10 Ways to Become a Loan Signing Agent and Make $150/hr in 2022

Several opportunities to earn money surround us every day. What often hinders our leaping for these opportunities often is the ignorance of their availability.

Becoming a Loan Signing Agent (LSA) is one such opportunity that will earn you at much as $150 per hour.

However, the question is, “Do you know how to become a Loan Signing Agent? Do you want to become one?!” If yes, then allow me to show you just how to.

This read will show you 10 ways to become a Loan Signing Agent and make $150/hr in 2022.

How long would it take to become an agent for the signing of loans? 

Interestingly, the Notary Signing Agent Course is offered entirely online. This means you can take it at your leisure and even spend extra time on certain more important parts.

You will have up to 90 days to complete your course, and also obtain your Notary Signing Agent certificate by mail when done.

Do signing agents for loans make decent money? 

Signing Agents for Notary Loan Make $75 to $200 per appointment. Depending on how you obtain your loan signing appointments, the monthly possible revenue for an LSA varies greatly.

What is the method of being a signing agent for notaries? 

Before beginning the NSA certification process, you must be a public notary. To meet the requirements of the title and signing service companies, get NSA accredited and history screened by a trustworthy firm.

Is there a market for signing agents? 

A signing agent’s services are still in high demand. You will start taking advantage of these opportunities by becoming a signing agent. Building a network of customers and a good reputation is tasking, however, such investments will boost your income.

You can earn $50,000 annually if you do 6 to 7 loan signing jobs a week that pay an average of $150 each.

Potential of a Signing Agent Gain

Because as an LSA you can make so much money, it’s important to follow the steps that will help you to achieve the highest level of success. On your path, this step-by-step guide will help you!

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10 Ways to Become a loan signing agent and make $150/hr in 2022

Step I: Getting the Basics Underway

You first need to create a base of the basics to make great money as a loan signing agent.

The first four “foundational” steps to becoming a good loan signing agent are as follows:

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1) Get your Notary Commission from your Territory

Getting an active notary license (commission) is the first step toward being an effective notary loan signing agent. The best part of becoming an LSA for public loans is that you don’t need any degrees or experience. You literally need your state’s active notary board.

Some states don’t even need the notary commission to be reviewed; You just fill out an application. If you don’t have your notary commission now, you can begin the process by looking up the criteria of your state. To see the notary requirements of your state, click on the link below: NOTARY REQUIREMENTS BY STATE

If you’re already a public notary, that’s great news! One of the most complicated aspects of being a signing agent for notary loans is sorted out, you can skip to Step 2!

2) Learn how to securely sign a simple signature.

Your next step to being a good signing agent is to ensure you can sign a quality loan with confidence. Before your first meeting, you should understand where the applicant signs and what the papers mean. You also need to know how to complete a loan signing meeting.

You can also sign up for live loan signing audio recordings and get to listen to experts in the field. This should enable you to sign your very first loan with confidence.

And while this is the second phase, I suggest you begin your training now. This should afford you an opportunity to learn how to sign and how to get notary jobs. This way, once you get your Notary Commission via mail, you set up and make money!

3) To get work, get listed in all Notary Loan Signing Agent databases

There are Signing Services companies, solely tasked to find individuals to fill appointments for preset loan signing at $75 to $100 each. For people to get in touch with you for services, simply register your name in major loan signing databases. Signing services get to find you this way.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure which database to sign up for, the online training course of the Loan Signing System will show you the key databases to register for and how to fill out your profile.

You will also get unique access to a national proprietary list of signing services and learn an easy but efficient way to ensure that they get more loan signing jobs from you!

4) Get Signing Agent certification, then Practice, Practice and Practice again.

You’ll want to get certified as a notary loan signing agent now that you’re set up to automatically get loan signings.

Certification allows you show a basic understanding of the signing industry and makes you employable for notary signing agent jobs.

The NNA Basic Signing Agent Credential and Background Check are also recommended to be obtained. This is significant since an active background check is expected by most title companies.

Also, the NNA certification and background check are the most commonly recognized in the industry and costs as low as $65.

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You can then do as many credit signatures as possible for loan signing services until you are accredited. One of the greatest advantages is that you can choose to sign jobs at your convenience. This also gives you time for family or other schedules.

Step II: Scaling Your Loan Signing Business

Once you have the basic basics down, it’s time to scale the company by bringing loan signings straight from the source once you have the basic basics down: Escrow firms and mortgage professionals.

Moreso, When you collect loan signing jobs directly from escrow officers and other mortgage practitioners, instead of $75 to $100, you are usually paid between $150 and $200 per loan signing. So, for the same amount of work, you can double your salary.

Complete the following five steps to scale up the company and become an effective notary loan signing agent:

5) Learn how to sign an Escrow Standards Loan

Even seasoned loan signing agents claim that the only task of a loan signing agent is to ensure that all the records are signed and notarized, and that’s it. That’s not real, however. You are, as a loan signing agent, the escrow officer’s extension. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the borrower feels secure signing the loan papers and filling them out.

In other terms, to escrow norms, you need to make sure they fill out the loan papers. You will be better than the vast majority of loan signing agents if you study this, and you will get repeat business.

Furthermore, the Loan Signing Method shows you how to guarantee that the borrower fills out and signs the paperwork to the requirements of escrow, putting you ahead of the curve and at the top of the industry.

Every primary Loan Signing System course shows you step-by-step how to do a refinancing, buy, HELOC, reverse mortgage, and adjustable-rate mortgage loan signing job with real loan documents.

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6) Learn how to bundle documents for loans

The packaging of loan documents essentially separates the documents so that the various loan parties (lender, title, escrow) get their respective documents correctly. But more importantly, it’s the secret to being every escrow office’s first choice.

If you know how to package documents (which less than 10% of credit signing agents know), you will be able to differentiate yourself from the rest of your competition and maximize the chances of a good future credit signing flow.

7) Mortgage Practitioners for Loan Signing Work Approach

The individuals who monitor can loan signing agents get loan signing appointments are Escrow officers, loan officers, and real estate agents. It can help you get loan signings by knowing exactly what to say to a mortgage specialist. They would have faith in recruiting you as their signing agent if they know that you understand what the greatest errors loan signing agents make and how you prevent them.

The Loan Signing System requires the same detailed word-for-word script of exactly what to say a mortgage specialist to hire you to get almost 5,000 loan signings every year from the instructor and trainer of the Loan Signing System, Mark Wills.

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8) Establish a partnership with 2 to 5 officers from Escrow

Contrary to common opinion, to make great money as a loan signing agent, you don’t need to deal with 20 separate escrow officers. Simply, you need a couple.

There could be about 50 loan signings for a busy escrow officer to send out every month. So it will produce between 100 and 250 future loan signatures to have two to five escrow officers as customers.

The Loan Signing System involves direct instruction from escrow officers, loan officers, and agents of real estate. When you learn what mortgage professionals really care about in this unique preparation, you will have a huge advantage over other notary signing agents.

9) Set a target of how much to make you want

It’s time to find out just how much you want to earn every year until you have the expertise and experience to sign a loan to escrow requirements and know how to bundle loan documents. You can then work backward to see just how many loan signings you’re going to need to reach the income level.

For instance, if you want to make a six-figure salary, you would need to concentrate on having 13 loan signings a week that pay $150 each on average. If you want to make $50,000 a year, you’d need to pay $150 each for 6-7 signings each week.

The monthly mentorship of the Loan Signing System focuses 100% on notaries striving to reach whatever degree of performance they want. And while each student in the community achieves a different level of success, it will completely provide you with the resources and expertise to become a good signing agent for loans!

10) Be the best Loan Signing Agent your State can find.

Of curse, this will involve constant, consistent, and intentional self-improvement, integrity, honesty, and a strong desire to improve with a huge dose of cheerfulness!

You have it there, the 10 stage checklist to become a good Loan Signing Agent! Just like you can teach yourself to play basketball, you can teach yourself the 9 steps. Imagine teaching a sport to yourself that you have never played before. It will take a lot longer, with more errors, and more time to waste than hiring a coach, right?

Or you could get a coach’s support to get there quicker, with less time, and with less frustration.

That’s just what you want to do with the Loan Signing System: to teach you to get there quicker, with less effort, and with less anger. The most detailed step-by-step training course that will show you exactly how to become a good loan signing agent is the Loan Signing System.


We sincerely hope that you can now take on the idea of becoming a Loan Signing Agent after having the process beautifully laid down.

Go live that dream already and make yourself some good money!


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