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Become an Airbnb Host and Make Lots of Money | BEST GUIDE

Becoming an Airbnb host is really a simple and lucrative experience. It only requires renting out your home.…

Becoming an Airbnb host is really a simple and lucrative experience. It only requires renting out your home.

For instance, my family and I went on a vacation sometime last year, and we couldn’t find a hotel that worked for us, so we ended up renting an Airbnb.

We spent about three weeks there, and I watched the owner of the house make thousand of dollars at home just by being an Airbnb host.

Tell me who does not like making money at home?

About 2.9 million people around the world hold the esteemed title of “Airbnb host,” with the home-sharing platform adding 14,000 new hosts per month.

You can still add to the number and it still won’t make much difference.

Being an Airbnb host can help you pay off debts, save money on the fantastic vacation you’ve always wanted, or even earn a full-time income.

Ready for an incredible and complete guide on How to Become an Airbnb Host? Your next revenue stream as Airbnb host might be right at home.

To kick off with this career path, we have developed a comprehensive Airbnb hosting guide to help you get started and get the most out of your Airbnb experience.

How to Become an Airbnb Host: The Steps to Generate Income

Before you take it all and decide to become an Airbnb host, you must start by doing certain things.

#1. Check Local Laws

If you really want to do things according to the book, you must first check local laws and regulations for short term rentals in your area. Some cities may require you to obtain a commercial license or special permit.

Airbnb offers on its website useful information on responsible accommodation and regulations in your city.

There are probably a lot of guests flying under the radar, and maybe you’re riding like that. I’m just here to tell you what to do, not what you need to do. Little rebel, you.

#2. Decide how much money you want to earn with Airbnb

Ah, the fun part.

Why do you want to host Airbnb? What is your purpose?

Do you want to make enough money to cover your rent or mortgage, or are you just looking for extra money? You can save for a holiday, pay off your debts or simply need extra money to supplement your muffin and coffee addiction (oops, that’s me …).

Setting goals for your money are important for the next step in the process: research. Whatever your choice ($5,000 for this vacation, $1,500 to cover the mortgage, etc.), it will help you determine the number of days per month needed to hire your space to reach your goal.

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#3. See what prices other local offers are rated for

Learning to be an exceptional Airbnb host is a bit like learning a business. And as in any business, you should do some research in advance.

Check the Airbnb website to see how many similar rental properties are available in your area (ie the same number of bathrooms, bedrooms, locations, etc.). Find average prices on weekdays and weekends.

The beauty of Airbnb lies in the fact that you have free choice when you rent our space and that there is no long-term commitment. You can rent one to test the waters!

If you know how much you can earn per rental, you can calculate the number of days/nights per month that you need to hire to reach your income goal in Step 2.

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#4. Talk to your Owner

If you do not own the place where you live, you must get permission from your landlord before benefiting from the fact that strangers live with you.

It is more likely that you will get the green light if you rent from an individual rather than a large apartment complex. Most apartments do not allow short term rentals.

You want to be prepared before talking to the person you want to talk to. Make sure you’ve done your research and tell your landlord what’s right for you. Do you want to share the benefits? And will the split be straight or incorrect?

Have some projections and discuss what you think is realistic. Your owner is more in agreement if you can convince him that the benefits are worth it!

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#5. Talk to your Neighbors

Find out from your neighbors before becoming an Airbnb host. After all, your neighbors can not really say anything if you own a home (unless you are part of an HOA, in which case you must check the HOA rules and chat with your neighbors). In any case, you can avoid a lot of frustration by following your plans in advance.

Neighbors can quickly put an end to your Airbnb hosting dreams if you or your guests act disrespectfully. It is better to avoid it to avoid potential obstacles in the future.

Have a plan again when approaching your neighbor / HOA. Tell staff how often you want to greet guests, how to check potential candidates and ask them if they have special requests (eg, rest after 9 pm, the maximum number of vehicles in which guests park, etc.).

#6. Do not forget insurance and taxes

Two necessary evils.

Fortunately, Airbnb has underwritten Host Protection Insurance policy with liability coverage of up to $1 million in the event of a claim. This saves you from being sued by a guest who suffers a loss during their stay.

However, the Airbnb policy does not protect your property. And not the policy of your owner.

This is due to the fact that the owner policies have a so-called “commercial activity” exclusion, which means that your policy may reject any request related to an activity. What does this mean for your Airbnb business?

This means that you should probably have separate liability insurance to cover your assets.

Tips for Airbnb hosts: How to Be the Best Possible Airbnb host


If you decide to give this Airbnb concert a try, great!

Now is the time to face your game and focus on the price.

#1. Decide what kind of host you want to be

In terms of revenue, there are three main types of Airbnb hosts. There are those who want to win: a few extra dollars, a second stable income or a full-time Airbnb business.

Your Airbnb hurry can change and grow over time. We recommend that you go first, one visit at a time until you have an idea of ​​what it means to be an Airbnb host and whether it suits you or not.

Another thing to consider is how you want to be concrete with him. Will you greet each visitor upon arrival or will you avoid human interactions at all costs (not recommended)?

#2. Choose your Target Market

It is essential to choose your target market as an Airbnb host! Be realistic about who you want to attract and what you will likely attract.

What kind of guests do you want to attract?

If you rent a room in the house where you live, you may prefer families or couples. But if you rent an independent unit (apartment, a room in a separate garage, etc.), you may not have a preference.

Now think about the type of guests you are likely to attract.

Think about the location of your ad, the attractions in your area and the amount of space it can offer. If you plan to rent the sofa in your living room, it is unlikely to attract many families.

Does your space have a massive appeal or is it ideal for a certain group of people? Are your guests visiting for pleasure or business? Are they groups, families or individuals? Men or women?

It is important to know your target market for later when you create your ad and decide your internal rules.

Pro Airbnb Pro Tip: If you live in a college town, creating a list for football weekends at home is one of the easiest winnings you can make.

#3. Be realistic about the commitment of time.

Hosting with Airbnb can be very convenient if this is your style. This can take as long as you want, depending on the frequency of accommodation, the number of interactions with your guests and the tasks to be outsourced.

I had hosts that I have never seen in my visit and others who were always present and who even sat down to chat with me during dinner.

None of the methods is incorrect, but you should consider the potential time spent to greet and interact with customers, arrange visits and meet general needs and requests.

If you want your costs to be as low as possible, you should also take into account the time required to clean the guests, buy and store supplies.

#4. Estimate your Airbnb hosting fees

Cost of ownership If you are an Airbnb host, The cost of getting your Airbnb rental up and running depends on the size of your room and the existing items. No two hosts have the same expenses.

First determine your larger purchases such as furniture, bath towels, insurance, etc.

Then create a checklist for supplies and perishable products that must be replenished regularly.

Airbnb fees for things like:

  • Toilet paper
  • Paper napkins
  • Soap
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Snacks and drinks

Having a checklist at your fingertips will help you determine the initial Airbnb costs and facilitate the creation of revenue between guests.

How to Create an Airbnb Listing that SELLS


Now is the time to create your entry and get your first guest!

Here are some things to consider when placing your market on the market.

#1. Be honest

Do not overdo what you have to offer because it could come back to bite you in the form of negative reviews. Manage your guests’ expectations seamlessly.

If the space you rent is smaller, let it know. Do not try to increase your appeal by using photos that make your room look bigger than it really is. Otherwise, set your score on disappointment and your Airbnb company on failure.

I had experienced this once when a lady put beautiful pictures on her list, but when I arrived, the room looked completely different. I could not even believe it was in the same room. It was tight, dirty and not at all what she was waiting for me to do.

Do not make mistakes.

#2. Be specific

Details, details, DETAILS!

Set up your entry with a responsive and detailed title to succeed. For which do you decide the most:

“1 bedroom apartment”


“Spacious One Bedroom Apartment In Downtown Asheville”?

Make sure to complete your full profile, with a picture of yourself and a detailed description. Add your unique amenities like a breakfast or a free massage (yes, I’ve already seen it).

Remember the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Yes, it’s true. Although you want to avoid deceptive photos, you need to include high quality and professional quality images. Make sure your room is clean, bright and attractive.

If you need help creating high-quality photos for your ad, this article is very useful.

#3. Be professional with your profile

But relaxed at the same time.

You do not have to wear a three-piece suit in your profile picture, but you want your profile to be clean and sewn. The photo that your friend at the helm fainted last weekend will not cut it. If you do not try to dress like-minded party-goers, have a party!

Create your profile taking into account your target audience / ideal guests. Check for spelling and grammar mistakes and add professional quality photos that highlight the unique personality of your space.

#4. How to become an excellent Airbnb host: Be flexible!

Remember that people in your house pay you to be there.

This does not mean that you have to respond to any request from a knowledgeable customer, but you must be available to answer questions and make sure the visit goes smoothly.

It also means being flexible during check-in and check-out. When traveling, things happen. Flights are delayed, cars fail or things do not go as planned. It’s important to stay open (and have an open schedule) when you really want to offer the best to your guests.

#5. Establish clear and simple rules

Be clear when you define rules for your guests. Do not leave anything open for interpretation.

Are additional guests allowed? How much and to smoke? Animals? How is the departure procedure?

You create your internal rules as part of your list when you configure your host profile. Customers can review your ad rules at any time, but most people will not visit them after booking. Keep an impression as a friendly reminder in the room.

Do not be domineering

Some people find it a little strange to go to their room and find a list of things they can not do. Add personality, humor or show your sense of humor.

Success -Someone Booked Your Listing! Next steps

Woohoo! Your first guest is ready for a visit, which means that as an Airbnb host, you can officially start making money.

If you have reached this stage, move on!

The following happens next.

#1. Take precautions

I like to think that people are generally good, but the famous squatting Pashanin brothers (and others like them) exist.

Avoid squatters by checking your guests’ identities, viewing their Airbnb history/ratings, and allowing only short-term rentals.

Protect your valuables (weapons, jewelry, technology, etc.) and any sentimental items you do not want to lose by keeping them in a safe place. No, the Winnie the Pooh jewelry box you’ve had since you were six does not count.

As a last warning, keep communication and transactions with your guests on the Airbnb platform. Money under the table may seem attractive, but if you do business outside Airbnb, you are subject to fraud.

I have been using Airbnb for years and have never had a problem with the above, but it’s like saying – better than being sure to end up as a squatter at home.

#2. Provide a welcoming (and clean) space

how to be an Airbnb guest cleaner – cleaning is important!

There is no faster way to stack negative reviews than invite guests into your dirty house. Make a good first impression by always creating a clean room. It means cleaning after each guest.

When it comes to design, it’s better to keep it simple. A comfortable and trouble-free room makes your guests feel welcome. Soft ambient lighting and relaxing music are a great way to create a mood and showcase the personality of your home.

Small details like fresh flowers and interesting works of art give each room a pleasant touch and a pleasant feeling.

#3. Make comfort for your guests

Sufficient and good equipment is crucial to ensure the happiness of your guests.

Items such as books, games, extra blankets and travel-size toiletries are very handy and can have a significant impact on your customers’ Airbnb experience.

The first time I stayed in a very good Airbnb, I was surprised at the distance with which the lady made efforts to make her guests feel at home. They had locally made soaps in the bathroom, fresh organic eggs, and other snacks in a mini fridge for guests and extra blankets on the bed (I sleep so it was huge for me).

I was even more grateful when I got up late for a meeting the first morning. The makeshift breakfast with fruit and cereal bars kept me from being late and put my morning on the right foot.

And you know what? There was really not much effort on his part.

Put yourself in the shoes of your guests. Do not only meet their needs, but also their potential needs, and it’s worth it in your comments.

Here is an excellent example of how your guests can feel comfortable and special:

#4. Do not avoid your guests

Be friendly. Don’t be weird.

I stayed once with a woman who avoids me all the time. I heard him in the kitchen or in the living room and went down the stairs to say hello (because he was the normal person, was not it?). And when I went downstairs she had disappeared into the locked room.

It happened several times – in the kitchen, in the living room and once when she came out when I left (she crawled into the garage to avoid me at the front door).

Avoiding your guests doing what is right can make you feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable.

You should always try to meet your guest at some point during your stay, especially if you rent a place at home.

#5. Go beyond

The higher the demand for your place, the more you can calculate. To increase demand, you must obtain valid opinions. The best way to get good advice is to satisfy your guests.

Do not show all your cards in your list. When your guests arrive, provide information about local restaurants and activities that might interest you. Ask them to show you around or take a tour on their first visit to the area.

Ask them their meal requests before they arrive and leave a personal note with a welcome message and “Thank you for staying

If a guest asks for something that you do not have on hand, but that would be useful to him, but also to future guests, you should bother to pick him up at the store if you have the opportunity. Small friendly gestures like these can go a long way.

If you know how to be an Airbnb host that delights your guests, you have a great opportunity to make money. By creating a wonderful experience for your guests, get ready for good reviews and many returning guests.

If you’re looking for a way to earn extra money and search for something more lucrative than paying surveys or driving with Uber, Airbnb may be just what you need.

And above all, you will do something good in the world.

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