7 Best Alternatives To AARP

We often get a mailer asking us to join AARP at a particular age. But are there other alternatives to AARP for those who do not prefer AARP? As one of the largest senior organizations in the United States, AARP has become a household name.

Whether or not you should join AARP is a question you alone can answer. However, you need to know that there are other options. Following its politics in the past 30 years, AARP has lost a large fraction of its former member base.

Now, so many members search for the best alternatives to AARP. Maybe you’re in the same shoe. Thanks to the other available options.

So, do you want to leave AARP and join another organization that’s in line with your interests? We have put together the 7 best alternatives to AARP that you could consider.

What Is AARP?

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization having over 38 million members.

Organizations that receive tax-exempt status from the IRS due to the public benefit and social cause they provide are non-profit organizations.

Since AARP is a nonprofit organization, it must do things that make its members happy and live stress-free lives.

When Can You Join The AARP? 

If you’re up to 50 years old and above, you are suitable for full membership with AARP. 

AARP gives its members free secondary membership for their household, access to many carefully selected programs & services, discounts, AARP The Magazine, and lots more. 

You can also join the AARP if you’re under 50 years old. But you will be given access to all the perks that are not subject to vendor restrictions like age-restricted insurance products. 

What Is The AARP Cost of Membership?

The AARP membership cost begins at $12 for your first year, which will automatically be renewed. And subsequently, it will be $16 per year. You can cancel any time you wish.

AARP also provides multi-year membership plans. When you sign up for 3 years, you receive a 10% discount on the annual rate. But if you sign up for a 5-year duration, you will be given a 21% discount.

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How Does AARP Work?

AARP delivers education, information, advocacy, research, and community services through a national network of local chapters and seasoned volunteers. 

It engages in legislative, judicial, and consumer advocacy in consumer issues, economic security, work, health, and independent living.

AARP is a strong lobbying organization and a profitable corporation that sells life and health insurance and investment goods alongside other financial and non-financial services. 

It also publishes Modern Maturity magazine and the monthly AARP Bulletin as an independent publisher. In 2019, AARP earned $1.70 billion in revenue from various sources. These sources include advertising money from its publications and royalties from licensing its name and logo.

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On the other hand, membership fees are the most important source of revenue. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has designated it as a 501(c)(4) non-profit, allowing it to lobby. It also operates several 501(c)(3) public charity enterprises, as well as some for-profit ventures.

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Best Alternatives To AARP 

As you might expect, these are conservative alternatives to AARP. Because AARP has earned a reputation as a more liberal organization, conservatives look for alternatives.

The organizations on the following list are less well-known than AARP. But they are worth considering for anyone who wants to put their membership funds toward something that better aligns with their personal political opinions or values. 

Let’s look at thebest alternatives to AARP in no particular order. 

1. American Senior Association (ASA)

Established in 2005, the American Senior Association is a conservative to AARP.The organization is vast and provides a lot of benefits. Members of this association are given discounts on anything and everything. 

Members’ insurance benefits include cancer plans, health insurance plans, and long-term care plans.  

Besides these, members also receive exclusive benefits for car rental, prescriptions, hotel stays, restaurants, travel, golf courses, grocery stores, and much more.

The ASA seemingly has the largest range of promising benefits that could be accumulated from membership. Politically, the ASA claims never to support a Congress or U.S. president that intends to cut Social Security benefits or Medicare.

ASA stands on ‘four pillars’ that depict matters that interest them most. They include:

  • Medicare reform 

ASA thinks Medicare is a widely-abused federal program that has to be improved.

  • Illegal aliens 

Their stance on illegal aliens is established on the belief that individuals that come into the country illegally are lawbreakers. And such people shouldn’t be qualified for Social Security.

  • Social Security reform 

ASA provides alternatives to the present organization of Social Security. The objective is to protect the system from government intrusion.

  • Tax reform

The tax reform objective is to simplify and easily understand the tax code. ASA recommends Fair Tax as the way to achieve this.

2. The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC)

Another best conservative alternative to AARP is the Association of Mature American Citizens. The association is for seniors who are 50 years old and above. AMAC asserts that its greatest objective is to preserve the American way of life and help seniors combat high taxes.

AMAC lobbies for election integrity, lower taxes, freedom, the dissolution of Obamacare, smaller government, the US constitution, the protection of the Second Amendment, and the dissolution of abortion.

They provide discounts and a range of other benefits to their members. Some of these perks include: 

  • Motel and hotel discounts 
  • Home security discounts
  • Life insurance products
  • Roadside assistance
  • Bullion discounts
  • PenFed credit cards
  • Phone discounts
  • Travel and trip cancellation insurance
  • Prescription discount card
  • Theme park discounts
  • Group health insurance
  • Restaurants, businesses, and stores discounts
  • Medicare supplemental insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • And lots more
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3. The Seniors Coalition (TSA)

The Seniors Coalition is another bestalternative to AARP. Founded in 1989, TSC claims to campaign for any subject that affects senior citizens in the United States. The association was originally established to fight the Medicare Catastrophic Coverage Act, which compelled many seniors to pay for coverage they did not desire.

If appearances are to be believed, they don’t appear to be as well-funded as some other organizations, as their website looks like it was designed in the year 2000.

Members of TSA enjoy a host of benefits, including: 

  • 10% off Wyndham hotels
  • Exclusive savings via Liberty Mutual
  • Capacity to save up to 20% on brand name and 70% on generic drug costs via the Prescription Discount Club
  • Saving Medicare
  • Privilege to join the Congressional Federal Credit Union and get the same great rates on financial products as members of Congress
  • A slew of other insurance, health-related, and travel benefits.

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4. 60 Plus Association 

Established in 1992, The 60 Plus Association is perceived as conservative to AARP, a non-profit and nonpartisan organization. 

They are extensively involved in political activism, claiming that they seek to slash taxes, eliminate the death tax, become energy independent, promote the free market, and reduce government size.

Besides that, they also want to maintain Social Security and ensure that everyone has access to high-quality healthcare.

The 60 Plus Association is a strong backer of pharmaceutical companies involved in the development of the COVID shot and Mission Warp Speed, a military operation aimed at vaccinating all Americans with the COVID injection.

And if you want discounts, the 60 Plus Association seemingly does not offer any. They are stringently political.

5. Christ Above Politics (CAP)

Christ Above Politics asserts that it is the ‘Christian non-political best alternative toAARP.’ They offer perks for every category of the economy. This includes real estate, magazines, financial services, healthcare, travel, food, entertainment, eldercare, all types of insurance plans, and many others.

While CAP does not lobby, they do believe that some topics have become political and that Christians should take a stand on them. However, the organization is strictly religious and not a political lobbying organization.

CAP also maintains that all of its discounts are only given to businesses favorable to Christians and Christianity. It doesn’t promote any business that is hostile to either.

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6. The Alternative Association for Retired People (ALTARP)

A Christian-based conservative alternative to AARP that supports freedom and the U.S. Constitution. Members receive no benefits. But their benefits will assist the ALTARP in conveying that freedom ought to be safeguarded and embedded in American values.

ALTARP also claims to be for working persons aged 50 years and up. It’s not just for retirees; it’s for everyone with a lot of “life experience” who believes that life, the pursuit of happiness, and liberty are privileges that their grandchildren should enjoy.

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7. The Alliance for Retired Americans 

The Alliance for Retired Americans was found in 2001. Their goal is to ensure “social and economic justice as well as full civil rights for all citizens”. They do so by combating cuts to Medicare and Social Security, campaigning for higher Part B rates, and others.

Health insurance benefits, legal assistance, pet insurance, prescription drug savings, travel benefits, hearing aid discounts, and more are available to members.

Bottom Line 

There is hope for those who feel stuck in AARP. You can try other alternatives toAARP that are politically active and provide excellent perks. I’m confident you’ll find an organization that provides exactly what you’re searching for.


1. What are the two main branches of AARP?

AARP has two branches—AARP Foundation and AARP Services. Besides that, AARP has offices in all 50 states of America.

2. Is AARP a lobbying group?

AARP is one of the most influential lobbying groups in the United States. And due to its efforts, it usually attracts attention for wielding its influence in Washington, D.C. 

3. Can I get a refund for my AMAC membership?

No. AMAC membership is non-refundable.

4. How old do I have to be to join AMAC?

There is no age constraint to join AMAC. However, the majority of its perks are geared toward those aged 50 and above. Your membership also covers one person in your household.

5. Is AARP worth having?

AARP offers you access to so many perks that help you to live your best life. Hence, you might consider it worthy to have.


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