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Amazon Prime Student Vs Prime: How It Works | Which Is Worth It?

Using Amazon Prime helps subscribers to save more and If you’re a college student, you get to save even more with Amazon Student Prime. Find out how in Amazon prime student VS prime.

Millions of people everyday ship out items to clients or loved ones and I’m one of those people. And to relax after a day’s work, I stream movies or music online. It usually costs a lot more than I’d love to pay, not until I started using Amazon Prime.

It was in the cause of subscribing to this that I discovered the Amazon student Prime.

Therefore, let’s take a look at the similarities and differences it shares with Amazon prime.

This article will help you understand all that you stand to gain as an Amazon student prime user and all the perks that come with it.

What Is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription program from Amazon that gives users access to additional services otherwise unavailable or available at a premium to regular Amazon customers.

This premier membership plan costs $119 after an initial 30-day free trial.

Subscribing to this plan gives you access to 2-day shipping, unlimited streaming of Prime Videos, Prime Music, Prime Reading, and Audible Channels.

  • Amazon Prime also allows you to download one kindle book for free each month.
  • Get complimentary access to Twitch Prime.
  • Exclusive discount access to lightning deals.
  • Exclusive discount access to Prime Pantry, %20 off diaper subscriptions.
  • Get FREE Two-Day Delivery on prescriptions from Amazon Pharmacy, plus exclusive savings.

What Is Amazon Student?

Also known as Prime Student, this is the college version of Amazon Prime.

The Amazon Student costs $59 a year after a six months free trial and just like Amazon Prime has perks like two-day free shipping, unlimited video and music streaming, and access to Twitch Prime for video games and Prime Reading.

This plan is made for any college student with a valid Edu. Email address that is willing to part with $59 a year for four years or until such a student graduates. Which may or may not be before four years.

However, if you need to access the prime benefits, you can always activate the paid membership sooner.

While a student cannot share his or her prime benefit plan with any other person, A regular Amazon Prime membership can be shared between two adults and up to four children, if they all live in the same household.

Amazon Prime student does not also accord some benefits to college students like the Amazon Mom benefits. The benefit includes %20 off diaper subscriptions and 15% off baby registry items.

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Benefits Of Amazon Prime Students Vs Amazon Prime

There are discrepancies in benefits available to both membership plans during the free trial periods. The Amazon Prime trial membership gives you full access to every Prime benefit, while Amazon Prime student does not.

The reason isn’t really far fetched. Amazon Student allows for a six months’ trial period, which is five months longer than what you see in Amazon Prime.

Below are some of the benefits of the six-month trial for Amazon Student Prime.

  • Free two-day shipping on most purchases.
  • Free same day shipping for select zip codes.
  • Unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Videos.
  • Prime photos allows unlimited photo storage that can be shared with friends.
  • Ad-free viewing, free game content, and 20% pre-release game discount with  Twitch Prime.
  • Exclusive college deals to save money on electronics, dorm essentials, snacks, and school supplies.

Before now, the six-month free trial did not include free Prime video streaming. With its addition, students can now enjoy some time streaming videos and save money on their entertainment budget by cancelling their Netflix and Hulu subscriptions.

As we’ve seen the benefits of the six-month Prime Student trial, let’s take a look at some of the things they don’t get to enjoy.

#1. Prime Music

Prime Music gives you access to over 2 million songs that are ad-free with unlimited bandwidth. It gives members access to playlists and an exclusive 20% discount with Amazon Music Unlimited to access over 10 million songs with new releases each week.

#2. Prime Reading

Prime reading would help any college student who loves to read save some money. If you’re reading for your English literature class or just for fun you get to save a few dollars by not buying the eBook or paperback.

Prime reading has and gives access to unlimited books and magazines within their catalog of over 1,000 different titles. With Prime Reading, you also gain access to Audible Channels if you would prefer to listen to an audiobook instead of reading a book.

#3. Amazon Pantry

Amazon already offers free 2-day free shipping and discounts on snacks and some other items that college students are more likely to buy. This might make this offer seem invaluable but the Amazon Pantry allows Amazon Student users access to larger food and household items that can be shipped anywhere in the U.S for $5.99.

The “Set and Forget” feature allows students to get up to a 15% discount on Subscribe and Save orders.

#4. Referral

Amazon prime students give college students a chance to get a $10 bonus if they refer a friend. Unfortunately, they will have to wait till they pay for their plan before they can enjoy this benefit.

You can still make money from Amazon see How to Get Free Amazon Gift Cards: 24 Tricks to Get Up to $100 Off.

Exclusive Benefits For Amazon Student

#1. Prime Early Access

This benefit is available for Prime users and Prime Student plans. They all get access to the daily lightning deals 30 minutes before it’s available to every shopper.

#2. A Chance To Save Up To 90% On Textbooks

By renting books and with exclusive 2-day shipping on textbooks and discounts from Amazon, a college student can save a little bit of his or her textbook budget.

The discounts Amazon offers makes it cheaper for you as a student on Amazon compared to other third party sites. Additionally, you can sell your textbooks back to Amazon after you’re done with them.

#3. College Deals

College deals are discount deals that allow students to make some money from discounts on electronics, video games, snacks, dorm supplies, and beauty items.

They ship these items to their doorsteps with the free 2-day delivery.

This discount is one of the perks of having an Amazon student instead of prime.

How To Sign Up On Amazon Student

It’s very easy to sign up. Just go to Amazon Student Homepage and sign up with your .edu email address. If you already have an Amazon account, log in, and then follow the prompts to verify that you’re a student.

What Are The Differences Between Amazon Prime Student Vs Amazon Prime

#1. Cost

It’s easy to see that cost is one of the major differences between Amazon Prime and Amazon Student. While Amazon Prime cost $119 with a 30-day free trial period, Amazon student costs $59 with a six-month free trial period.

The 30-day free trial period on Amazon Prime gives you all the benefits you would get if it were paid for. Except for the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library that allows you to borrow one free book on your Kindle Device.

Within these days you’re entitled to enjoy the same trial benefits as Amazon Student Prime such as free two-day shipping, unlimited prime video streaming, complimentary access to Amazon photos and Twitch Prime, and exclusive deals and discounts including early access to lightning deals.

You’ll be charged $119 immediately the free trial run out, and it’s covers a year plan.

#2. Amazon Mom

Amazon Mom allows parent of small children to enjoy saving 20% on diapers through Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program. And, expectant mothers can also receive 15% off baby registry items.

If you are not on Prime, you can still receive the standard 5% discount on diaper subscriptions as well.

#3. Account Sharing

As a prime Amazon user, you’re allowed to share your account with other people.

This is a feature that Amazon Student does not offer to its users. This feature allows two adults in the same house to create an Amazon Household and share the same account for the same amount for a year. They can also add four children living in the same house with them to such an account.

More like a family account.

However, there benefits you cannot share even in the Household Account. Benefits like Prime Music, Prime Reading, Kindle First, and discounts on Video games and purchased video add-ons.

Additionally, a shopping feature is not enabled on the child account to avoid accidental purchases.

Who Should Consider Amazon Student?

This plan is designed for college students. As a college student, the discounted membership fee and the generous free trial period should make you consider using Amazon Student Prime.

If you’re in it, just for the free “ride” don’t forget to cancel your plan when it’s up so you don’t get charged for it. For me, the six months free trial is probably the longest free period for any services anywhere.

The free 2-day shipping, unlimited streaming, and targeted discounts should convince a cost conscious college student to get a plan for $59 a year.

However, the free trial period limits some features like Prime Music or Prime Reading and Audible Channels that might be really beneficial to students.

Therefore, to get it most students usually do cancel the free trial period to start maximizing the full benefits of Amazon Student Prime.

Who Is Amazon Prime Made For?

This plan isn’t for college students. This does not mean that a college student who wishes to get the plan for whatever reason cannot get it. As they stand to get other benefits that might not be available to Amazon Student.

For example, college students that are mothers can choose to get Amazon Prime to benefit from the 20% diapers discount.

With Prime, you can buy any product you want and you also get to enjoy the benefits of sharing your account with another person. Something the Amazon Student does not offer.

As an Amazon Prime user, you get exclusive product discounts that make it cheaper to shop at Amazon.

In addition to the shopping perks, Amazon’s video and music services have a wide selection of movies, TV shows, and songs to stream.

You also get access to thousands of eBooks, Magazines, and audiobooks. You can get the Audible subscription alone, which costs $60 a year, but with Prime $119 a year, you get it as part of the package.

Final Thought

The two plans are great and provide quality services for its users, and if you have a plan of using Amazon for a long period you should consider either of the plans(prime student vs prime) unless you’re just an occasional shopper with Amazon.

The opportunity to have Prime Video, Music and Reading on Amazon means you need not go elsewhere for your shopping and entertainment as a student or a working adult.

So Scoop one of the plans, kick back and relax, play some music or stream some movies while waiting for your products to be delivered and on time.

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