10 Best Apps Like Klarna In 2022|Buy Now Pay Later

Klarna is gradually becoming the most popular app for online shoppers who want to purchase something without paying the full price upfront.

Based on statistics, Klarna offers services across 17 countries, 200,000 merchants, and 85 million consumers, and is now listed as one of Europe’s largest banks.

Nonetheless, you should check out apps like Klarna to widen your options and ensure that you’re getting the best deal from different vendors.

Gone are the days when you had to go to a store to buy what you need. Buying online has given us the luxury of buying virtually anything we want without leaving the comfort of our homes.

And with the advent of pay later shopping apps, it has become even more attractive to turn to the internet for all of your shopping needs.

Apps Like Klarna

The “buy now, pay later” business model is now very popular not only in Europe but also in the US.

People now have access to a lot of options, unlike in the past when they were only limited to Klarna. Below are the 10 best apps like Klarna you can take advantage of in 2022.

  • Afterpay
  • Sezzle
  • Affirm
  • Share
  • Quadpay
  • ViaBill
  • Zebit
  • Perpay
  • Bread
  • PayPal Credit

#10. Afterpay

Afterpay is a great app like Klarna with many similarities. With this application, you can buy online and pay for your products in four equal installments. Payments are made every two weeks so you have plenty of time to settle your finances and pay them on time.

One of the best things about the app is that it has worked with over 12,000 providers. Imagine the volume of items that you can buy. It should be noted, however, that approval or rejection comes through the purchase. Make sure you pay on time to increase your chances of getting a permit.

#9. Sezzle

Sezzle is one of the apps like Klarna. This app has grown in popularity over the past two years. The success is due to the fast approval process, with flexible credit checks being carried out for the users. Once your account is verified, you will receive an approval decision and you can start shopping immediately.

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Note that even if you get rejected, it will not affect your creditworthiness. At Sezzle, you have to pay the first installment at the end of the purchase and the other three installments every two weeks.

#8. Affirm

You may have seen Affirm after shopping at popular stores like Walmart, Wayfair, and Casper. The company has expanded its services by partnering with thousands of online and offline retailers. And users love the fact that there is no minimum score to qualify for. A flexible credit check must be approved.

According to the company, the average customer takes out a $ 750 loan and pays the full amount over nine months at an 18% annual rate. This is a pretty large amount for an online lender, making Affirm a great alternative to Klarna for larger purchases.

#7. Splitit

Splitit makes the “buy now, pay later” service more accessible, as users do not need to apply for a line of credit from the company. You can use your existing Mastercard or Visa credit or debit card to make purchases and pay for them in installments.

When you shop with one of your partner providers, you can choose Splitit as a payment option and refund the amount of the fees you wish to reimburse at the full cost of your purchase. These payments are automatically debited from your card once a month. For debit cards, the maximum purchase price is $ 400.

#6. Quadpay

Several things make Quadpay a great replacement for Klarna. On the one hand, you can split the purchase price into four equal payments. Flexible credit checks are carried out every time you use the service. Thanks to the quick approval decision, you can shop with minimal effort.

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Unlike most of the shopping apps on this list, if you don’t pay on time, Quadpay can hurt your credit score. This can be a good thing as it shows you the importance of paying back loans and avoiding interest and other fees.

#5. ViaBill

ViaBill is available as a payment option on more than 5,500 websites. You will need to enter certain personal information such as your email address, phone number, debit or credit card number in order to be approved at checkout. Please note that approval takes place in real-time.

Once approved, you can make 4 equal monthly payments, paying the first one at the time of purchase. ViaBill is similar to Klarna but does not require a credit check. Plus, you don’t have to worry about interest at all.

#4. Zebit

Zebit has over 3 million users and you could be their next loyal customer. The best thing about Zebit is that it gives you the option to apply for a $2,500 interest-free loan. This is a huge amount that should be more than enough for your shopping needs.

To be eligible, you must be at least 18 years old, have an active job, or be retired with benefits. Zebit will believe it when they say they don’t charge interest or membership fees.

#3. Perpay

Perpay is a simple payment solution. After registering, you will be asked a few questions to determine your spending limit, which is between $500 and $2,500. You can then search your market for thousands of popular brands.

A direct payroll is required to complete your purchase. The first payment will be deducted from your future paychecks. This means you don’t have to worry about late payments. Your spending limit will increase as you continue using the platform.

#2. Bread Payment

Bread promises quick and easy online financial transactions in seconds. It’s one of those simple “buy now, pay later” systems. Just go to the retailer’s website and use bread to make your purchase at the checkout.

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If you are in pain, you may need to fill out some basic information before receiving and approving a fee.

You have to choose your package after processing your order, it’s easy. They have a member portal where you can make prepayments and also process your monthly payments. You also have the option to configure yourself for automatic payment.

#1. PayPal

You have probably used PayPal to send or receive payments before. PayPal Credit is a new service that gives you a revolving credit card that gives you a reusable line of credit that is built into your PayPal account. You can use your line of credit to shop online and pay the full cost over time.

If you use PayPal regularly, this is a great option. But high-interest rates could put a lot of people off. However, you will not be charged interest on purchases of $ 99 or more if you pay the full amount within 6 months.

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Klarna works with many other retailers and works great if you choose one of the options with no interest. You can take advantage of flexible payment options and even the opportunity to try this before making the decision to purchase a product.

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