Avast vs Norton: Best Antivirus in 2021 for PCs, Mac, and Other Devices

Both Avast and Norton are very good antivirus programs that have protected its users from online attackers, viruses, and malware.

They offer users advanced protection both online and offline, hence, it can be difficult trying to pick a winner between the two.

But to help users make a choice, we have decided to bring this Avast vs Norton discussion.

These two antivirus programs provide a wide range of cybersecurity services to individuals and businesses.

Although the two software – Avast and Norton are reliable antivirus software, taking a closer look under the table reveals some clear differences, similarities, and outstanding features that take them towards different clients.

So, the problem lies in choosing which of the programs best suits your need. I’ll highlight all the features of the software in this Avast vs Norton review. Keep reading!

Avast vs Norton: Overview

Both Avast and Norton are two antivirus software used widely by millions of people around the world.

Norton, produced by Symantec Corporation in California has been protecting lots of devices from virus for over 28 years. It has become a global leader in consumer cybersecurity, helping to secure the online privacy of over 50 million users.

While Avast on the other hand is another widely used antivirus software from Czech Republic. Currently, it boasts of over 500 million active users, which makes it one of the most popular antivirus programs in the market.

However, the company experienced a downtime when it faced the controversy of collecting and selling user data. You can read the story HERE

Avast vs Norton: Who is Winning?

Both Avast and Norton are ideal antivirus software offering services to millions of users.

Although they both have a record of providing excellent cybersecurity services, a closer look at the programs reveals different features that gear them towards different clients.

They both offer almost the same services and is compatible with the same software. Is this enough to justify the need for the two antivirus programs? We’d find out shortly.

The point is, there’s a contest – Avast vs Norton and we are analyzing all features to see who wins the contest.

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Avast vs Norton: Distinct Features

Protection against viruses, ransomware, and other threats with real-time monitoring service.Anti-spyware functionalities and built-in malware and ransomware shields
DNS cache protection serviceA password manager
Secure sandbox to run potentially suspicious filesA VPN service
Permanent data files eraserVirus Protection Promise
Auto app updater and remote access shieldSupports 5 devices and gives 50GB of cloud storage.

Pricing: Avast vs Norton

Although both Avast and Norton have similar pricing structures, Avast wins this category because it offers a free subscription, unlike Norton.

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However, Avast is more expensive than Norton when it comes to premium subscriptions.

Avast Pricing

PlansPriceNo. of devices
Avast premium security$69.99 yearly1 device
Premium security, multiple device$89.99 yearly10 devices
Avast ultimate$99.99 yearly1 device
Avast Security for Mac$59.99 yearly1 Mac device

Norton Pricing

PlansPriceNo. of devices
360 Standard$39.99 yearly1 device
360 Deluxe$49.99 yearly5 devices
Norton 360 with LifeLock Select$99.99 yearly5 devices
Norton 360 with Ultimate Plus$299.99 yearlyUnlimited devices

Avast vs Norton: Security

The major thing to consider in an antivirus program is its level of security. And both the Norton and Avast antivirus are highly rated for security.

Norton offers users real-time threat protection from external hacking and virus infection.

Additionally, its developers provide users with extra security feature for protecting their private and financial information.

That’s not all. Norton provides a smart firewall that is designed to adapt to the need of each user.

Avast on the other hand isn’t losing the competition. The avast program works with a home security network which blocks out phishing and fake sites.

Its password enabler makes it almost impossible for hackers to break into your system and steal your information.

Just like Norton, Avast is very durable and reliable and offer all round protection. In this category, Avast wins the contest as its security is slightly higher than Norton because it offers more options for data and user security.

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Avast vs Norton: Anti-Virus Protection

When it comes to anti-virus protection, both Avast and Norton are known to do a very good job. But what makes each program distinct from the other? We’d find out.

Generally, devices get infected with virus from either the internet or corrupted file, external drive or disc, and an infected application.

Norton Anti-Virus Protection

To eradicate the virus, Norton provides its users with real-time protection. This means that once it is installed in your system, the application is up and running.

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Its app download checks feature scans all the apps and programs on your device for viruses. If any virus is found, you’d be notified and it will be eliminated with just a click of your button.

In summary, Norton offers round the clock protection through:

  • Real-time virus threat protection
  • An app download security checker
  • Encryption of your personal details
  • A smart firewall against hacking

Avast Anti-virus Protection

Avast has a home security network that protects your connection from invasion. With a password that only you has the knowledge to, you an use your system without fear of being hacked.

Just like Norton, Avast also has a very sturdy firewall that provides sufficient protection for all data saved on your device.

In addition, it has an intelligent antivirus program with a secure DNS and a smart scan feature for scanning viruses.

In summary, avast protects your device from anti-virus using;

  • Smart scan features
  • Home network security
  • Secure DNS
  • Safe zone browser

Norton vs Avast: Scanning

Another factor to consider is the scanning ability of both Norton and Avast. Simply put, how both programs scan for threats.

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Norton Scanning

Regardless of which Norton plan you are on, they all operate similarly when scanning for threats.

Norton programs have an in-built firewall for system protection. All your information is encrypted and can only be accessed by who you give access to.

In addition, Norton has a jamming feature that prevents unauthorized webcams and websites from accessing your device or the files in your device.

Avast Scanning

Avast offers something similar to Norton but with a slight difference. It uses Sandbox technology to run potentially dangerous files in a secured environment, so as to not put your entire system at risk.

Additionally, it has a smart scan feature that scans all your files and apps for viruses as often as you wish. There is also a password and email filter for locking messages and blocking out spam.

Norton vs Avast: Firewall Protection

The Norton antivirus software has a dark web monitoring feature that is active whenever you are browsing the internet. And their firewall is one of the strongest in the market.

In situations where an unauthorized user is using your data in a way you didn’t permit, the program notifies you. Then from your device management portal, you can lock such file or information.

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While Avast on the other hand has an anti-spam utility and Wi-Fi inspector that protects users from intruders and data hacking.

In addition, it possesses a real site utility that guards against DNS rerouting and hijacking.

Judging the both programs, Norton wins this contest s it offers users an advanced firewall protection as well as a dark web monitor.

Norton vs Avast: Malware and Phishing Protection

To arrive at a solid conclusion regarding the Avast vs Norton malware and phishing protection, we went through a test released by the AV-Test Institute.

The institute conducted a test on Norton and Avast against the same malware samples to evaluate their capabilities.

Norton had a perfect score of 6/6 which indicates its superior malware and anti-phishing capabilities. While Avast, on the other hand, had a slightly lower score of 5.5/6.

In another test carried out by AV-Comparatives, both programs received a B+ rating for their protection against all kinds of malware threats.

Avast vs Norton: System Performance

Although Antivirus programs are seen as a must have for all system owners. Its still important to check the impact of the program on the performance of your system.

To compare Avast and Norton based on their system impact, we took a look at AV-Test and AV-Comparaties test results and saw that ;

AV-Test Results

Performance score: Norton had a perfect score of 6/6 while Avast came second with a 5.8/ score.


Performance score: Norton and Avast posted highly positive results were rated ADVANCED.

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Avast vs Norton: User Interface

Ease of use is another fundamental aspect of app developement. ANd that is why developers put in so much effort to ensure the app gives its users a seamless experience.

The Norton user interface is pretty easy to use, with an ideal desktop and mobile view. To start a system scan, there is a Quick scan button that can be activated with just one click.

Users can also check the last time they scanned their device by skimming through the Quick scan timelines.

Avast on the other hand, has a modern home page which allows users to navigate through different tabs with just few clicks.

You can scan your device from the scan menu, and there are links to access all your user information in the Settings bar.

Generally, the green mark shows that your device is virus free, while the red mark implies threats.

Bottom Line

From this comparison, we can see that the contest – Avast vs Norton is a tough one, with both programs clashing in some services and Norton winning in some categories, where Avast is lacking and vice versa.

Regardless, both programs are known to give its users maximum protection against virus threats.


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