. Most of them are supported on web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, etc and some can be used on Windows.

  1. Lightspark
  2. Ruffle
  3. Gnash
  4. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint
  5. CheerpX for Flash
  6. Shubus viewer
  7. SuperNova Player
  8. Photon flash player and browser
  9. SWF opener
  10. XMTV player

1. Lightspark

Kickstarting our list of the best alternatives to Adobe Flash is Lightspark. Supported on common web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, etc, Lightspark is an open-source, free browser plugin and flash player. You can also use it on Linux OS and Windows.

While it is written in C/C++, Lightspark can serve as a reliable alternative to Adobe Flash Player for Windows and Chrome.

You can use it to run various flash APIs without encountering any hitches. This flash player is also compatible with H.264 flash videos on YouTube.

2. Ruffle

Ruffle is the next on our list of best alternatives to Adobe Flash player. Ruffle isn’t an actual flash player, rather, it works more like a flash player emulator that is built on Rust programming language.

Ruffle flash plugin is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac platforms. You can also use Ruffle on web browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc. And just like Lightspark, Ruffle is free and open-source.

Although Ruffle doesn’t support SWF files that contain ActionScript 3, it addresses the security issues that come with flash players. And this in turn makes it a great alternative to the Adobe Flash Player for Windows.

3. Gnash

This GNU movie flash player is used to run video, audio, multimedia, and ActionScript files/applications. Gnash flash player comes in two versions— a browser plugin and a standalone desktop application.

In addition, you can use Gnash on major browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. Located under the Free Software Foundation, this great alternative to the Adobe flash player for Chrome is also among the open-source projects.

4. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint

Launched in 2018 and developed by BlueMaxima, Flashpoint comes with a lot of interesting features and can be used on different platforms. As an open-source project, Flashpoint is compatible with the majority of web-based media. 

Dedicated to gamers, you can use this plugin to archive online flash games and save your progress. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint built-in launcher, Apache, and Flashpoint secure player are put together to give a user interface that’s easy to navigate.

5. CheerpX for Flash 

Have you been contemplating how to protect and access your Flash applications since the Adobe Flash player was discontinued? It’s nothing to worry about as CheerpX is another alternative to Adobe Flash player. You can use CheerpX on the majority of web browsers without having any security issues. 

This alternative to Adobe Flash player is a must-have and supports ActionScript 3, ActionScript 2, Spark, and Flex. It can also be used with most Flash APIs. Another thing that makes this tool stand out is its ability to run B2B and B2C applications without third-party software and tussles.

6. Shubus Viewer

For Windows 10, here’s an all-in-one and completely functional alternative to Adobe Flash Player for Windows. Shubus Viewer can do more than just play online Flash media files. It allows you to execute Flash apps, as well as view and edit text.

This similar program, just like Adobe Flash Player, integrates with popular web browsers, search engines, and email clients.

Shubus Viewer supports Unity3D games (.unity3d files) and Adobe Shockwave games (.dcr files) in addition to Flash games (.SWF files). It adds the tool to a list of some of the top and safe alternatives to Adobe Flash Player for Chrome and other browsers.

7. SuperNova Player

SuperNova Player is a great alternative to Adobe Flash Player for Chrome that is fully functional. Also, people use this app as a replacement for Adobe Flash Player in practically all popular online browsers on Windows PCs, including Chrome.

It helps with the playback of SMF files found on the internet. With a single click, SuperNova can also run high-end games and high-resolution films.

“Is SuperNova Player safe?”, you might ask. Well, SuperNova Player is safe. Its ability to use a standalone player (launched by the browser) to play Flash files makes it stand out.

SuperNova Player is also available in any of your favorite online places. As a result, it is without a doubt the greatest and safest alternative to Adobe Flash Player for Windows in 2022.

8. Photon Flash Player and Browser

We suggest you use the Photon Flash Player and Browser if you prefer a lightweight alternative to Adobe Flash Player.

You may use both the Photon Flash Player and Browser as both a flash player and a web browser, just as the name implies.

The browser has a function that allows you to view SWF and flash material from a variety of websites. Also, you can use his software on a computer, a smartphone, or a tablet.

9. SWF Opener

SWF Opener is another dependable and lightweight software that is an excellent alternative to Adobe Flash Player. You can use this tool to play SWF and other flash files, as well as games and videos.

You can have complete control over the flash material by using play, stop, pause, and other functions. The tool’s user interface is easy to navigate and it gets the job done quickly.

This fully functional Adobe Flash Player alternative also offers full-screen mode with high-quality graphics.

10. XMTV Player

Finally, the XMTV Player is the last entry on our list of the best alternatives toAdobe Flash Player. This app is a media player that allows you to play Adobe Flash video files on your computer.

This lightweight app is very simple to use for various purposes. With the help of the player, even a novice can run flash videos.

The application searches the entire system for multimedia files and plays them with ease. You may also effortlessly stream live channels using the same platform.

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What Other Alternatives Can I Use to Create Flash-Like Content? 

Since Adobe Flash Player has been discontinued, you might be sourcing other alternatives for creating flash-like content. But you don’t need to worry because we would be showing you some other alternatives you could use for creating flash-like content.

1. HTML5

HTML5 is the number one alternative you can use to create flash-like content, experts say. Many browsers and developers now adopt this alternative to provide excellent content. It is because of HTML5 that Adobe discontinued its Flash Player.

2. WebAssembly

WebAssembly supports all types of content including those that weren’t supported on WebGL and HTML5. Therefore, it is a good alternative for creating flash-like content. This technology is quite similar to flash, that is why many developers turn to it.

3. WebGL

WebGL is another best replacement for creating flash-like content. It is mostly used for 2D graphics, however, it works very efficiently. In addition, you can now use your WebGL-based content on most web browsers. 

FAQs Best Alternative to Adobe Flash

The unique thing about HTML5 is that it is lighter and faster, unlike Flash Players. However, HTML5 does not support all files. 

Some browsers still support flash. Such browsers include Flashfox, Firefox, Chrome, Lunascape, Photon, Opera, etc.

All aforementioned Adobe Flash Player alternatives are very safe to use. You can easily download and use these softwares as you wish. 

HTML (HyperText Markup Language) is the major language for developing web pages while HTML5 is the new version of HTML. HTML5 comes with new technologies, functions, and markup language. In addition, the HTML language doesn’t support audio and videos. Whereas, HTML5 supports audio and videos.

HTML5 is completely free and safe to use— install and run. It’s free for both commercial and personal use. 


So, this is our list of the best Adobe Flash Player replacements. Now, you shouldn’t bother anymore about your flash files because you have some alternatives now.

The aforementioned substitutes are efficient with unique features. Therefore, we suggest you choose based on your requirements or what you want.


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