20 Best Beach Gift Ideas For Beach Lovers

Are you searching for unique beach gift ideas for the beach lovers around you? Well, search no further. These 20 best beach gift ideas for beach lovers have got you covered.

We all love being gifted. Gifting speaks a lot about how you think of others and what they like and value. It goes further to put a smile on your face and brighten your day, especially when received from someone special. The same thing applies to beach gifts.

Nothing beats spending your day by the sea, having sand between your toes, hearing the waves & sounds of the water, and having the sun warm you up. Spending a day at the beach is a very fun experience.

You may find it challenging to know the kind of beach gifts that beach lovers like. But this list will make it easier for you. Regardless of the type of beach lovers gift you want, this list is here to serve you 20 unique beach gift ideas for beach lovers.

Let’s get in!

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20 Best Beach Gift Ideas For Beach Lovers 

Before proceeding to buy a beach gift for a beach lover, pause to think about the person’s interests. Would they rather prefer to play sports on the water or relax on the sand? These are salient points to note.

After that, you can proceed to purchase the gift that suits your personality. And be sure that they’ll love what you choose.

Now, let’s look at the best beach gift ideas for gift lovers!

1. Water-resistant beach tote bag 

This super-cute tote bag is ideal for relaxing at the beach. With an easy zipper closing and handy internal and external storage pockets, it’s both spacious and lightweight. 

On each side are two mesh openings for putting a water bottle or other small objects. It’s also comfortable to wear, thanks to the 11-inch handle drop.

It’s stylish and practical, making it one of the unique beach gift ideas. And there’s something for everyone’s taste, from floral to Bohemian to tropical to plain stripes.

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2. Foldable sun lounger 

Are you tired of people hogging the beach’s sun loungers? Why don’t you along with yours?

One of the best beach gift ideas is this foldable lounger. It’s easy to carry and very comfortable, thanks to its lightweight foam. This foldable lounger also has two lounging positions—seated and completely reclined, with a back strap that can be adjusted for different recliner angles.

You can fold your lounger entirely flat as soon as the sun has set beyond the horizon. It weighs less than 4 pounds and features a built-in shoulder strap for easier mobility.

Interestingly, they come in a set of two, making them a great beach gift for men & women, couples, or to have a spare.

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3. Floating wooden sunglasses 

These wooden sunglasses blend class and fashion, making them one of the more unique beach gift ideas for beach lovers.

They’re crafted from original, high-quality walnut wood, so they’re completely waterproof. These wooden sunglasses also float, making them excellent for a paddle.

The frame’s stainless steel double-spring hinges are strong, designed for comfort, and rust-proof. Whereas the polarized lenses provide 100 percent UVA/UVB protection from the sun.

They’re available in a variety of styles, and you can use them outdoors aside from the beach. Skiers and hikers alike will enjoy them. They often come alongside a lens towel, a bamboo carry tube, and a wooden guitar pick.

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4. Portable beach tent 

This big beach tent can keep everyone safe from the sun at beach parties or family picnics. It is portable and lightweight but can accommodate up to eight people. You can easily fit this bad guy into a carry-on bag.

The aluminum poles are rust-resistant and long-lasting while the water-resistant Lycra and Nylon blend tent fabric provides UPF 50+ protection. You can set up the tent in minutes and secure it with corner bags that may be filled with rocks or sand.

When the sun shifts, you can easily change the poles’ angle to ensure that you are always in the shade.

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5. Seashell LED fairy lights

These seashell fairy lights spice up any beach hut for more lovely ocean-themed décor ideas. The 40 seashells are installed with LED lights to provide a pleasant, beautiful glow.

They’re connected by a transparent 13.85-foot cable and include a timer, so you won’t waste batteries unintentionally.

There are also eight various light modes to choose from, including twinkle, combination, and steady.

They’d look lovely in a bathroom decoration, hung above a fireplace, or even as a holiday decoration. This would make one of the best beach gift ideas for Christmas.

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6. Beach blanket

Are you confused about your beach lover’s size? Can’t seem to figure out what suits their style? This multi-purpose outdoor blanket and beach-loving gift will brighten anyone’s day. 

It is water-resistant and sand-proof, making it especially ideal for damp grass or sand. Gifts for beach lovers that can be packed in a small size, such as this one, are a big hit.

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7. Beach volleyball set

Who doesn’t enjoy the occasional bump, set, and spike? This beach volleyball set is available in the starter, family, professional, and elite sets, making it pretty easy to find the ideal gift for the beach lover in your life. 

Even the beginner set includes a net, one volleyball, a ball pump with a needle, and stakes. Beach lovers of all fitness levels will appreciate these sporty gifts. Thus, it’s also among the unique beach gift ideas for adults.

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8. Beach table for card games

Card games make one of the best beach gift ideas for beach lovers. You can use it to play any card game of your choice. This beach game table is portable and lightweight, making it ideal for beach and camping lovers. Choose from the colors available for the beach lover in your life.

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9. Waterproof headphones

You’ve got to love technology every once and then. Does anyone want a pair of waterproof headphones? Yeah, sure! These wireless stereo headphones are perfect beach gifts for folks that enjoy the ocean and spend most of their time at the beach in it. 

It’s also perfect for folks who like swimming laps in the ocean or pool. You could choose the perfect cidealr the beach lover in your life, just like you can with any smartphone.

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10. Unisex bucket hat 

Nowadays, a unisex bucket hat is all the trend. Just imagine this combo—a beach-scented candle, a neutral/colorful bucket hat, and a great SPF body lotion for one of the unique beach gift ideas for beach lovers. What a fantastic combination! I’m sure the beach lover in your life would surely enjoy it. You can’t go wrong with this combination of practicality and cuteness.

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11. Sand-resistant beach towel

This sand-resistant beach towel is ideal for a vacation to the beach. It keeps you dry and comfortable whether you’re drying off after swimming in the water or stretching out and catching a tan in the hot summer sun.

This towel is not only soft, but it’s also environmentally friendly, as it’s made entirely of recycled materials. Because the material is made to swiftly absorb moisture, it dries you 3 times faster than regular cotton towels.

Furthermore, if you find any sand on it, you simply have to shake the towel and it will come off. You can choose your preferred color from a variety of designs, and it’s also available in two sizes. However, it’s better to share the larger one.

It also comes with a convenient carrying bag for mobility.

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12. Waterproof beach shoes

With a strong sole and elastic top material, these waterproof beach shoes are one of the best beach gift ideas for beach lovers. They have a sock-like fit, are entirely waterproof, and are simple to put on and take off.

Wearing them makes you feel almost barefoot. The sole, on the other hand, is durable enough to protect your feet from hot sand, sharp rocks & stones, and nibbly sea creatures.

They also come in a variety of colors, making them suitable for both men and women.

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13. Towel anchor clips

Aside from sand, beach lovers also have to deal with their towels flying away in the breeze. It can be difficult to keep the wind on the ground after it has taken hold.

These helpful clips are for you if you’re tired of sprawling out in a starfish position to keep the wind from blowing you away.

These beach towel anchor clips are made to endure strong winds and hold your towels firm, straight, and on the ground. You won’t have to worry about losing your towel while out on a paddle if you dig the pegs into the sand.

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14. Beach candle

On those days when you can’t get to the beach, this beach-inspired candle will transport you to your favorite seaside retreat. With a calming aroma of cedar floral, sandalwood, and citrus, it’s as fresh as salty sea air at your favorite beach home.

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15. Retro beach speaker 

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing on the beach while listening to music? This sand and water-resistant beach speaker is ideal for keeping the party vibes as you relax and enjoy the sea breeze. Simply connect your iPhone or Android to the speaker and listen to your favorite FM channel.

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16. Reusable water bottle

In recent years, reusable water bottles have become a beach necessity. You can take yours with you wherever you go! 

Plastic bottles can take several years to decompose, implying that they will be present in the environment for future generations. 

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Beach lovers may help minimize the quantity of plastic in the ocean and save marine life by switching to reusable water bottles. One of the unique beach gift ideas for a beach lover.

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17. Beach frisbee

A beach frisbee is always a safe pick and makes a great gift for a beach lover, whether you’re searching for a gift for a family with active kids, a sports buddy, or your playful spouse. 

The frisbee is graded as ‘Ultimate Frisbee’ compatible. But even if the beach lover in your life doesn’t require something so professional, a beach present like this is still great.

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18. Cheese board

The cheese board is a fabulous present for any beach lover who enjoys picnics at the beach or entertaining at their beach house. Beach house gifts should be both useful and attractive. This bamboo cheese board includes four stainless steel knives and a thick wooden server, making it an excellent set of beach home presents.

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19. Outdoor vault

For some reason, you may just want to have your peace of mind. This is where the outdoor vault becomes helpful. It is great for a traveler going to a warm location, so that your hotel ID, keys, and other important things will be locked safely.

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20. Beach-inspired Bali purse

This rattan woven purse is hand-crafted and designed for classy beach lovers. It doesn’t matter if you just want a fun style, or you’re going on a beach date, or you just want to hang out, this purse fits as a gift for beach lovers.

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The beach is an amazing place to relax. And if you have a beach lover in your life, you may want to surprise them. Well, you can choose from any of the beach gift ideas in this article.


What can you see on a beach?

Some common things you can see on a beach include cuttlefish bones, jellyfish, seashells, dead coral, seaweed, starfish & sea stars, fish, eggs & egg cases.

How can I surprise my kids with a beach vacation?

Some of them include balloon pop, custom puzzles, treasure hunts, bringing a loved one, gifting them travel essentials, surprising them with a drink or meal, or revealing a movie.

Why is the beach amazing?

The smooth and soothing sounds of the sea with the salty scents of the sea breeze. If you want somewhere to relax and reset, go to the beach. It’s amazing!

What present should I get my dad for the beach?

Here are some great beach gift ideas for your dad; mirror sunglasses, hoodie, reef cap, or men’s bracelet.

What are some popular beach activities?

Reading, napping, people-watching, listening to music, etc.



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