Auto Trader Group | Legit or Scam | Full Review

Auto Trader Group is one of the leading digital automotive marketplaces in the United Kingdom. The market allows the buying and selling of both new and used cars.

Through their administrations and products, they control all of their current contacts to enhance more value chain areas.

There has been a misconception about the ‘genuineness’ of this company. Many are inquisitive to know if Auto Trader is legit or a scam. To help clear doubts, we decided to put down this article.

In this article, we’ve made a full review of Auto Trader Group, including what the company does, benefits, and testimonies from people who have had experience with the company.

About Trader Group

Auto Trader Group PLC, a UK-based organization, offers an advanced auto commercial center.

The Company’s foundation offers purchasers a determination of new and pre-owned vehicle postings, empowering them to look from the commercial center.

More so, it offers customers free vehicle valuations and an assortment of motoring administrations and counsel. It offers a money search device, which permits shoppers to look by the month-to-month financial plan.

The Company offers a scope of items and administrations to its retail clients. It offers information insight arrangements, like Retail Accelerator and Retail Check, empowering retailers to purchase the correct stock at the correct cost.

Its foundation empowers makers to publicize to the vehicle-purchasing crowd. The Company utilizes its information in the executives’ stage (DMP) to create a focus on crowd fragments for promoting and give makers a suggestion to arrive at new vehicle purchasers.

What does Auto Trader Group Do?

Auto Trader Group is the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace for new and used cars. The group allows multiple participants to buy and sell their cars.

Through their administrations and products, they run after enhancing the vehicle’s buying experience, and, respectively, they control all of their current contacts to enhance more areas of the value chain.

For Consumers, the company helps to make their trips easier and faster. Consumers get an unparalleled selection list of all the new and used cars available. They learn about the condition of the cars, including their low price indicator and dealers’ reviews.

Moreso, the company offers consumers can valuation services for free and other motoring services. They even get advice that helps to make their car-buying journey easy and worthwhile.

For Manufacturers, Auto Trader also helps make their job easier and faster. On the Auto Trade platform, manufacturers can easily advertise to the largest buying audience in the UK. They can advertise new branded cars and even make a video that helps buyers make purchase decisions faster.

Using their data management platform (‘DMP’), they create highly targeted audience segments for advertising and give manufacturers a compelling proposition to reach new car buyers.

Furthermore, for the retailers, Auto Trader helps them a lot!

They offer their retail clients a scope of items and administrations to help them win in the current computerized auto commercial center.

However, they provide a platform that reaches the UK’s biggest audience through various products.

They also offer information knowledge arrangements (Retail Accelerator and Retail Check) which empower retailers to purchase the correct stock at the right cost.

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How Much Do Auto Trader Products Cost?

There’s no fee for Auto Trader cars. Some cars are valued at less than £100. A fee of £49.99 is attached to cars valued between £100 and £3,999.99 or £59.99 for those valued between £4,000 and £4,999.99.

However, if your car is valued at over £5,000, you must pay £74.99. Note payment is made into your bank account within four working days.

What Drives Auto Trader Group

Auto Trader Group is driven by six core values as a digital automotive marketplace. They believe that with the six values, they can achieve their set goals.

The first is Courage. The company believes that courage and boldness can help them overcome any challenge. So they are bold in their thinking and overcome their fears.

They are community-minded. That means they look after each other. The company places a high value on diversity and advocates inclusion.

Another core value is Determination. This conviction comes with stamina and resilience among the team to always do the right thing.

Curiosity. They question why and search for a better way of getting something done. Humility is another core value. They are open and honest to the point that they appreciate success in others and themselves.

Finally, Reliability. They focus on results only, ignoring every negative thought and option that limits them from getting things done.

Auto Trader’s Benefits

The auto trader has lots to offer. There are flexible and core benefits attached to working with Auto Trader Group.

Let’s discuss the core benefits!

Core Benefits of Auto Trader Group

The core benefits of Auto Trader include the following:


This is one of the significant gains of working with Auto Trader Group. The company gives 28 days of holiday and half-day afternoon office closures on Christmas and New year’s eve.

Group Personal Pension

The company has a pension scheme; the Aviva pension scheme provides 5%-7% employer contributions depending on the percentage a staff chooses to contribute.

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Life Assurance and Bupa Private Health

The company funds private medical insurance for its staff. There is a group policy that can secure some of their staff’s income.

Flexible Benefits of Auto Trader Group

  • Annual share save scheme: Participate in the success of our company by ultimately owning shares at a discount.
  • Three ways to get to work: We offer cycle-to-work agreements, discounted car parking in Manchester, and a season ticket loans with an additional 10% discount for the Metrolink.
  • Give as you earn: Donate from your gross salary, so your gift goes further.
  • Auto Trader discounts: Amazing discounts from across a wide variety of retailers

Is Auto Trader Legit or Scam?

From all indications, including the reviews, Auto Trader Group is legit, although some fraudsters hide under the name to carry out dubious activities.

That is why you must be very careful even when you see the company’s name boldly written on a mail.

Though Auto Trade sets up a customer security team to secure their customers’ personal information in their system, fraudsters work restlessly to access personal information in various ways.

Fraudsters Criminal Tactics

Recently, they employed ‘phishing’ messages to access personal details and account information, which has worked for them.

In using phishing, they send emails to people who will require them to input their usernames, passwords, or financial information.

One bad thing about this kind of email is that it is easily spotted. It will look exactly like the Auto Trade email requiring you to confirm your login detail through a link.

The link will take you to a fraudulent website page that looks like the Auto Trader website, and if you enter your login information here, a fraudster will have access to your online accounts.

Another tactic they use is SMiShing. SMiShing is a security attack in which the user is tricked into downloading some ‘malware’ (malicious software) onto their phone or mobile device via a text message.

The message will appear to be from Auto Trader or may be sent as an inquiry about your vehicle; you must put your login detail to redirect you to a false sign-in page.

Once you enter your username and password, the fraudsters access your details. Aside from the two tactics, there are other means fraudsters drive their dubious acts home.

But in taking the precautionary measures to protect yourself, Auto Trader will never ask for your login details in an email or text message.

You should keep such information private and never share it with anyone.

When you place an advert on Auto Trader, as one of our customers, you can ‘Hide your number.’

This free service replaces your telephone number in an advert with a new, unique number.

When interested customers call this number, they will get through to the customer as normal.

Not only does this service help protect against scammers, nuisance callers, and canvassers, but it also helps protect customers from receiving fraudulent phishing text messages.

Note, never disclose your account details to anyone, and always ensure your password is strong by using a combination of letters and digits, including upper and lower case.

Change your password regularly, and do not use the same passwords for all your online accounts.

Auto Trader Group Review

I had an amazing experience with finding my current vehicle. The pictures were vivid and detailed and the website was accurate with its information regarding each car I viewed. I like how you can view multiple vehicles by a particular maker as well as compare models.

Dwight of La Vergne, TN

The car I was looking for was not the sites priority, the site kept trying to push vehicles I was not interested in. I would search for my selected vehicle, then other options for vehicles I had no interest in would keep popping up. Also had to many pop ups from other sources.

Ralph of Fate, TX

Our family has relied on AutoTrader for decades now. The selection, price range and reliability are consistently up to date and accurate. AutoTrader does not rely on a bunch of marketing gimmicks, pricing hooks or fancy word play- they don’t have to! By providing a well rounded, concise format for every level of shopper, we are assured a positive experience each and every time.

Samantha of Sun City, AZ

I love it. It made it easy to look inside the cars to really give you an overall view of what you were buying. Before you actually want to look at it you can tell if their prices were high or low or in a neighborhood up what they should be. I think it makes car shopping very easy, very simple.

Vonda of Chesterhill, OH

As a female I found it easy to use. I can contact the dealer from the site. Lots of vehicles to choose from. I would recommend it to anyone. I found what I was looking for quite easily. I like the fact that I can find both used and new cars on this site.

Shalena of Boksburg, Other

It is easy to navigate around the site and easy to find what you need. I have looked at a few other websites of other car places and they are not always the easiest to find what you want. Some of my friends have used other sites but were not as pleased as I am.

Sue of Waverly, NE



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