30 Romantic Anniversary Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Relationships are full of ups and down and many don’t last longer than a week. If yours has lasted for up to a year, you both have been doing the right things and it calls for a celebration. But not just any kind of celebration – a romantic celebration! Let’s show you the best romantic anniversary ideas and gifts for your boyfriend.

Romantic Anniversary Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Here are some romantic anniversary ideas you can do for boyfriend and gifts to get for him:

  • Start your celebration early.
  • Enjoy each other’s company while taking a romantic shower together.
  • Turn your home into a DIY massage parlor.
  • Make out!
  • Get an ABC’s of Us.
  • Go to the movies.
  • Write a romantic love letter.
  • Do the unexpected.
  • Recreate your first date together.
  • Spice up your sex life by trying a few different positions.
  • Book a night in a hotel.
  • Surprise your boyfriend with a romantic meal for two.
  • Get tickets to an Event.
  • Go camping together.
  • Spend some quality time together as a couple.
  • Enjoy a new and exciting experience.
  • Do tasks that you never normally do around the house.
  • Decorate your boyfriend’s car.
  • Do a radio surprise call for him.
  • Enjoy a beautiful sunset together.
  • Plan a special weekend away from home.

#1 Start your celebration early

This is is a wonderful and thoughtful anniversary surprise for your boyfriend, especially if he has to be up early for work.

The night before the big day, prepare a mouth-watering breakfast ahead of time – maybe pastries or fruit with champagne. Then on your special day, get up early and go out together to view the sunrise before you enjoy a romantic early morning meal as a couple.

However, if a super early start to the day doesn’t appeal to you, you can try spending the day in bed instead. Yes!

Spend your time together relaxing, chilling out, and taking the time to really talk to each other; just enjoy each other’s company for a change. Also, you may decide to treat your boyfriend to a special breakfast in bed, pampering him and letting him sleep in.

If you have an anniversary gift for him, you can place it under the pillow (or any place of choice) when he goes for a bathroom.

#2 Enjoy each other’s company while taking a romantic shower together

You can take a romantic bath together (by candlelight if you wish). Use luxurious bubble bath and body wash products with gorgeous scents, and enjoy a glass of champagne or wine while you relax together in the warm water.

Get sensual in whichever way you choose, whether just washing each other’s hair, rubbing shower gel into his back, or something more physical.

#3 Turn your home into a DIY massage parlor

Your bedroom is the ideal location for the DIY massage parlor. All you need to do is to light some scented candles, dim the lights, turn on some relaxing music, and get out the luxurious massage oils to treat your boyfriend to the gift of a sensual and pampering spa treatment in the comfort of your own home.

#4 Make out

It may sound silly, but it’s one way you can enjoy your anniversary with him. You see, sometimes you can forget how much you enjoyed kissing your partner when you were first together. So, relive those early exciting days with a romantic make-out session…wink!

#5 Get an ABC’s of Us

This is a memory book of your time together with an extra special love note all in one. The ABC’s of us is a fun-to-create gift and one of the perfect last-minute anniversary ideas.

#6 Go to the movies

You can plan to go to the movies, but don’t just go to watch the screen. Funny, right? 

Here is the plan…

Choose a movie (preferably one which has been in the theaters for a while) at an off-peak time. If you are lucky, you’ll find that you’re the only ones at the screening. Now, you both can enjoy the privacy of a virtual home cinema where you can hold hands, kiss and enjoy the movie in your own way.

But if going to the movies isn’t your thing, why not have a movie night at home? Just pick something you’ll both enjoy, maybe a fun comedy, and chill out together.

#7 Write a romantic love letter

Don’t just write a romantic love letter! Write and hide it somewhere in your home where your boyfriend is sure to find it. He will be surprised and touched by your thoughtfulness.

#8 Do the unexpected

The unexpected is always romantic. Try learning how to play a special song on a musical instrument, learn how to make a special recipe, or take a dance class, and then surprise him with your wonderful new skills.

#9 Recreate your first date together

This is one of the most romantic things to do on your anniversary. Even if you live in a different town or city, you can still keep to similar themes and relive the same activities that you enjoyed that day.

So how did you spend that first evening?

You can recapture the fun and excitement of those moments by eating fast food, watching a silly movie, or going ten pin bowling. In whatever way you spent your first date, you can evoke old sentimental feelings by reliving similar experiences.

#10 Spice up your sex life by trying a few different positions

If the boring missionary style has become standard in your relationship, this is a time to spice up your love life. Have a look at the kama sutra and discover some exciting new ideas that will liven things up in your bedroom.

Also, try having sex somewhere unexpected and different. Give that boring bedroom a rest and try out somewhere a little more unusual to bring some excitement to your special day.

#11 Book a night in a hotel

 You don’t need to go far away from home. You can simply reserve a room at a local venue (a more affluent one if you wish), then send an invitation for your boyfriend to meet you there. Before he arrives, have the room beautifully decorated with candles, rose petals, and a hot bubble bath for two.

#12 Surprise your boyfriend with a romantic meal for two

Cook his favorite meal, or prepare an unexpected gourmet delight. Alternatively, you can prepare a special dinner that you have enjoyed together, probably for your first date.

#13 Get tickets to an Event

Instead of buying your guy new sports gear, get him tickets to watch his favorite team play that day or in the very near future. On that day, you can enjoy a nice romantic dinner together beforehand, grab some drinks at the game, and cheer on his team like crazy—because you’re a badass partner like that.

#14 Go camping together

If you love the great outdoors, then take some time to go camping together. Enjoy each other’s company under the stars and revel in the glory of nature while rekindling your passion on this special day.

#15 Spend some quality time together as a couple

Plan to take the day off work, ignore your phone, and leave your emails unanswered. Just enjoy your anniversary by yourselves, simply appreciating each other’s company, and getting in touch again with the true meaning of your lives together.

#16 Enjoy a new and exciting experience

Use your anniversary as an opportunity to enjoy a new and exciting experience with your boyfriend. If you both get intrigued by adventure and love the thrill of a challenge, then try skydiving, parachuting, or skiing as a couple.

#17 Do tasks that you never normally do around the house

This may not seem like a romantic anniversary idea, but your boyfriend will truly appreciate it if you take the effort to help with tasks that you never normally do around the house. You can take over with cooking the dinner, cleaning the house, or doing the laundry.

Trust me, your boyfriend will love it!

#18 Decorate your boyfriend’s car

You can use window markers and decorate your boyfriend’s car with love messages and pictures or cover it with flowers for a sweet and unexpected way to mark your anniversary.

#19 Do a radio surprise call for him

Get through to a radio station that you know your boyfriend listens to and ask them to play a special romantic love song for your anniversary.

#20 Enjoy a beautiful sunset together

Enjoy a beautiful sunset together for a romantic end to the day of your anniversary. You can pack a delicious picnic full of all your favorite foods and drinks, and go to a place that is special to you both to appreciate the natural splendor.

#21 Plan a special weekend away from home

You can organize a special weekend away from home as a surprise for your partner. Ensure that you have everything in place so that you can both just jump in the car and drive away. Also, if you are short of cash, don’t bother about booking an expensive exotic trip. Just reserve a room at a local B&B and walk there together.

Your boyfriend will be amazed when you arrive at your destination.

Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Here are some romantic anniversary gifts you can get for boyfriend:

  • Personalized Love Book
  • Sexy Candy Love Notes
  • Framed Love Lyrics
  • How Do I Love Thee Journal
  • Photo Album
  • I Love You Jar 
  • Gamer Gift Basket
  • Play Station

#22 Personalized Love Book

Don’t settle for less; your love is basically a storybook romance worthy of its own book, so turn it into one already! Give him a special anniversary gift of your personalized love story, so he can read again and again!

#23 Sexy Candy Love Notes

This is an an uber quick and easy way to show your love. So, get some sexy candy love notes for him.

#24 Framed Love Lyrics

This is a romantic and an amazing anniversary gift! Try putting some love song lyrics in a frame! Be it his favorite love song, a tune he wrote, or a musical treat that just means something special, you just can’t go wrong. 

#25 How Do I Love Thee Journal

If you like to be romantic through writing, this one’s for you. Get your boyfriend the cute notebook detailing every little thing you loves about him. He will definitely love it! Winks.

#26 Photo Album

Do you have too many adorable pictures to count? Simply gather them up and put them all together in a photo album that you’ll both love to look back on throughout the years. 

#27 I Love You Jar

There are never enough ways to tell your sweetie you love him, but here’s a romantic way to do it – gift him an “I love you jar”.

#28 Gamer Gift Basket

If your boyfriend is a gamer, then he will be especially excited about this gift basket. Try it out!

#29 Play Station

Your soccer/football lover boyfriend will forever find this romantic. Gift him the latest play station – PS5 is out – or the latest FIFA video game.

#30 Trendy Wears

Whether he’s a fashion lover or not, consider getting some really nice wears for him. Maybe a suit, comfortable pants, t-shirts, and so on depending on your preference or his.`


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